Choices Available For CLEP Testing Centers

Administered at over 1,400 colleges and universities in the United States and abroad, there are many choices for clep testing centers available. There are testing and scheduling fees and some may require an administration fee as well. Many colleges and universities offer testing facilities on or near campus and some are available for military personnel on base.

Clep stands for the college level examination program. It allows an individual to receive college credit for information they may have already learned through another method. The college credit can be attained by receiving a qualifying score on any of 33 examinations.

This can help an individual to save both time and money. One can save time by providing proof to satisfy proficiently requirements, test to earn credits if a few are needed to graduate and skip some of the introductory course like college math or English. Depending on the colleges clep policy, a person can earn 3 to 12 credits. The average test cost is around $77 dollars making it a lot less than tuition and books for the full course.

There are some schools that do not offer credit for these tests, however the majority of colleges do. It is up to the college or university to decide how many credits and in what classes that a person can earn through this method. They also decide what score is necessary to consider awarding the credits.

Many schools offer clep credit for core curriculum classes and courses. They may be associated as hours and a person may only receive part of the full amount required. Some schools will not let a person receive this type of credit for courses closely related to the ones they offer. It is important to review a schools policy on this or compare different schools to decide which one will be more beneficial.

Clep tests are available in a variety of subjects including some core curriculum. The specific subject offers a wide variety but can include topics like composition and literature, foreign language, history and social sciences, science and mathematics, and business. There are many different tests for each of the topics listed to allow for adequate testing designed around specific classes.

There are many options available to take the specific tests needed. With testing sites on and off military bases, there is one close for almost any individual. This can help a person save both time and money as well as help to meet the necessary credit requirements needed for graduation. These features make this a possible option for any individual.