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Find out if 7Sage is the right choice for you with our 7Sage LSAT review below.

We take a look at the different options they provide as well as the different features you can expect to find.

Summary: Learn more about the 7Sage LSAT course. If you are interested in other options, consider other LSAT prep review.

7Sage LSAT Options

 7Sage LSAT Monthly7Sage LSAT 12 Months
Subscription LengthMonthly (Auto renewal)12 months (Manual renewal)
Practice Questions8,440 question explanations8,440 question explanations
Practice Exams98 LSAT PrepTests98 LSAT PrepTests
Video Lessons50+ hours50+ hours
Study SchedulePersonalizedPersonalized
LSAT AnalyticsYesYes
Learn MoreGO!

7Sage offers 2 main options for students looking for LSAT online prep. The 2 options are very similar with the main difference being the amount of time you have a subscription for.

We take a deeper dive into those 2 offerings below. After looking at the 2 options, we review some of the common features found in the courses.

If you want to get a better idea of where you stand before making a purchase, consider using our LSAT sample test to prepare.


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Score: 70


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7Sage LSAT Monthly

The monthly course is the most flexible practice option, as it allows students to start and stop the course as they please. The course will auto-renew until cancelled. 

The monthly course includes:

  • 8,440 questions with full explanations
  • 98 practice exams
  • 50+ hours of video lessons
  • A personalized study schedule
  • Full LSAT analytics

Bottom Line – 7Sage is the one of the few providers offering a monthly subscription, so it is a great option for those who do not wish to commit to the full 12-month package.

7Sage LSAT 12-Month

The 12-month course comes with everything that the monthly course includes, but is the best value for your money if you plan on using the course materials for more than seven months. 

Beware that the 12-month course is not fully refundable. It can be downgraded to a single month within 14 days of the initial purchase, but you will only receive a partial refund of $530 (making your total purchase the same cost as a monthly subscription). 

The 12-month course includes:

  • 8,440 questions with full explanations
  • 98 practice exams
  • 50+ hours of video lessons
  • A personalized study schedule
  • Full LSAT analytics

Bottom Line – 7Sage’s 12-month course is the best value for the money, and is the best option for those who want long-term access to course materials.

7Sage LSAT Features

Our team reviewed the 7Sage LSAT course so you know exactly what to expect before making a purchase.


7Sage uses different study techniques for each section of the LSAT:

  • For Logical Reasoning: Blind Review method
  • For Logic Games: Fool Proof method
  • For Reading Comprehension: Memory method

Each section in the syllabus contains a variety of short lessons, videos, flashcards, and quizzes. Users are also given access to every logic game the LSAT has ever released, so there are seemingly endless questions to practice.

There is also a “Drilling Mode,” which is a customizable review with which you can add and remove subjects as you go.

7Sage LSAT Review Screenshot 1

Under the “LSAT Questions” tab, users will find their PrepTests. 7Sage gives users access to ever LSAT ever released, with tests dating from 1991 to 2020. Each test can be taken in modern 3-section or classic 4-section formats, both in a digital and PDF format.

7Sage LSAT Review Screenshot 5

User Interface

Upon entering the dashboard, users are greeted by their progress in the course and an organized syllabus.

7Sage LSAT Review Screenshot 2

The lessons are also searchable and able to be filtered by subject or other search term. On the dashboard users can also see their progress in the overall curriculum and in the PrepTests.

7Sage LSAT Review Screenshot 3

Study Schedules

Under the “Course” tab, users can personalize their study schedule by inputting the dates they would like to start and end studying, or how many hours per week they’d like to work. 

For example, we inputted our start date as Monday, August 15, 2022, and our end date as Saturday, March 16, 2024. In 1.6 years, we will have completed 580 hours of materials, studying just one hour per day.

The schedule builder is user-friendly and able to be changed as you progress through the course, so if you fall behind or get ahead, you can easily adjust your end date.

7Sage LSAT Review Screenshot 6


Under the “Analytics” tab, users can review their test results and individual question performance. Users are given an overall score, and a score by section. 7Sage’s analytics are one of the best things about the site, as there is a variety of score breakdowns, question statistics, and charts, all of which are searchable and customizable.

7Sage LSAT Review Screenshot 4

The Question performance chart is a detailed explanation of your performance on each individual question, how its curved, its difficulty, the priority the question holds, and – most importantly – a full explanation of the correct answer (these are hidden in the trial version).

This level of user analytics makes it easy to target problem areas, and feel confident about successful ones.

7Sage LSAT Review Screenshot 5


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Score: 70

Why Choose 7Sage LSAT

7Sage LSAT Review FAQs

Prepping with 7Sage is a very effective way to boost your LSAT score. On average, students who used 7Sage’s curriculum saw an 11-point improvement from their first to their best scores. Your improvement is up to your own commitment to the material.

7Sage made our list of best LSAT prep classes.

7Sage comes in a 12-month package, but can also be purchased on a monthly subscription basis.

Yes (unless you’ve already purchased it elsewhere). LSAT Prep Plus is required by LSAC in order to use the course.

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