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Obtaining a GED credential can help you get the job you want or attend the college that you are interested in. Understand GED requirements, learn about GED courses/classes, and discover when and where the GED tests are given. Use our free GED Practice tests.

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GED Test Overview


GED Requirements By State

GED requirements by stateEach state may impose its own GED eligibilty requirements, as well as testing fees.  We have compiled a directory of state GED administration authorities for every state in the U.S. The GED testing administration is managed differently in each state, typically under one of the following departments/divisions: Department of Ed, Division of Adult Education, Board of Regents, Workforce Education, or Community College administration.  Although their names may vary, one thing they do have in common is that they are the ultimate authority on GED policies and procedures.

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GED Pre Tests

Free GED pre testTaking a GED pre test is a great way to determine if you are ready to take the real GED.  One of the main benefits of GED pre test questions is that they allow you to get used to the format of the actual test questions.  Pre GED practice tests also help you to determine the areas you know and the areas that you are weak on.  If you are looking for free GED pre tests, then is here to help.  Many prospective GED students wish to take a GED pretest to determine if they are ready to take the real GED test. The resources below offer GED practice test free with no registration

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GED Printable Practice Tests

GED printable practice testsIf you are looking for GED printable practice tests, then you have come to the right place.  The resources below offer GED practice test free no registration.  Using sample questions to study for the GED is one of the most effective study techniques.  When you study with practice worksheets you are able to get a feel for the format of the test, learn what areas you need to work on, improve your problem solving skills and focus your study efforts.

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Free GED Practice Tests

Free GED Practice Tests from Practice Tests are the best way to prepare for your GED exam.  GED sample questions are a great way to prepare for your upcoming GED tests.'s free GED sample tests provide you with an opportunity to assess how well you are prepared for the actual GED exam.  Once you have taken our practice GED questions, you will better know which areas you need to focus on.

Our sample quizzes are free, don't require you to register, and include immediate scoring and answer explanations.

Try Test-Guide's free GED practice tests or one of the other sample exams from our directory of Free GED Practice Tests listed below. 

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GED Test Prep - Top Ten Study Tips

GED Study TipsThe GED exams can be difficult if you are not prepared.  Knowing what to study and how to study for the GED can help make the difference between passing and failing. Many students taking the GED have had difficulty with tests in the past.  The difference between good test takers and bad test takers often lies in their approach to studying.  A good test taker is efficient - they only work on the areas that they are weak at. Use these GED Test Taking Tips to score your highest on your GED.

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GED Test Dates

GED Test DatesEach state, province or territory has its own local administrator that governs GED Testing for their region. The local administration manages the testing centers and overall test processes for the GED test. Because of this, each test site will determine the dates that the give the GED test. Some test centers have regular scheduled test dates (e.g., two weekends a month), while other test centers allow you to schedule the exam at your convenience.

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