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Achieving a top score on the GRE can help you get into the graduate school of your choice. Use our free GRE Practice tests to ace your exam!

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GRE Practice Tests
Trevor Klee Reviewed By: Trevor Klee
Authored By: Dave Evangelisti

Use one of our GRE practice tests to prepare for your Graduate Record Examination (GRE). We have more than 15 free GRE practice tests to choose from.

One of the best ways to prepare for your exam is by practicing questions you may see on the actual exam. All of our free GRE practice tests include answer explanations, automatic scoring, and more.

The GRE is an important exam for those looking to get into graduate school, so it is important you are prepared for this exam.

GRE Test Dates
Trevor Klee Reviewed By: Trevor Klee
Authored By: Dave Evangelisti

The GRE is an important test for many students wishing to gain entry in North American graduate schools. Learn about GRE test dates and when you should take the GRE below.;

The GRE serves a similar purpose to the ACT and SAT. Schools will use your test results to help detemine admission into their program. Knowing when to take this exam can serve as a huge benefit.

Magoosh GRE review
Authored By: Dave Evangelisti

Test-Guide Rating: T-G choice

Provider Website: Magoosh GRE

Magoosh offers a GRE prep course for those looking to either learn more about the concepts that will be on the GRE or to help improve their GRE scores. Magoosh offers two options when signing up for the course – a one-month premium option for $149 or a six-month premium option on sale for $179.

Both options have the same features with the only difference being the amount of time a user has access to the course. 

What is a good GRE score?
Trevor Klee Reviewed By: Trevor Klee
Authored By: Dave Evangelisti

The Graduate Readiness Exam, or GRE, is a standardized exam used by graduate schools to help determine admission for some of their programs. Learn everything there is to know about GRE scores below. 

What is a good GRE score? We will examine what is considered a good GRE score and breakdown various scores to help you determine where your score falls.

Trevor Klee Reviewed By: Trevor Klee
Authored By: Dave Evangelisti

Getting into graduate school is tough and confusing, not the least because there are several different tests you might need to take in order to qualify for a given program. Further compounding the difficulty is the lack of clear distinctions between the GRE and the GMAT.

Oftentimes, graduate students wonder which of these tests they should take and what separates them in the first place.

Today, let’s go over both of these advanced tests and explore what they are, how you can take them, which one you should take, and any practice resources that might exist.

Best GRE Prep Courses
Trevor Klee Reviewed By: Trevor Klee
Authored By: Dave Evangelisti

Updated: June 14, 2022

Use one of the best GRE prep courses listed below to achieve a top score.

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a common exam used by schools to help with the admissions process for graduate school.

Using one of the GRE prep courses below can help you get a high score on the GRE and get into the graduate program of your choice.

How to Study for the GRE
Trevor Klee Reviewed By: Trevor Klee
Authored By: Dave Evangelisti

Learning how to study for the GRE is an important step to getting into graduate school. This standardized test measures whether a student is ready to enter into graduate school and is one of the deciding factors that graduate programs use to determine student eligibility. 

If you are planning to apply for graduate school, then you may need to prepare for this important exam. Do not put off studying or try to cram for the GRE. 

The GRE is a challenging exam and will require significant preparation for most students. 

Best GRE Prep Books
Authored By: Dave Evangelisti

Use our reviews of the best GRE prep books to help make an informed decision on which materials will work best for you.

We have considered many factors in our ratings including pricing, number of practice tests offered, sections of the GRE covered, scoring options, year of publication, special offers, and if there is an online portion included.

Princeton Review GRE Review
Authored By: Dave Evangelisti

Princeton Review offers 4 options for students looking to prepare for the GRE exam. They offer a self-paced GRE course, their GRE 162+ course, their GRE fundamentals course, and their GRE tutoring course. Our Princeton Review GRE review should help you get a better feel for the GRE prep courses offered by Princeton Review. 

All the courses offered by Princeton Review are great options with different features and price points. We will be walking you through Princeton Review's Self-Paced GRE course. Our walkthrough should give you a better idea of what the course looks like as we will cover the features of the course with screenshots. 

How hard is the GRE?
Trevor Klee Reviewed By: Trevor Klee
Authored By: Dave Evangelisti

How hard is the GRE?  In short, it can be very challenging.

In this guide, we will show you what makes the GRE hard and how to best prepare for it.

Achievable GRE Review
Authored By: Dave Evangelisti

Achievable GRE review is one of the most affordable prep courses on the market, costing only $199 for everything. But how does it hold up against other GRE prep courses?

This study course is built around an adaptable learning method but it doesn’t contain videos or live classes. Our job is to help you decide whether this approach is right for you. 

Our expert team dives deep into this GRE prep course to determine if their adaptive learning approach is enough for you and your needs.


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