Getting into your top choice law school can be tough.  Learn how to pass your LSAT exams and grow your career. Use our free LSAT Practice tests.

Free LSAT Practice Tests

Best LSAT Prep Courses

LSAT Practice Tests
Authored By: Dave Evangelisti

Studying for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT)? Use our LSAT practice tests to help prepare yourself for the exam. 

The LSAT is a standardized test used by almost every law school in the United States and Canada throughout the admissions process. Law programs place a big emphasis on the LSAT. Make sure you are ready for your exam the first time around. 

One of the best ways to prepare for the LSAT is by becoming familiar with LSAT practice questions. Start your preparation by answering our LSAT questions below.

Best LSAT Prep Courses
Authored By: Dave Evangelisti

Updated: May 6, 2022

Use our reviews of the best LSAT prep courses below. Our team ranked and reviewed numerous LSAT prep courses to help you find the option that best fits your needs.

Our team took many factors into account including prices, features, content, and more. Ensure you get a top score on the LSAT by using one of the best LSAT prep courses below.

Getting a top score on the LSAT is important as every ABA-accredited law school in the United States accepts the LSAT. This is also true for Canadian common-law schools.

Princeton Review LSAT Review
Authored By: Dave Evangelisti

Princeton Review offers many different options for LSAT review. We will give you a look at those different options in our Princeton Review LSAT review below.

All of the courses offered by Princeton Review LSAT are great courses – which course you choose will depend on what you are looking for as a student.

LSAT Test Dates
Authored By: Dave Evangelisti

Find the best time to take your LSAT below. We have listed all the LSAT test dates below to help you find a time that works best for you.

The LSAT is given year-round (with the exception of a couple of months). There are usually blocks of LSAT test dates given on the same weekend.

Starting in 2019, the LSAT changed from a paper-and-pencil test to a digital test, with the writing sample taken separately via the LSAC website.

Blueprint LSAT Review
Authored By: Dave Evangelisti

Blueprint offers a ton of great options for students looking to study for the LSAT. Blueprint offers a self-paced course, live-online course, and tutoring options. We will review those different courses and features in our Blueprint LSAT review below.

Our team takes an in-depth look at the different offerings provided by Blueprint, as well as the different features students can expect to find when they start their course.

Lawyer Salary
Authored By: Dave Evangelisti

Many students considering law school are curious about lawyer salaries. The process to become a lawyer can be very long and strenuous.

Rest assured, lawyers are compensated very well for all the hard work they put in to become licensed to practice.

There are a ton of different factors that contribute to a lawyer salary like place of employment, type of law practiced, and more. We will dig into those factors below to determine the average lawyer salary.

How to Get Into Law School
Authored By: Dave Evangelisti

Many prospective law students are curious on how to get into law school. There are some basic steps to get into law school that we will review below.

In addition to some basic steps, there are also some more challenging steps, like scoring well on the LSAT. With that being said, entry into the law school program of your choice can be attainable by following the steps below.

Best LSAT Prep Books
Authored By: Dave Evangelisti

This is a comprehensive list of the best LSAT prep books on the market. You can use these books to go into this important test with an edge!

The LSAT exam is required for application into the top law schools so scoring high on this test is important.

Finding the best LSAT books is no easy task so we’ve made it easier by reviewing them and detailing what the features that make them stand out.

Magoosh LSAT Review
Authored By: Dave Evangelisti

Magoosh offers 2 main options for students looking to prepare for the LSAT. Our team reviews those 2 options in our Magoosh LSAT review below.

We take an in-depth look at Magoosh’s LSAT prep course and the different features they offer students. Students will find that Magoosh is the value provider in the LSAT space. With that being said, they still offer a really great course with some awesome features.

How Hard is the LSAT?
Authored By: Dave Evangelisti

Many students are curious about the difficulty of the LSAT. They are curious if the LSAT is actually hard or if other students are exaggerating.

The LSAT is unlike other standardized tests. You will not be answering cut and dry questions. You will need to think critically in order to answer the questions correctly.

The LSAT is actually closer to an intelligence test than other standardized exams. We will look into what makes the LSAT so challenging below.

Best LSAT Tutors
Authored By: Dave Evangelisti

Finding the best LSAT tutors is a challenging endeavor that can have a huge impact on your academics. The internet is flooded with claims of being the “best online LSAT tutor” but only a few have the pedigree to back up that claim. 

Each choice has unique features that separate them but which one is the best? We’ve taken the liberty to compile a list of the best LSAT tutors, as well as provide an in-depth summary of their best features, pricing, and overall offerings. Learn more about LSAT tutoring companies below.

How to Study for the LSAT
Authored By: Dave Evangelisti

Studying for the LSAT can become very overwhelming. The exam is high-stakes and students have a ton riding on it. Learn how to study for the LSAT with our complete guide below.

When preparing for the LSAT, it is generally recommended that you spend between 200 and 300 total hours of study time. While this may seem overwhelming, following our LSAT tips will help make the LSAT studying process smoother.

As with any standardized exam, studying will take time and effort. Time is the most important thing you can give yourself when preparing for the LSAT. If you are cramming to get all of your LSAT studying in 1 week before the exam, you may not do as well as you would like.

What is a Good LSAT Score?
Authored By: Dave Evangelisti

Our guide on LSAT scores will cover everything like how the exam is scored, average LSAT scores, and what is a good LSAT score. Almost every law school in the United States uses the LSAT, so it is important to be informed about everything involved in the LSAT scoring process.

Colleges and universities place a heavy emphasis on the LSAT. Getting a LSAT top score will help ensure that you get into the program of your choice when applying to law school.


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