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The TOEFL is an exam taken by non-native English speakers. TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. The TOEFL is required by many universities in English speaking countries for students who are not native English speakers. While the TOEFL is not mandatory for every school in English speaking countries, it is widely accepted and required by many major universities.

The TOEFL is designed and administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). The ETS sends official scores and reports directly to universities for the students taking the TOEFL exam. The TOEFL is a major exam and very important for non-native English speakers who are thinking about attending university in an English-speaking country. Along with the TOEFL, the other major English proficiency test is the IELTS. 

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TOEFL Recommended Products If you need additional help preparing for your TOEFL, please consider our list of recommended products.  If you know of any other products that may be useful, or if you have any thoughts on our recommended products for the TOEFL Exam, please leave us a comment!

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TOEFL Test Overview
The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) Exam is intended to measure a student’s ability to understand and use English at a college level. Over 6,000 colleges, government organizations, and businesses accept TOEFL test scores worldwide. The TOEFL Test serves a similar function to other standardized tests (such as SAT and ACT Tests) in that they used by colleges and universities as a factor in admissions.  Different institutions place varying degrees of importance on standardized tests, such as the TOEFL, and use them along with other factors such as GPA, class rank, community service, recommendations and extracurricular activities.

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TOEFL Scores
The TOEFL iBT scores range from 0 to 120.  The four sections (reading, listening, speaking and writing) are each given scores on a scale from 0 to 30.  These subscores are then added together for the total score.  

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TOEFL Test Prep - Study Tips Follow these top study tips to improve your score on the TOEFL Test.

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Free TOEFL Practice Tests

Taking TOEFL practice tests are a great way to prepare for the TOEFL exam. Our TOEFL sample exams are based on the actual questions and answers that you will see on the official exam. We've also included a directory of other free TOEFL study resources to help you prepare.

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TOEFL Test Dates and Locations
The TOEFL test is offered at over 4,300 locations through out the world.  There are approximately 30 to 40 TOEFL Test dates available at authorized TOEFL test centers.

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