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Becker CPA Review

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The Becker CPA review course is the best choice when it comes to acing the CPA exam. We’re going to dive deeper into the Becker review course to show you why.

This powerful prep course is the most expensive on the market, but backs that high price by providing a ton of study materials, adaptable learning experience, and the best video library of any CPA prep course.

Becker CPA Review offers three unique tiers so we’re going to take a close look at each to help you decide which one is the best option.

Summary: Read our Becker CPA review and see if this course is a good fit for you. If not, consider another CPA prep course.

  Becker Pro Becker Premium Becker Advantage
Price $2,199 $2,999 $2,399
Subscription Length Unlimited Access Unlimited Access Unlimited Access
Practice Questions 7,000+ 7,000+ 7,000+
Task-Based Simulations 400+ 400+ 400+
Practice Exams 8 8 8
Delivery Options Self-Paced + LiveOnline Self-Paced + LiveOnline Self-Paced
Video Hours 190 190 190
Study Plan Yes Yes Yes
Printed Flashcards Yes No No
Final Review Capstone Course Yes No No
Tutoring Sessions 5 Hours No No
1-Year CPE Subscription Yes No No
Success Coaches Yes Yes No
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As you can see in the comparison table above, Becker offers a ton of different options. We will dive a little deeper into those options below.

After digging deeper into the options, we review the different features you will find in these courses, so keep on reading for screenshots and more information!

Take our sample CPA exam to see how you would do on the exam. For more information on the actual exam, read our guide on what is the CPA exam.

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Score: 91

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  • Best For

  • Students looking for a comprehensive learning option
  • Students looking to study using different methods within the course
  • Students looking for an awesome combination of learning and practice
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Becker Pro CPA Review Course

The CPA Becker Review Pro course is the most comprehensive CPA study experience we’ve ever laid eyes on. That’s not surprising given its hefty price tag. You even gain access to five hours of personal tutoring. If you want to add $500, you can even get access to live in-person classrooms. It’s a really good deal for those of you who thrive with the traditional learning approach.

PRO provides access to everything in Becker’s library which includes:

  • Over 7,000 practice questions with detailed explanations
  • Comprehensive video library
  • Over 400 Task-Based Simulations
  • Over 1,000 flashcards
  • AI technology that automatically adapts your study plan based on your progress
  • Content that is constantly updated so it meets the CPA exam blueprint

Let’s start with the practice tests since they are one of Becker’s top features. These tests are as realistic as they come. Each CPA practice exam is pulled from a massive library so that you’re guaranteed not to encounter the same question between exams.

Becker CPA Review task-based simulations also help students gain confidence by showing them how to apply what they are learning to real-life scenarios.

Like all study courses, CPA Becker Review boasts a library that’s loaded with videos that teach every topic and subtopic in great detail. Lecturers in these videos are highly knowledgeable but what really sets this apart is the format used to present information. Rather than having a lecturer standing in front of a whiteboard or reviewing a PowerPoint presentation, they are mostly off-screen as they walk you through the textbooks themselves.

Becker CPA Review Lecture Example

We saved the best for last though. What makes Becker light years better than its competition is their powerful Adapt2U technology. This technology adapts and personalizes your study plan based on your progress. It detects when you’re struggling in a specific area and will automatically assign more study blocks for that information.

Becker CPA Prep Adapt2U technology does the following:

  • Builds a study schedule built around your exact needs.
  • Tracks progress using easy-to-understand visuals.
  • Helps you remember essential concepts by eliminating knowledge gaps.
  • Creates customized exam simulations that are based on your exact needs.

Additionally, the PRO package also includes some exclusive benefits such as:

  • Final review features that works in conjunction with Adapt2U technology to provide last-minute study advice.
  • Bonus materials that are all written by top experts at Becker.
  • A total of five 1-on-1 tutoring sessions.
  • Ability to schedule in-person classroom learning for an additional fee.

One final thought on Becker’s Pro package before we move on. There are times when this package is offered at such a huge discount that it’s cheaper than all of the lower tier packages. If you find it at one of those discounted prices, don’t hesitate to buy it!

Bottom Line: Fully customized learning experience, highly adaptable, and a ton of content.

Becker Premium CPA Review Course

Becker CPA Review course’s premium package is its most popular and provides everything you need to prepare for the CPA exam. While it’s a drop-off from the PRO package, you will still get a ton of amazing benefits including Becker’s self-study review courses, full support, and access to Becker’s massive video library.

You do lose access to certain features though. Premium members do not get one-on-one tutoring nor do they have the ability to schedule for one of Becker’s in-person classrooms, although you’ll still be able to participate in live online classrooms. Premium also lacks the final review feature and the bonus materials included with PRO.

Bottom Line: Access to Becker’s huge library without the personal tutoring or live classrooms.

Becker Advantage CPA Review Course

Becker’s lowest tier package comes with the bare essentials you need to prepare for the CPA exam. The biggest downside is that the Advantage tier doesn’t include access to live online classrooms or coaches, so if you’re fond of the traditional learning approach, this might not be the right package for you.

Core content like Becker’s extensive video library, practice tests, and other study tools are still here.

Bottom Line: Everything needed to pass the CPA exam without the bells and whistles of other tiers.

Since most of these courses include cross over between features, we will review all of those features and what they look like below.

Becker Review CPA User Interface

To be honest, we expected more from the user interface given the price tag attached to Becker and the quality of all other content within this study course. We are not saying that it’s bad, but it’s pretty basic. There’s no easy access to the last viewed modules or way to add a shortcut for flashcards or lectures.

With that said, the detailed study calendar is a benefit. It shows your overall course progress right from the dashboard. It also provides a shortcut to another unique feature found in Becker CPA prep – the SkillMaster video library. The user interface is clean, professional, and easy to navigate but it doesn’t excel above other platforms.

Becker CPA Review Dashboard

Becker CPA Coursework

This is where Becker really kicks into overdrive. The course structure shines far above and beyond its competition. For starters, the study material is broken down into four sections, each representing a different areas of the CPA exam. Each section is the broken down even further into subsections. Each subsection has a number of modules that you’ll have to complete.

These modules are consistent in their approach and follow the same teaching pattern. They begin with a lecture, followed by practice, questions and finally simulations.

But what really sets Becker Review apart is its embedded AI technology, Adapt2U. This state-of-the-art addition will adjust your studies in real time based on your current level of progress. If you are struggling in a specific topic, it will adapt your study plan to fit in more on that topic.

Becker CPA Review Lecture Dashboard

Becker CPA Practice Tests

Simulated practice exams are one of the highlights of Becker’s CPA study course. You will get three full-length exams with each section. However, what sets Becker apart from other platforms is that you will never get recycled questions from previous exams. These questions are unique and guaranteed to simulate the current version of the CPA exam.

Each practice exam perfectly mimics real testing conditions, right down to the testing interface.

Becker CPA Review Practice Exams Example

Becker CPA Questions

Becker’s library includes over 7,000 practice questions with detailed explanations. These explanations can even be printed, which is a rare feature with CPA study courses. Like everything else in the CPA Becker Review course, practice sets are highly customizable.

You can choose the mode, question types, and material sections. This helps focus your studies on an area that you might be struggling with.

What sets Becker apart from its competition is the sheer volume and accuracy of their question bank. You’ll never see identical questions and all of them will be relevant to the current version of the CPA exam.

Becker CPA Review Question Example

Becker CPA Task-Based Simulations

Each module in Becker’s comprehensive course ends with task-based simulations. This gives you the opportunity to apply information to real-life scenarios. The number of simulations offered depends on the module. Less complex topics might only have one whereas detailed modules can have up to 10 simulations!

These simulations are even more realistic than those found on the actual CPA exam. If you can master these, then those found on the real exam will be easy.

Each simulation is paired with a detailed explanation and a video called “Skill Master.” This video goes a step above what we’d expect and has an expert break down the simulation so you fully understand its implications.

Becker CPA Empires App Game

Becker CPA Review adds gamification to its learning process through their Accounting for Empires game. It’s actually quite enjoyable, assuming you like gaming. This app is even part of the integrated experience so answering questions correctly in the game will reflect on your overall progress.

Naturally, gamification in any form will never be as efficient as regular studying. But it gives you a break from the repetitiveness and keeps your mind engaged.

Becker CPA Review Game Example

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Score: 91

  • Why Choose Becker CPA

  • Comprehensive course
  • Different ways to learn
  • Combo of learning and practice materials

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Is Becker a good CPA review?

Becker is one of the first CPA study courses, dating all the way back to 1957. Furthermore, major accounting firms all use Becker to help their employees pass the CPA exam.

So yes, Becker is a good CPA review. The biggest obstacle is its price. No one questions the quality of the content.

Does Becker CPA work?

According to Becker’s website, students who studied for the CPA exam using their course passed 94% of the time. This number seems to align with other sources and feedback we’ve seen.

It’s not really surprising given the quality of content and personalized approach that Becker uses.

Why is Becker the best CPA review?

Out of every CPA prep course in the world, CPA Becker Review is the most trusted. What truly sets it apart from the competition is its fully customized learning experience, its adaptability to each student’s needs, and the volume of high quality content found in its libraries.

While it’s the most expensive option on the market, its price tag is justified.