College Admissions Consultants

Getting into college is no small task, especially if you are aiming for a top tier college or university. More and more people are attending college, and with more students, comes more competition.

A college admissions consultant can help students navigate the difficult process of applying and getting into the best colleges in the United States.

Getting a good SAT or ACT score is important, but it is no longer the only metric used by colleges and universities. These schools are now considering many different factors including GPA, test scores, community service, extracurriculars, courses taken in high school, and the student’s application.

There are so many different options available to students who are looking for a college admissions consultant. Use our reviews of the best college admissions consultants to find the best choice for you.

Summary: Find the best college admissions consultants below.


  1. Our Picks for the Best College Admissions Consultants
  2. Who Needs a College Admissions Consultant
  3. Princeton Review
  4. PrepScholar
  5. Veritas Prep
  6. Top Tier Admissions 
  7. Anna Ivey

Top Tier College Admissions Consultants (2021)

Other Great College Admissions Consultants (2021)

Who Needs a College Admissions Consultant?

College admissions consultants can be helpful for anyone looking for assistance when applying to colleges. There are a ton of college admissions consultants out there and a ton of different packages – which package is best for you? 

Full-Service Packages

Full-service packages are perfect for students who want assistance with the whole college admissions process. These packages usually include building out a list of colleges to apply to, assistance with the college application, college essay help, and financial aid assistance. 

These packages will be the most expensive. While these packages are the most expensive, they are the most comprehensive and students will receive the most attention from college admissions experts. 

College Essay Packages

Students who just want help with the college essay should look into the college essay packages offered by these various companies. The packages and features offered vary depending on the company you choose - for the most part you will get to sit down and brainstorm ideas for your college essay with an expert. The expert will then walk you through the process of writing the college essay and review your essay when you are finished. 

“Get-Ahead” Packages

These packages are perfect for freshmen and sophomore’s in high school who want to get a head start on the college admissions process. These packages usually involve an expert getting to know you as a student. Together you will figure out your goals and how to best go about getting into your dream college. The expert will guide you through courses you should be taking throughout your high school career and will review your transcript. Some packages also include ACT or SAT assistance. 

Top Tier College Admissions Consultant Reviews

Princeton Review College Admissions Consultant

Princeton Review logo

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Princeton Review Options Offered

Princeton Review offers some of the best college admissions consultants. They offer a ton of options for students looking for college admissions counseling. Some of their best options are:

Option 1: On-Demand Admissions - $799

Princeton Review recommends this option for students that are freshmen – seniors in high school. This college admissions counseling packing is completely online. Some of the features include: 

  • 120+ videos and articles that outline the college admissions process
  • 25 direct messages with a college admissions consultant
  • Written feedback on essay prompts
  • Activities list and admissions planner tools
  • College research and application tracker tools

Option 2: Ultimate Admissions Package - $2699

This is Princeton Review’s most popular college admissions consultant package. It is the most comprehensive and involves the most student to counselor interaction. Some features include: 

  • 4 meeting with college admissions counselor
  • 3 meetings with college admissions coach
  • 2 rounds of detailed feedback
  • Final review of your application form
  • Guide you through interview process, deferrals, waitlists, and choosing your final college
  • Personalized college list of 20-25 schools – customized to your interests and personality. 

Option 3: College List Building - $479

Students can sign up for this program and get help in choosing the best colleges and universities for themselves. This is recommended for high school juniors who already have taken the SAT or ACT at least once. Some features include: 

  • One hour long virtual meeting with a college admissions counselor to discuss preferences
  • A list of 20-25 schools that fit your interests and personality
  • Access to interactive tools like the school tracker and activities list

Option 4: Sophomore Edge - $479

This college admissions counseling course is tailored specifically for high school sophomores. Some of the features include: 

  • Virtual meeting with your college admissions counselor
  • Virtual meeting with your college admissions coach
  • Look over your transcript and map out the best plan for courses to take in high school
  • Review extracurricular activities and create a plan to include summer activities and leadership opportunities
  • Create a testing plan for the ACT, SAT, and PSAT. 
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T-G Recommended

Bottom Line

Students who are high school freshmen though seniors who are looking for information, tips, and assistance from college admissions consultants on applying to college should enroll in the on-demand admissions package. 

Students who want the most college admissions consultant interaction should enroll in the ultimate admissions package.

Students who just want help in finding the right colleges to apply to should enroll in the college list building program. Best for high school juniors who have taken the SAT or ACT. 

Students who are high school sophomores should consider the sophomore edge program. This program is great for setting up a plan for applying to colleges.

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PrepScholar College Admissions Consultant

PrepScholar College Admissions Consultant

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PrepScholar Options Offered

PrepScholar offers a couple of different college admissions consulting packages. Each of their packages is tailored to specific needs of students. The packages they offer are: 

Option 1: Grade 9-11 Mentorship - $4895

This package is perfect for students who are freshmen, sophomores, and juniors in high school. This package is designed to help students in the years before they submit their college applications. Some of the features of this course include: 

  • Detailed 12-month application plan
  • High school coursework planning
  • GPA improvement strategy
  • Customized test prep strategies for SAT and ACT
  • Extracurricular management
  • Unlimited counseling time

Option 2: Complete Package - $6895

PrepScholar’s complete college admissions consultant package. Everything you need to guide you through the whole college admissions process. Features include: 

  • Complete student review – getting to know you, what drives you, and what your passionate about. 
  • School selection strategy 
  • Tracking of deadlines and requirements
  • Full essay service for every school
  • Full application review 
  • Recommendation letter strategies 
  • Interview prep
  • Financial aid negotiation 
  • Final school decision 
  • Unlimited counseling time

Option 3: College Essay Services - $195 or $595

PrepScholar has two difference services they offer for students looking for assistance with their college application essays. 

The first service is their essay editing service that is available for $195. This service is tailored for students who know what they want to write about but want a second set of eyes to review their style, tone, and message. 

The second service is their full essay service that is available for $595. Students who choose this service will receive help from start to end and will be coached through the essay step-by-step. 

Option 4: Application Review Service - $495

This service is for students who have finished their college application but want an expert to review it before they submit it. 

Students will submit their common application, activities list, all short answers, and any additional supplements to a PrepScholar college admissions consultant. 

The consultant will return their evaluation and revisions for the student to review. The student will then submit their final college application with peace of mind that everything has been reviewed.

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T-G Recommended

Bottom Line

Students who are still a year or two out from submitting their college applications should enroll in the grade 9-11 mentorship program. 

Students who are in the process of applying to colleges and want to leave nothing to chance should enroll in the complete package program. 

Students who just want someone to help them with their college application essay should enroll in the essay editing or full-service essay programs. 

Students who just want an expert to review their college application should enroll in the application review service.

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Veritas Prep College Admissions Consultant

Veritas Prep College Admissions Consultant

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Veritas Prep Options Offered

Veritas Prep tailors their college admissions counseling towards students who are juniors and seniors in high school. Veritas Prep offers 3 main options for students who are looking for assistance in the college admissions process.

Option 1: Application Test Drive - $500

This option is for students who have complete their college application but want it reviewed by an admissions expert before submitting it. The application will be reviewed within 3 business days and is evaluated using a template that top colleges and universities use for their college applications. 

Option 2: Comprehensive Package – Starting at $4700

Veritas Prep’s complete package for students looking for assistance in the college admissions process. This program starts at $4700 for assistance with applying to 1 school and increases with each school a student adds to their application list. 

Students will work with a college admissions consultant from the beginning of the application process to the end. They will also receive help with financial aid packages and maximizing those opportunities. The final college application will be reviewed by Veritas Prep’s ultimate admissions committee for potential tweaks and changes that need to be made before submitting to the college or university. 

Option 3: Hourly Packages – Starting at $900

These packages are for students who have specific questions or want to work on something specific. Students will be paired with a college admissions consultant who has experience working with extremely selective schools. 

Students may choose to review the college application, college essay, application strategies, and many other topics. Consultants will provide the student with reviews, written feedback, and in-depth conversations to help the student with all questions they may have. 

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T-G Recommended

Bottom Line

Students who have completed their college application but want someone with experience to look it over should enroll in the application test drive program. Best for 11th and 12th graders. 

Students who have a dream school in mind and want to do everything in their power to get into that school should consider the comprehensive package. Best for 11th and 12th graders.

Students who have a couple of specific questions and want feedback from a college admissions consultant should consider the hourly packages offered.

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Other College Admissions Consultant Reviews

TopTier College Admissions Consultant

TopTier Admissions Logo

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TopTier Admissions Overview

Top Tier Admissions is a solid option for students looking for assistance in the college admissions process. Top Tier offers several options for prospective college students. They have an application boot camp which lasts 4 days. Throughout these 4 days, students will complete a common application, prepare college essays, learn interview techniques, and create activity and achievement inventories. 

Another popular program offered by Top Tier Admissions is their application review program. This program is tailored for high school seniors. Students will work with one of the admissions consultants and will be provided with a comprehensive review of their entire application package. Students will also have a chance to follow-up with their admissions expert for 1 hour. 

Anna Ivey College Admissions Consultant

Anna Ivey Logo

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Anna Ivey Overview

Anna Ivey offers college admissions consulting for students in 9th through 12th grade – they also have consulting services for college students who are looking to transfer. They offer many different packages, but all students have to do is pick which grade they are in and Anna Ivey matches them with the appropriate course. 

The pricing depends on which course the student enrolls in but can range anywhere from $1000 to $7500. Students will get one-on-one coaching sessions with an Ivey College Coach and can always contact their coach via email when they need something. Students will receive a personalized plan of attack and receive advice on critical topics. 

College Admissions Consultant FAQ


Is a college admissions consultant worth it?

College admissions consultants are great for students who need additional help when applying to colleges. Consultants can help you with all the steps involved in the college admissions process and can even help you get some additional financial aid.

Which college admissions consultant is best?

After reviewing numerous consultants, we found that Princeton Review, PrepScholar, and Veritas Prep were the best options. These 3 companies have a ton of different options for students looking for college admissions assistance. Top Tier Admissions and Anna Ivey are other great options as well.

What services does a college admissions consultant offer?

College admissions consultants offer a ton of different services. They can assist students with their college essays, college applications, finding your best fit colleges, and working through the financial aid process.

Last Updated: 2/26/2021