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Best LSAT Prep Books

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This is a comprehensive list of the best LSAT prep books on the market.

Finding the best LSAT books is no easy task so we’ve made it easier by reviewing them and listing the features and content that makes them unique.

Summary: Find and compare the best LSAT prep books below. If you want something more in-depth, consider using LSAT prep courses.

  1. Best for Practice Questions: Princeton Review
  2. Best Organized Study Approach: LSAT Trainer
  3. Most Comprehensive: Kaplan
  4. Best Value: APEX
  5. Most Thorough: Test Prep Books

Note: If you want more help, you could pair a LSAT study book with top LSAT prep courses.

You can also take our free LSAT practice test to prepare.

The goal of using a LSAT prep book is to help organize your studies and keep you on track. A lot of these LSAT books include additional features like practice questions, study plans, and some even include access to additional online resources.

We have created a list of the best LSAT prep books to help you find an option that fits your needs. Our goal when creating this list was to educate students on the different options available to them.

Every student is different, some students may want to focus strictly on LSAT test questions, while other students may want an all inclusive learning program. Make sure you are honest with yourself when determining what you need when preparing for the LSAT.

Princeton Review - Best for Practice Questions

Best for Practice Questions
  • Best For

  • Individuals looking for practice exams
  • Individuals looking for content reviews
  • Individuals looking for additional online features
  • Not Recommended For

  • Someone looking for an in-depth review of concepts

Pages: 432

Princeton Review has one of the best LSAT prep books on the market. It covers all LSAT topics and includes three full practice tests that perfectly mimic the real test. These books are also equipped with hundreds of LSAT practice questions, giving it tremendous value. 

Princeton’s LSAT study books offer flawlessly merges bold, new strategies with time-tested classics to ensure that students avoid falling into traps set on the real test. It even goes above and beyond by reviewing the most common mistakes made by students taking the LSAT. 

The book will help students take the test more efficiently by offering essential tactics to assist students when taking the LSAT.

Another cool feature is the multi-week study guides that students can use to stay on track and complete their LSAT studies in a timely manner.

The LSAT Premium Prep book also includes access to various online features to help students achieve the best score possible on the LSAT. 

Serious students should consider Princeton Review's highly rated LSAT course.

Notable Features

  • 3 full-length practice exams
  • Complete content review
  • Updated for digital LSAT
  • Access to additional features online


  • Have access to 3 full practice exams
  • Includes content reviews for material you will need to know on the LSAT
  • Can access additional content online


  • The content review within the book is not as robust as an online course

LSAT Trainer - Best Organized Study Approach

Best Organized Study Approach
  • Best For

  • Individuals looking for experienced teacher
  • Individuals looking for a simplified approach
  • Individuals looking for free study schedules and organizers
  • Not Recommended For

  • Someone looking for full-length practice exams

Pages: 598

Mike Kim’s incredible LSAT book tops a lot of lists, making it one of the best LSAT prep books on the market. This book uses a simplified approach that breaks down all three sections of the LSAT and ensures that students are prepared for more complex topics. 

Some cool features of the book include access to a variety of free study schedules and notebook organizers. Its organizational layout doesn’t end there. Each section of the book covers a specific section of the LSAT.

This LSAT book also provides access to 30 unique drills that are guaranteed to help students develop skillsets that provide context to the information found on the LSAT. These drills are also organized by sections found on the LSAT.

You’ll be guided through information about a specific section of the LSAT, then presented with drills that contextualize that information, and finally given practice questions to put that knowledge to the test. 

The author, Mike Kim, is one of the most well-known and well-respected teachers in the LSAT industry. Mike was previously working for Manhattan Prep and developing their LSAT prep courses until he decided to create the ultimate LSAT prep book – The LSAT Trainer.

Notable Features

  • Simple strategies to do well on all sections of the LSAT
  • 200+ official LSAT questions
  • Experience of Mike Kim
  • Access to study schedules and other organizers


  • Mike Kim is very well-known and is an expert
  • Simplified strategies that will help move the needle
  • Very LSAT specific


  • No full-length practice exams

Kaplan - Most Comprehensive

Most Comprehensive
  • Best For

  • Individuals looking for something really comprehensive
  • Individuals looking for included online content
  • Not Recommended For

  • Someone looking for more than 1 full-length practice exam

Pages: 1044

Kaplan’s LSAT prep book utilizes an all-in-one approach and is jam-packed with quality information. This book includes amazing practice questions, one practice exam, and a lot of in-depth strategies that help students master this important exam. 

What sets this book apart from others is the vast amount of online content that comes along with it. Purchasing this book gives you access to online workshops, expert videos, and learning strategies that are all guaranteed to help improve your LSAT scores. The official full-length LSAT practice exam is also part of this online package. 

However, this also leads to one downside. You must buy this book new in order to gain access to the online materials. This removes the option to save money by purchasing a used edition. 

The volume of information in the book in combination with the vast library of online resources makes this the most comprehensive LSAT book on this list.

Notable Features

  • 1000+ pages of content
  • 100s of LSAT questions
  • 1 full-length exam
  • Access to insructor-led online workshops


  • Book is in-depth and comprehensive
  • Includes access to online features like workshops
  • Includes practice questions to help drill down important concepts


  • Must purchase new to get access to various online features

APEX - Best Value

Best Value
  • Best For

  • Individuals looking for an affordable option
  • Individuals looking for a simplistic approach
  • Not Recommended For

  • Someone looking for a LSAT book that covers everything in great detail

Pages: 131

APEX is another of the best LSAT prep books on the market and comes at an affordable price. Its wide range of practice questions, exams, and detailed explanations will improve your score. Plus you’ll even find essential test-taking tips that will help you navigate this difficult exam. 

These tips use a simplistic approach that will make you think outside the box, going as far as to show you how to make an educated guess on questions that you might not know the answer to. But the material in this LSAT prep book covers every section of the exam and is presented through study guides and practice questions. 

APEX believes that preparing for the LSAT should not be harder than the actual LSAT exam. This is their core belief and the book was constructed around this principle.

The best feature of APEX is its simplistic approach and the detailed answer explanations. They go into great depth with piecing together difficult concepts when compared to other LSAT study books.

Notable Features

  • 1 full-length exam
  • Simplistic study guides
  • Test-taking tips


  • Detailed answer explanations
  • Study guides are kept simple and not overwhelming


  • Not as in-depth as some other options

LSAC 10 Actual - Best Complimentary Prep Book

Best Complimentary Prep Book
  • Best For

  • Individuals looking for practice exams
  • Individuals looking for supplemental material
  • Individuals looking for official resource
  • Not Recommended For

  • Someone looking for detailed answer explanations

Pages: 420

This LSAT prep book offered by the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) is a very unique book. It is unique because it is simply a book made up of actual LSAT practice exams. The book includes 10 LSAT practice exams for students to review.

All questions are from previous LSAT exams so students will get a good feel for the LSAT exam when using this book.

The book includes an answer key for each test. One downfall to this book is the lack of answer explanations. Unfortunately, the answer keys are pretty bare bones and only list the answers, not how to solve them. This can be frustrating if you come across a problem that you do not know how to solve.

The book also includes a writing sample for each test so students can practice their writing. This is good resource to supplement with other resources.

We recommend that you purchase this as supplementary study material.

Notable Features

  • 10 full-length exams
  • Answer key


  • From the official provider of the LSAT (LSAC)


  • Bare bones answer keys

Test Prep Books - Most Thorough

Most Thorough
  • Best For

  • Individuals looking for a thorough review of concepts
  • Individuals looking for detailed answer explanations
  • Not Recommended For

  • Someone wanting a lot of standalone practice questions

Pages: 203

Test Prep is quite thorough in its study approach, coming packed with practice tests, strategies, detailed explanations, and a comprehensive study guide. The answer explanations are one of the best features of this book but everything else is laid out in a way that focuses on the learning experience.

Students will be able to take their practice exams, score their exams, and review their exams with answer explanations to gain context into why their answers were correct or incorrect.

The book also includes various test taking strategies to help students become more familiar with the exam. It also show you various ways that test designers try to trick you during the exam.

Overall, this is a solid book that will review all topics that will be tested on the LSAT.

Notable Features

  • 2 full-length exams
  • Review of all sections on the LSAT


  • Detailed answer explanations for the practice exams


  • Lack of standalone practice questions

Which LSAT prep book is the best?

There are a ton of great options out there. Our team narrowed down these 5 options:
  1. Best for Practice Questions: Princeton Review
  2. Best Organized Study Approach: LSAT Trainer
  3. Most Comprehensive: Kaplan
  4. Best Value: APEX
  5. Most Thorough: Test Prep Books

Are old LSAT books still helpful?

Yes and no. The older the LSAT book, the less relevant it will be for the current LSAT. With that being said, there will still be relevant information in an older LSAT book.

Are LSAT prep courses better than books?

This question may vary person to person, but yes, we believe so. LSAT preparation courses will have the most current information, will help you track your progress, and make your studying more efficient.