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Best LSAT Prep Books

Our team conducted an in-depth review of the best LSAT prep books. Use our reviews below to make an informed decision on which materials will help you succeed the most. 

Our rankings take many factors into consideration including pricing, sections of the LSAT covered, year of publication, number of practice tests, specials offers, and more.

Ensure success on your LSAT by using one of the resources listed below. 

Summary: Find and compare the best LSAT prep books below.

LSAT Prep: Courses vs Books

Note: If you need more help or are going for a top score, you should consider more comprehensive LSAT prep courses. Check out our review of the best LSAT prep courses - including our top choices:

Best LSAT Prep Courses

Best LSAT Prep BOOK Reviews (2021)

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LSAT Prep Princeton Review LSAT Trainer Kaplan APEX 10 Actual Test Prep Books
Price $29.99 $58.49 $49.05 $26.99 $25.70 $21.68
Practice Exams 3 0 1 1 10 2
Practice Questions
Year Published 2019 2017 2019 2020 2017 2020
Sections Covered:            
Logical Reasoning
Analytical Reasoning
Reading Comprehension
Answer Explanations
# of Pages 432 598 1044 131 420 203
Online Option
Summary  Review Review Review Review Review Review
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LSAT Prep Book Reviews 

Princeton Review 

Test-Guide Rating: 

Princeton Review’s LSAT Premium Prep book is available to students for $29.99. The book includes coverage on all LSAT topics that students will be tested on. The book includes 3 full-length LSAT practice exams and hundreds of real LSAT practice questions.

This LSAT prep book offers both classic and new strategies to help students avoid the traps on the LSAT as well as offering a complete breakdown of common LSAT mistakes. The book will help students take the test more efficiently by offering essential tactics to assist students when taking the LSAT.

Another cool feature are the multi-week study guides that students can use to stay on track and complete their LSAT studies in a timely manner.

The LSAT Premium Prep book also includes access to various online features to help students achieve the best score possible on the LSAT. This book was developed at the end of December 2019 and has been updated for the Digital LSAT exam.

Serious students should consider Princeton Review's highly rated LSAT Prep Course.

Best Features  - Number of full-length LSAT practice exams.

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LSAT Trainer

Test-Guide Rating: 

The LSAT Trainer by Mike Kim was published in 2017 and includes over 200 official LSAT questions and real-time solutions. The book covers all three sections of the LSAT and includes simple strategies for all three of those sections.

Some cool features of the book include access to a variety of free study schedules and notebook organizers. 

This LSAT prep book contains over 30 original and unique drills designed to help develop specific skills that will need to be used when taking the LSAT. The book is organized by sections of the LSAT.

Readers will learn about some different strategies for each section, then go through specific drills for that section, then find some practice questions to test their knowledge. 

The book was developed by Mike Kim – one of the most well-known and well-respected teachers in the LSAT industry. Mike was previously working for Manhattan Prep and developing their LSAT prep courses until he decided to create the ultimate LSAT prep book – The LSAT Trainer.

Students looking for top scores should consider LSAT prep courses.

Best Features - Original and unique drills and experience of Mike Kim.

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Test-Guide Rating: 

Kaplan’s LSAT Prep Plus book is an all-in-one prep book. The book is updated for the Digital LSAT and includes practice questions, an official practice exam, and in-depth strategies to help you improve your score.

The book was developed in December of 2019 so all content in the book is relevant and updated for the most current version of the LSAT. 

One of the best features of this book is the access to the online content. When you purchase this book, you will gain access to instructor-led online workshops, expert videos on LSAT content, and data driven learning strategies to help you focus on what you need to study the most. Included with the online resources is the official full-length LSAT exam.

It is important to buy this book new and not used. The new book will come with an access code that students can use to access all the online materials, including the official LSAT practice exam.

The combination of the book and online resources make this LSAT prep book one of the best books we reviewed. 

Best Features – Combination of prep book and online resources.

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Test-Guide Rating: 

APEX test prep offers their LSAT prep book for $26.99. The book includes an LSAT practice exam, practice questions, detailed answer explanations, and test-taking tips.

APEX believes that preparing for the LSAT should not be harder than the actual LSAT exam. This is their core belief and the book was constructed around this principle. 

The book is 131 pages long and is full of useful test-taking tips. These test-taking tips will help you think outside the box and make educated guesses on questions that stump you. The material in the book covers all topics that will appear on the LSAT exam – the material is presented though both study guides and practice questions.

The book was developed in 2020 so all material is relevant for the current version of the LSAT. 

One of the best features of this course includes the detailed answer explanations. These answer explanations are very in-depth which will help students avoid confusion and grasp difficult concepts.

This is a great way for students to learn additional material and ensure they can understand all possible concepts that will appear on the LSAT. 

Best FeaturesUpdated material and detailed answer explanations.

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10 Actual

Test-Guide Rating: 

This LSAT prep book offered by 10 Actual is a very unique book. It is unique because it is simply a book made up of actual LSAT practice exams. The book includes 10 LSAT practice exams for students to review.

All questions are from previous LSAT exams so students will get a good feel for the LSAT exam when using this book. 

The book includes an answer key for each test. One downfall to this book is the lack of answer explanations. Unfortunately, the answer keys are pretty bare bones and only list the answers, not how to solve them. This can be frustrating if you come across a problem that you do not know how to solve. 

The book also includes a writing sample for each test so students can practice their writing. For only $25.70, this is good resource to have at your disposal.

We recommend that you purchase this as supplementary study material. This book would go great along with an LSAT prep course or another LSAT prep book. 

Best FeatureNumber of practice exams.

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Test Prep

Test-Guide Rating: 

Test Prep Books offers their 2020-2021 LSAT prep book for $21.68. The book includes a study guide, 2 LSAT practice tests, test-taking strategies, and answer explanations.

The book was developed in May of 2020, so all material is very fresh and relevant for the current version of the LSAT. 

One nice feature of this course is that the LSAT practice tests come with answer explanations. Students will be able to take their practice exams, score their exams, and review their exams with answer explanations to understand why their answers were correct or incorrect. 

The book also includes various test taking strategies to help students become more familiar with the exam and different ways they try to trick you when taking the LSAT exam.

Overall, this is a solid book that will review all topics that will be tested on the LSAT.

Best FeaturesAnswer explanations and fresh content.

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Studying for the LSAT

There are plenty of LSAT prep books available on the market today. When picking a LSAT prep book, it comes down to personal preference. If you are someone that wants as many practice tests as possible, 10 Actual’s LSAT Prep book may be your best option.

If you are looking for the most complete and comprehensive LSAT prep book, you may want to consider Kaplan’s LSAT Prep book.

A lot of these books consist of an in-text portion as well as an online portion. If you are someone who does not want to use a textbook and wants to study for the LSAT completely online, check out our best LSAT prep courses.

A lot of these providers above offer completely online LSAT prep courses. These courses may be better suited for some individuals.

LSAT Prep Books FAQ

What are the best LSAT practice tests?

LSAT practice tests are a great way to prepare for the LSAT test. We offer FREE LSAT practice tests that will help students gauge where they are at in their LSAT test prep journey.

Are old LSAT books still helpful?

Yes and no. The older the LSAT book, the less relevant it will be for the current LSAT. With that being said, there will still be relevant information in an older LSAT book. If possible, we recommend going with a current LSAT prep book or LSAT prep course.

Are LSAT prep courses better than books?

This question may vary person to person, but yes, we believe so. LSAT prep courses will have the most current information, will help you track your progress, and make your studying more efficient.

Last update: 8/25/2021

Our Review Process 

We take our recommendations very seriously. Our team inspects various prep courses to find the best of the best.

We look past all of the marketing and fluff of these companies and look for features that ACTUALLY help users.

Our dedicated team of reviewers take many factors into consideration when reviewing prep courses.

We are always updating our reviews to reflect changes in the marketplace.

We take pride in remaining as unbiased as possible. All of the courses on our lists are the best of the best.

We are excited to announce our new ranking factor for most of our prep course rankings - Social Score.

This new (proprietary) ranking factor was developed by our data science team and takes into consideration what people are saying about the courses on the internet. A truly UNBIASED opinion. 


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