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Best SAT Prep Book

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The SAT is a very important test for students looking to apply to college. Use one of the best SAT prep books below to prepare.

Our team researched and reviewed various books to help our users identify all the different options available to them when studying.

We looked at many factors including number of practice exams, publish date, content covered, and many other features. Use these reviews to make an informed decision.

Summary: Compare the best SAT prep books below and find the right book for you.

Note: If you need more help or are going for a top score, you should consider using a prep course.

Check out our review of the best SAT prep courses - ensure you get a top score with these providers.

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  Princeton Review Kaplan SAT Prep Black Book Barrons Official SAT Study Guide
Price $25.99 $25.46 $26.46 $21.99 $11.13
Practice Exams 8 5 0 7 8
Answer Explanations
Year Published 2020 2020 2017 2019 2019
# of Pages 880 972 576 1056 1300
Sections Covered:          
Writing and Language
Online Option
Summary Review Review Review Review Review
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Princeton Review

Test-Guide Rating:

The Princeton Review book is available to students for $25.99 – an absolute steal. This book offers a complete content overview and covers all sections of the SAT. The book includes 8 full-length SAT practice exams, complete subject reviews for all sections of the SAT, and every question type that you will see on the SAT.

The book is current and was updated in 2020. Within the book, students will find 4 practice exams – you can find the other 4 practice exams online through Princeton Review.

All of the practice exams online include detailed score reports and include some features that the book does not have.

The book also includes drills for each test section as well as writing exercises to help you improve your skills for the essay section of the SAT. Students will find questions have answer explanations to help them actually learn the material.

Best Features - Price and online features.

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Test-Guide Rating:

Kaplan offers their book for $25.46. The book is current and was last updated in June 2020. Students will find various lessons throughout the book that will help them learn key concepts and prepare for the SAT. The book has 972 pages and is very comprehensive.

Students will have access to 5 SAT practice exams when they purchase this book – 2 within the book and 3 online.

Students will find some other great features within this book like 1400 practice questions with answer explanations, pre-quizzes to help you figure out what you already know, and practice questions mixed in throughout the lessons to keep you on your toes.

This is a great book for students who want to learn study strategies and skills they can apply on the SAT while also taking practice exams. The online portion of this course is very cool as it gives you some cool insights that the book cannot give.

This book is a great resource to use for students looking to increase their SAT scores.

Best Features - Comprehensive review and number of practice questions.

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SAT Prep Black Book

Test-Guide Rating:

The SAT prep black book is different from some of the other books we reviewed. This book focuses on SAT testing strategies. The book itself does not contain any practice exams.

Students are encouraged to use the free practice tests offered by the College Board – this book walks students through those questions and helps them learn how to best answer those questions with detailed answer explanations and test taking strategies.

Students will be provided with a clear roadmap on how to beat the SAT in the least time possible and will be explained how to answer every type of SAT question.

If you are looking to take a different approach to studying for the SAT, this is the best book for you. This is also a great option for students who may be pushed for time when studying - review SAT test dates to see how much time you have.

Best FeatureThe walkthrough of how to solve different SAT practice questions.

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Test-Guide Rating:

Students can purchase Barron’s book for $21.99. The book includes 7 SAT practice tests – 4 in the book, 2 online, and 1 diagnostic exam. The book was published in 2019, so it is not as updated as some of the other options, but it will still get the job done.

Some other cool features of this book include online flashcards, a complete overview of the SAT, study advice from experienced teachers, and strategies for each portion of the SAT exam, including the SAT essay portion.

The diagnostic exam is one of the best features of this book. The diagnostic exam is meant to be taken first and will help students get a better idea of where they are at.

Students will be able to pinpoint what they need to work on the most and can track their progress over time.

Best FeatureDiagnostic exam and online flashcards.

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Official SAT Study Guide

Test-Guide Rating:

The official SAT study guide includes 8 full-length SAT practice exams. The book was created by the College Board and is available for $11.13.

Please note, these practice exams are available for free on the College Board’s website, but this book is the only place to find them all together with answer explanations and additional guidance.

As well as the 8 practice exams, the book also includes a general overview of each section of the exam and full answer explanations for each answer choice.

While this book does not include as many strategies or test-taking tips as other prep books, it is still a solid study resource.

Best FeaturePrice and number of practice exams.

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Our team narrowed down some of the best SAT prep books to help you succeed. While these books include some great features and can help you get a solid score on the SAT, we would recommend only using these books as supplemental study material.

Our team would highly recommend checking out a prep course when looking for prep materials. Prep courses are relatively inexpensive and are a great investment.

Students will find these prep courses include many different features that will save them time and help them get a top score on the SAT.

For information on prep courses, check out our reviews of the best SAT prep courses.

What is the best prep book for the SAT??

It depends what you are looking for. If you want something that is comprehensive and goes over study strategies and includes practice tests, then Princeton Review or Kaplan are going to be your best bet.

Our team recommends taking a look at SAT prep courses as well. These prep courses are relatively cheap and provide a great return on your investment.

How much is a SAT prep book?

Most SAT prep books range from $10 to $25. If you are looking for a SAT prep course, Magoosh offers their SAT prep course for $129.

Are SAT prep books worth it?

For around $20, you can get a pretty solid SAT study resource. However, if you want a top score on the SAT, we recommend taking a look at SAT prep courses. SAT prep courses are more in-depth and will help you study more efficiently and get a better score.