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Best SIE Exam Prep Courses

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Prepare for the SIE exam with one of the best SIE exam prep courses below. Ensure you pass the first time around.

The SIE exam is relatively new – it has replaced portions of other securities exams. The SIE was created to remove duplicate information that other securities exams tested candidates on.

If you want to become a member of a stock brokerage, you will most likely need to pass the SIE exam.

Use our reviews of the best SIE exam prep courses to find the best option for you. 

Summary: Find and compare the best SIE exam prep below.

Our Picks for Best SIE Review Courses

  1. Best Value Achievable
  2. Very ComprehensiveKnopman Marks

Best SIE Exam Prep Courses (2023)

SIE Prep Courses Achievable Knopman Marks Securities Institute
Achievable Logo Knopman Marks Logo Securities Institute Logo
Best For Best Value Comprehensive Studies -
One of Our Picks TG Recommended - -
Pricing $74 $64
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$250 - $375 $99
Subscription Length 12 Months 12 Months 6 Months
Practice Exams
Video Lectures
Live Online Option
Instructor Support
Bundled Option
Summary Review Review Review
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Who Needs SIE Exam Prep?

Candidates who wish to join a brokerage firm or want to deal with various securities will need to take and pass the SIE exam. The SIE exam is the first securities exam you will take as it is the essential exam.

After candidates take and pass the SIE, they will have the opportunity to take “top-off” exams. These include various exams like the series 7 and series 79. Think of these top-off exams as exams for specific occupations in the field of finance.

SIE prep courses should be looked at as an investment into your future. There will be some up-front costs, but you will be compensated down the road when you pass the exam.

Candidates should do everything they can to prepare for the SIE exam. There is nothing more frustrating than taking an exam, failing, and having to take it again. SIE exam prep will help you avoid this mistake.

Factors to Consider

  • Study discipline – if you routinely have trouble maintaining a study schedule, you’ll find that SIE exam prep is worth it.
  • Improvement needed – take a free SIE practice test to see where you stand. If your score needs improvement, a SIE review course will be just what you need.
  • Need for motivation – if you need motivation, feedback and encouragement, a prep course with an instructor or online lectures is a great option.
  • Budget – These courses are not cheap. Think of it as an investment in your future. Check out our best value option or some of the “lower end” options these providers offer.
  • Learning style – Every person learns best in different ways. Some courses may focus on practice questions and exams, while others may focus on lecture videos or textbooks.

Benefits of SIE Prep Courses

  • Simulates actual test – the online exams included in most SIE review courses will simulate the actual test and help you become more familiar with the actual exam before you take it.
  • Comprehensive study plans – SIE exam prep courses will help you craft, and stick to, a customized study schedule that works for you.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses – the best SIE courses offer advanced diagnostics to identify the topics you need to focus on.

Why SIE Prep Courses May Not Be Your Only Option

  • Expensive – the best SIE prep courses may be over $400.
  • Time-consuming – prep courses often require significant study/prep time.
  • DIY alternative – self-study using prep books may be a cost-effective alternative.

Bottom Line – If you want to pass your SIE exam the first time around, you should consider using an SIE prep course.

SIE Exam Prep Reviews

Learn more about each provider with our in-depth review of each course below. Easily compare the different options available to you.

Achievable SIE Prep Course Review

TG Recommended

Achievable Logo

Quick Breakdown

  • Price – $64
  • Subscription Length – 12 Months
  • Course Guarantee – Yes
  • Practice Exams – Yes
  • Video Lectures – Yes

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Key Decision Making Factors


Most affordable course we looked at. Priced at $74 for the SIE prep.


The online textbook and modern learning platform will help you pass your SIE exam.


25 full-length practice tests. Over 2,000 practice questions.

Achievable Pros and Cons


  • Number of practice tests
  • Number of practice questions
  • Price


  • Interface a bit confusing at first

Achievable has a really simple model – they offer 1 SIE prep course for $74. Students will get access to the course for 12 months. Achievable has a great course that includes tons of practice tests, practice questions, lecture material, and bite-sized video lessons.

The course includes full-length practice exams, review quizzes, and an online textbook. The course gives students the essentials to do well on the SIE exam. Our only issue with Achievable, and their SIE prep course is the user interface, specifically, the dashboard. There are two main sections on your dashboard:

      1. Content Progress – Marks the sections you have completed.
      2. Memory Progress – Organizes the sections in which you can complete practice questions.

This dashboard setup is a bit confusing at first, but after playing around within the course for a bit, it makes sense.

The online textbook covers all sections that will appear on the SIE and was written by their expert author who has 15+ years of experience. All study materials for this course are both desktop and mobile friendly.

Within the online textbook, you will find bite-sized video lessons that summarize the text. If you are a visual learner, this is a big plus. The lessons are in the 5-10 minute range and short enough to keep your attention while teaching you the concepts.

Students will be able to take 25+ full-length practice exams. All practice exams are weighted the same as the actual SIE exam so students will see the same proportion of questions on these practice exams as they will see on the actual exam. There are over 2,000 practice questions in this course as well.

Lastly, Achievable calls their flashcards “reviews.” The course includes 1500+ “reviews” and they are continuously dripped into their study schedule to help maintain their memory of the material. This is an example of why Achievable is one of the best SIE prep courses.

Best Features of Achievable  – Most affordable course and bite-sized video lectures.

Actual Screenshots from Achievable SIE Course

TG Recommended

Achievable Logo

Bottom Line

If you are looking to study on a budget, this is your course. The bite-sized video lectures within the course are a really cool feature. Price cannot be beat.

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Knopman Marks SIE Prep Course Review

Knopman Marks

Knopman Marks Logo

Quick Breakdown

  • Price – $250 – $375
  • Subscription Length – 12 Months
  • Course Guarantee – No
  • Practice Exams – Yes
  • Video Lectures – Yes

Key Decision Making Factors


Little more expensive than other options but the main course includes everything you will need.


17+ hours of video lectures, textbooks and eBooks, and ability to download content offline.


Benchmark and practice exams will help prepare you for you SIE exam.

Knopman Marks Pros and Cons


  • Number of video lecture hours
  • Ability to bundle packages
  • Material available offline


  • No course guarantee

Knopman Marks offers two main options for students looking for SIE prep materials. The first option is their main SIE prep course, which is available for $250. The second option, which is available for $375, is the SIE prep course along with the SIE All Access Pass.

Main Features

Both options include the same main features – lets take a look at these features. Students will receive access to the courses until they pass (or 365 days), access to the training center, practice exams, textbook/eBook, digital flashcards, and 17 hours of video lectures. 

The training center is where students can access all of their learning content. Students will find study guides, videos, and more in their training centers. 

Students are given an easy-to-follow plan where they will be guided on what to study and steps to take to learn the material. This is a nice feature and helps save a ton of study time. 

Another cool feature is the ability to study offline. If you will not have access to internet, you can download materials ahead of time and study offline. A simple feature, but nice to have.

Different Packages

Like we said before, Knopman Marks offers two main packages – the $250 package and the $375 package. The $250 package includes all of the features listed above. 

The $375 package includes the SIE prep course and the SIE All Access Pass. The all-access pass will give students access to additional materials like a 60-minute on-boarding call to help students get familiar with the course, review sessions with instructors, and live online classes. 

The all-access pass is perfect for students who want some additional instruction from actual SIE instructors.

Integrated Packages

Students who plan on taking additional “top-off” exams can bundle their learning materials together. Students can pair the SIE prep course with other securities exam prep courses and have access to all of their materials at once. 

These bundled packages range from $325 to $495. These are a great option for students who want to do all of their studying at once. These options allow students to save a ton of money. 

Best Features of Knopman Marks  – Comprehensive courses with a ton of features available in the main course.

Knopman Marks

Knopman Marks Logo

Bottom Line

Most comprehensive SIE prep course we looked at. Includes everything you need in the main SIE prep package.

Securities Institute SIE Prep Course Review

Securities Institute

Quick Breakdown

  • Price – $99
  • Subscription Length – 6 Months
  • Course Guarantee – Yes
  • Practice Exams – Yes
  • Video Lectures – Yes

Key Decision Making Factors


Middle of the pack in terms of pricing. $99 for their complete prep course option.


Combination of video lectures and textbook materials will help you study. Ebook included.


1000+ practice questions and ability to create unlimited practice exams.

Securities Institute Pros and Cons


  • Number of practice tests
  • Number of practice questions
  • Price


  • Only 6 months of access

Securities Institute has a couple of different offerings, but their base offering is their Complete SIE Exam Review Course. This course is available for $99 and includes everything an individual will need to pass their SIE exam.

The course includes 15 hours of video, both a physical textbook and an Ebook, 1000+ practice questions, SIE practice exams, and a pass guarantee. 

Individuals who decide to purchase this course will have access to the course for 6 months. The course is very user-friendly and has a nice interface. One cool feature is the ability to make unlimited practice exams – this really helps learn the material that you struggle with the most.

Securities Institute also offers some bundle options for individuals who know they will also be taking certain top-off exams (series 7, etc…).

They offer bundled prep courses that include SIE exam prep as well as Series 99, Series 57, Series 22, Series 7, and Series 6 prep materials. If you know you will also be taking one of these exams, you should consider bundling your prep options and saving some money.

Best Feature of Securities Institute  – Unlimited practice exams.

Securities Institute

Securities Institute Logo

Bottom Line

This course is a good combination of the two courses listed above. Price is right in the middle and has some nice features to help you pass your SIE exam.

SIE Exam Prep FAQs

This question depends on who you ask. Some people will say 25-30 hours, while others will say 100+.

In general, you should prepare to study 40+ hours for the SIE exam. SIE prep courses are a great way to save time while studying.

One of the best ways to study for the SIE exam is by enrolling in a SIE prep course.

SIE prep courses will give you a detailed outline of what you need to study, which will help you save time.

SIE prep courses will also include practice exams and questions to help you learn the material.

SIE prep courses should be looked at as an investment in your future.

These courses will cost some money upfront, but will pay for themselves when you become licensed and get into your career.

Gianni Evangelisti
Gianni has been working in the test prep industry for 6+ years. Gianni has created test prep materials across multiple different exam categories.