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Blueprint LSAT Review

Blueprint offers a ton of great options for students looking to study for the LSAT. Blueprint has a self-paced online option, a live-online option, a classroom option, and tutoring options. Which course you choose will depend on what you are looking for as a student. 

We will be giving you a walkthrough and review of Blueprint’s Online Anytime Self-Paced LSAT course. Our review includes actual screenshots and information from the course so you can see if this LSAT course would be a good fit for you. 

Blueprint LSAT Review

Blueprint offers their self-paced LSAT course starting at $699. Students will get access to the course for 3 months – there are other options if students want access to the course for longer.

The course includes 90+ video lessons, 8500 actual LSAT questions, 15 full-length practice exams, and a score increase guarantee. 

Students will also receive a subscription to LSAC when they sign up for this prep course. They will have access to an additional 60 LSAT practice exams. All-in-all, students will be able to take 75 LSAT practice exams when they enroll in Blueprint’s Online Anytime LSAT prep course.

Choosing a LSAT prep course can be stressful, get a better idea of this prep course with our Blueprint LSAT review.

Getting Started

When you sign up for the course, you will have some resources that need to be shipped to your house, but you are still able to start the course right away. Blueprint recommends that the first thing you do with the course is take the first practice exam. This will help you establish a baseline score.

When you enter the course, you will be asked a few questions like when your test date is, etc… 

Blueprint LSAT Review

Blueprint LSAT Dashboard

Your dashboard is where you can track your progress, find helpful LSAT resources, and register for live online proctored exams and live review sessions on various LSAT topics.

The dashboard is very simple and easy to use – a nice feature. Check out the layout of the dashboard below.

Blueprint LSAT Review

Blueprint LSAT Lessons/Homework

The lessons and homework portion of the course is where students will be spending the bulk of their time studying. The course is broken down into 12 different lessons. Each lesson contains lecture videos and homework problems. 

The lesson videos are shorter videos which help to keep your attention. They are setup in a “playlist style” so it is easy to move on to the next video. After a couple of videos, there will be a quick assessment question to make sure you are retaining the knowledge. 

After students complete the video lectures for each lesson, they are encouraged to start the homework section for that lesson. The homework section is split into drills and homework questions.

The drills and homework questions are split into specific categories. This is a nice feature and allows students to focus on the topics they may struggle with. 

Blueprint LSAT Lessons

Blueprint LSAT Practice

One of the coolest portions of the course is the practice section. This section lets students get some extra practice in by creating personalized practice sets.

Students can choose which types of LSAT questions they want to add, the difficulty of those questions, and the concepts these questions will test.

Blueprint LSAT

Blueprint LSAT Exams

The course includes 15 full-length practice exams from Blueprint and 60 practice exams from LSAC. The exams are timed and do a great job of mimicking the actual LSAT exam.

The passages are right next to each question which makes the software easy to use. Check out a screenshot of the practice exam layout below. 

Blueprint LSAT Exams

Blueprint LSAT Schedule

Blueprint offers students the ability to construct their own schedule via the course. Students can drag and drop different lessons and practice exams to the dates they want to complete them. The schedule is a great tool to keep students on track and focused. 

Blueprint LSAT Review

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T-G Recommended

Bottom Line

Advanced software of this prep course could save students tons of time when studying. Overall, great course.

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