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Blueprint LSAT Review

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Blueprint offers a ton of great options for students looking to study for the LSAT. Blueprint offers a self-paced course, live-online course, and tutoring options.

We will review the different offerings and features in our Blueprint LSAT review below.

Summary: Learn more about Blueprint LSAT below. For information on other providers, check out our reviews of the best LSAT prep.

  Self-Paced Course Live Online Course Tutoring Packages
Option 1 Monthly - $329 5 Months - $1,199 Crash Course - $2,399
Option 2 3 Months - $799 - Comprehensive - $3,329
Option 3 6 Months - $1,199 - Intensive - $5,174
Option 4 12 Months - $1,599 - -
Videos 90+ Lessons 90+ Lessons 90+ Lessons
Live Video Sessions No - But Live Office Hours Offered 37+ Hours Live Instruction
100+ Hours Live Review Sessions
No - But Live Office Hours Offered
Tutoring Included No No Yes
Practice Questions 8500+ 8500+ 8500+
Practice Tests 85+ 85+ 85+
Books Included No No Yes
Guarantee Yes - Not on Monthly or 3-Month Course Yes Yes
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Blueprint’s offerings can be broken down into 3 main groups – self-paced products, live online products, and tutoring packages. We will take a more in-depth look at those options below.

After explaining each option a little better, we will review some of the actual features that are included in these courses. Keep reading for actual screenshots of Blueprint LSAT.

If you are curious about the difficulty of the LSAT, check out our guide on how hard the LSAT is.

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Score: 92

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  • Best For

  • Students looking for advanced software
  • Students looking for an excellent study plan builder
  • Students looking for tons of practice exams and questions
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Blueprint LSAT Self-Paced Courses

Blueprint offers their self-paced course in 3 different time periods:

  • Monthly
  • 3-Month
  • 6-Month
  • 12-Month

All of these course options include the same offerings with the main difference being the amount of time you have access and the price. The monthly and 3-month options do not come with a guarantee.

Students will receive the following in their self-paced Blueprint LSAT course:

  • 90+ video lessons
  • 8500+ practice questions
  • 85+ practice exams
  • Custom study planner
  • Advanced analytics
  • Score reports
  • Live office hour sessions

Bottom Line – Blueprint offers a great course with a ton of features. Blueprint was our choice for best features on our review of LSAT prep courses.

Blueprint LSAT Live Online Courses

Blueprint LSAT offers 1 course length for their live online course. It is the 5-month option.

The best part about the live online courses is that it also includes everything that comes with the self-paced course. You can use the material from the self-paced course to supplement the live online classes.

You will have a bunch of different options to choose from when signing up for a live online class. The classes are generally twice a week in 2.5 hour increments.

You should be able to find an option that works with your schedule as they have a ton of different options.

Blueprint LSAT Course Review Class Schedule

Each course includes 2 expert instructors and 37+ hours of live online instruction. The instructors actually care about how you do – we were registered for this course and stopped attending (as we are not studying for the LSAT) and they were always reaching out to us asking us to attend class.

If you miss a class, you are able to watch the recorded version or reschedule the class. You can expect the classes to last about 5 months.

Bottom Line – The live online course is a great option for students who wish to learn in a classroom setting. You also get access to everything in the self-paced course.

Blueprint LSAT Tutoring Options

For individuals who are looking for the most hands-on and in-depth option, Blueprint offers different tutoring packages.

  • Crash Course – 16 Tutoring Hours
  • Comprehensive – 24 Tutoring Hours
  • Intensive – 40 Tutoring Hours

Each of the above options comes with a tutor who has scored in the 99th percentile. This is a nice addition as students can be assured they are working with someone who know their way around the LSAT.

The crash course comes with 4 months of access to the self-paced course, while the comprehensive and intensive courses come with 5 and 6 months of access, respectively.

All of the courses include physical textbooks, which is great for students who learn well from reading and having an actual copy of the book.

Bottom Line – If you are looking for something really hands-on, the tutoring packages from Blueprint are great. Blueprint was our choice for best LSAT tutor.

Since a lot of the features within the different products cross over, we will review those different features below and give you some screenshots our team grabbed while they were in the course.

Custom Study Planner

One of our teams favorite features of the Blueprint LSAT course was the custom study planner. Many other providers offer this feature, but Blueprint took it a step further.

You will be asked some different questions when you start the course. Some of those questions include which days you plan on studying and how many hours you plan on studying. The technology will then create you a custom schedule in an easy-to-follow calendar format.

The study plan is very detailed and includes which individual lessons and modules you should be working on that day. You can mark lessons complete but the technology will do that for you when you complete various lessons.

You can even edit your schedule based on things that change in your life. If you need to move lessons around, you can simply drag and drop them. The calendar is color coded as well which is a nice add-on.

Blueprint LSAT Course Review Study Plan Example


The dashboard is where users will be spending a lot of time. We really liked how the dashboard was organized and the overall user interface of the course.

The dashboard was simple to use and easy-to-navigate. We found that with some of the other courses we reviewed that the dashboard can be overwhelming. Blueprint LSAT is not like this.

You can easily navigate to all portions of the course from your dashboard. You can track your progress right from the dashboard as well as see things like upcoming proctored exams and upcoming online classes.

Blueprint LSAT Course Review Dashboard

Learning Materials

Throughout our Blueprint LSAT review, we wanted to focus on the learning materials within the course. These are the most important part of any prep course, so we wanted to focus on those the most.

Blueprint includes 90+ video lessons in their self-paced course – these lessons are also included in the other options as those options include everything from the self-paced course.

The videos are really high quality and are interactive. The videos are shorter in length which our team thought was a nice feature – they help keep your attention and avoid the urge to slack off and stop paying attention.

Blueprint LSAT Course Review Video Example

There is a playlist that you can easily select different videos from which helps keep you in the groove of learning. Everything is very easy to navigate which is a plus when studying. 

You will also find quizzes scattered throughout the lessons. These lessons will help test your knowledge and ensure you are comprehending the material that was taught.

Blueprint LSAT Course Review Lessons

For students who are enrolled in the live online course, you will typically have two 2.5 hour classes each week. The classes include 2 expert instructors and have a feel of an actual classroom.

The classes are very engaging and the instructors do a great job of motivating and keeping everyone on track.

Practice Exams and Questions

Students will find there are multiple ways to get practice in while using the Blueprint LSAT course. The easiest way is by completing the modules. Each module will include various practice questions and quizzes that are typically about the material you were just taught.

Students can also visit the question bank to make custom practice quizzes. There are a ton of different filters that students can apply like:

  • Question types
  • Difficulty,
  • Concepts tested
  • and more

These custom practice sets are perfect for working on specific skills.

Blueprint LSAT Course Review Questions Filter

The last way to practice is by using the full-length practice exams that come with the course. There are 85+ full-length practice exams included in the course. The exams do an excellent job of mimicking the actual LSAT.

You will be able to take the exams in a timed environment which will really help. You also have the ability to take the exams in a live online proctored environment – this is a unique feature that our team found very interesting.

Blueprint LSAT Course Review Exams

The best part of the full-length practice exams are the advanced analytics you will be able to see after. We talk about those features below.

If you want some free practice before signing up for a course, consider our free online LSAT practice test.

Advanced Analytics and Reports

Blueprint has incredible analytics and reports available in their course. Our team was enamored with the reports and how granular you could get within the reports. 

After taking a full-length practice exam, you can see how you performed by using various metrics. You can see how you did time wise, how you performed on certain sections, how you performed on certain questions, and more.

You can use these insights to help narrow down where you should be spending your remaining study time and where improvements need to be made.

The same can be done for questions you have answered in the question bank. All questions include answer explanations so you can better understand why an answer was right or wrong.

Blueprint LSAT Course Review Analytics Example

The analytics and reporting system used by Blueprint is second to none. There is so much useful information that can be used to help save you time while studying. We highly recommend users checking this information out while using the course.

Office Hours

Blueprint includes office hour sessions for their courses. These are live sessions taught by a LSAT expert. These sessions focus on specific topics that students tend to struggle on. If you find yourself struggling on a specific topic, check and see if there is an office hours session for it.

This is a great feature, especially for students who are signed up in the self-paced course. These live office hour sessions can break up the monotony of self-studying.

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Score: 92

  • Why Choose Blueprint LSAT

  • Advanced software
  • Great study plan builder
  • Overall design and features of course

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Is the Blueprint LSAT course good?

Yes, the Blueprint LSAT course is good. In our complete review of the best online LSAT prep, Blueprint was one of our top picks. Blueprint was our choice for best features.

Blueprint offers a ton of great features and awesome content for users. The price is a little expensive, but for what you get, it is worth it.

Does Blueprint use real LSAT questions?

Yes, Blueprint uses real LSAT questions. Users will have access to the LSAC full-length practice tests when they signup for Blueprint, which include actual LSAT questions.

In addition, students will also have access to a question bank where they can filter and practice specific LSAT questions.

How is Blueprint LSAT?

Blueprint LSAT is a really solid course. After digging into the course, our team really liked all of the great features. The custom study planner is really nice and better than any study planner we have seen. The advanced analytics and reporting are also really nice and a step ahead of other providers.