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Blueprint MCAT Review

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Curious about Blueprint and their courses? We went through their course and provided you with our Blueprint MCAT review below.

Learn more about their courses, different offerings, features, and more.

Summary: We provide you with a review of Blueprint MCAT below. For information on other providers, consider other best online MCAT prep.

  Self-Paced Course Live Online Course Tutoring Packages
Option 1 6 Months - $1,599 6 Months - $1,999 16 Hours - $3,059
Option 2 9 Months - $1,949 9 Months - $2,399 24 Hours - $3,781
Option 3 12 Months - $2,149 12 Months - $2,699 40 Hours - $5,524
Videos 500+ 500+ 500+
Live Video Sessions No 40+ Hours No
Tutoring Included No No Yes
Practice Questions 10,000+ 10,000+ 10,000+
Practice Tests 15 15 15
Books Included Yes Yes Yes
Guarantee Yes Yes Yes
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Blueprint’s offerings can be broken down into 3 main groups – self-paced products, live online products, and tutoring packages. We will dive a little deeper into those options below.

After talking about those options, we review some of the different features you will find in these courses.

If you want to see how you would do on the MCAT if you took it today, consider our practice MCAT test.

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Score: 94

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  • Best For

  • Bite-sized video lessons
  • Advanced analytics and reports
  • Number of practice questions
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Blueprint MCAT Self-Paced Courses

Blueprint offers their self-paced courses in 3 different time periods:

  • 6-Month
  • 9-Month
  • 12-Month

All of these courses include the same offerings with the only difference being the amount of time you have access to the course (and price).

Students will receive the following in a self-paced MCAT Blueprint course:

  • Bite-sized videos
  • 6 physical textbooks
  • 10000+ practice questions
  • 15 full-length practice exams
  • Custom study planner tool
  • All official AAMC resources
  • Higher score guarantee

Bottom Line – Blueprint has one of the best self-paced courses and was our choice for best overall in our review of the best MCAT preparation.

Blueprint MCAT Live Online Courses

Just like the self-paced offerings, Blueprint MCAT also has 3 live online offerings:

  • 6-Months
  • 9-Months
  • 12-Months

The best part about the live online courses? They include access to everything listed above in the self-paced course. In addition to the materials you receive in the self-paced course, you will also receive the following:

  • 40+ hours of live online sessions
  • 2 instructors per class
  • Ability to reschedule or repeat classes
  • Ability to attend office hours for additional help

When you sign-up for the live online courses you will see different options for the live online classes. There are plenty of options to choose from with some “cohorts” having class 2x per week while other “cohorts” have class 1x per week.

The live online courses are great for individuals who may need some additional guidance or motivation. The instructors sends out weekly emails reminding you of class.

Since our team is not studying for the MCAT, we stopped showing up to online class after a couple weeks – we received emails from the instructor checking in on us and trying to motivate us to attend class.

Bottom Line – The live online courses are great because they also include access to everything in the self-paced option.

Blueprint Tutoring Options

For students who want the most in-depth experience and personalized education Blueprint offers 3 different tutoring plans:

  • 16 Hours
  • 24 Hours
  • 40 Hours

All of the above tutoring plans come with everything included in the self-paced course, so you can supplement what you learn during your tutoring sessions with that information.

Each tutoring plan comes with a completely personalized study plan that is created by one of the tutors. This study plan will take into account things you personally need to work on.

There are also different “levels” of tutoring packages offered. For example, you can signup for a premium 16-hour package which also includes a 520+ scoring instructor.

You can also signup for a supplemental level package which just includes the tutoring hours and not all the other study materials.

Bottom Line – The tutoring packages offered by Blueprint are great for someone who wants a super personalized package. Blueprint made our list of best MCAT tutoring services.

Since a lot of the features in the different course offerings cross over to some extent, we will review those different features below and provide screenshots of what they look like below.

You can use our MCAT test online before making a purchase if you want to see if you actually need a prep course.

Custom Study Planner

By far one of the coolest features of Blueprint is their custom study planner. A lot of providers offer this tool, but very few have the technology to pull it off like Blueprint does.

When you first enter the course, you will be asked various questions about how often you plan on studying, which days you plan on studying, how many hours you plan on studying, etc. The study planner technology will then create a custom study calendar for you to follow.

The study plan is extremely detailed and tells you which exact lessons you should be working on that day. You can mark lessons complete, but the software will automatically mark things complete for you once you complete them.

You can make edits to your study schedule by simply dragging and dropping items. If you want to add something new, you can click the “+” symbol and select items from the course to add. Everything is color coded as well, so it is really easy to see what you will be working on.
Blueprint MCAT Course Review Schedule Planner


The dashboard is “homebase” for users. This is where users can quickly get a summary of their progress, see upcoming tasks, find office hour sessions, and view score reports.

Our team liked the simplicity of the dashboard. Some dashboards can be overwhelming with the amount of information they show you. Blueprint keeps it really simple.

The monitor your progress section shows you the following:

  • Number of questions you have answered
  • Number of modules you have completed
  • Number of exams you have taken
  • Number of live sessions you have viewed

In addition to the monitor your progress section, you will also see an upcoming tasks section, an office hours section, and a MCAT scores section.
Blueprint MCAT Screenshot Dashboard

Learning Materials

Blueprint uses 2 primary methods when it comes to teaching the material. The first method is an online teaching method that consists of different learning modules that each have bite-sized videos and mini quizzes.

The videos are very well-done and really high quality. They tend to range in the 4-10 minute range, which is great for keeping your attention.

Blueprint MCAT Course Review Video Example

The second method is a more traditional approach that includes learning from the textbooks that you will be sent in the mail. These books are great for students who enjoy learning from reading or want to dig deeper into a specific subject they are learning.

Blueprint MCAT Review Books 1

The combination of both materials is great and allows for different ways of studying.

For students who purchase the live online course, you will have access to a third way of learning – this will be the online classes that you are participating in. These classes are designed to give you a feeling of being in a classroom and feature 2 instructors.

Blueprint MCAT Course Review Live Session

Practice Exams and Questions

There are a couple of different ways to get your practice in with Blueprint. The first way is to utilize the practice quizzes that are sprinkled in throughout the learning modules. These quizzes are nice because they help reinforce the concepts taught.

The second way to practice is by vising the “Qbank” tab. Students can create custom practice sets based on topics they want to focus on. You can get really specific with the filters you apply when creating custom practice sets.

Blueprint includes 10,000+ questions, so these filters are very helpful in targeting what you want to focus on.

The third way to practice is by visiting the “flashcards” tab. The flashcards work like the custom practice sets. You can create a custom deck of flashcards on subject that you want to work on.

The Blueprint system gives you a score of “high comfort,” “medium comfort,” or “low comfort” on the specific flashcards – this allows you to have some sort of metric to keep track of and improve.

Blueprint MCAT Course Review Flashcards

The last way to practice, and probably the best way, is to use the full-length practice exams. There are 15 total full-length exams included in the course. The exams do an excellent job of mimicking the actual MCAT.

You will be able to take these exams in a timed environment which will really help you prepare for the actual exam. The details of these practice exams cannot be understated. You will have the instructions, formatting, and even breaks that you will have on the actual exam.

Blueprint MCAT Course Review Questions

After taking the full-length exams, you will be able to see advanced analytics and answer explanations for every question. We talk about those features below.

Advanced Analytics and Reports

One of the best features of Blueprint is the advanced analytics and reports used within the course. We were blown away by how advanced and detailed these reports and analytics were.

You can find all of these reports under the “analytics” tab. You can find a breakdown report for just about anything you have done within the course. For example, you can find a breakdown of your full-length exams, section exams, or questions answered within the Qbank.

Once you choose which area of the course you want a breakdown of, you can find a plethora of information about how you did. You will see a breakdown by subject & topic, by difficulty, by content category, by skill, by time spent, by passage, and more.

You can review the questions you answered and see detailed answer explanations and links to the part of the course where that information was taught.

The answer explanations are a great way to better understand why an answer was incorrect. Our team really liked how it told you what percentage of students scored correctly on that question.

Blueprint MCAT Review Answer Explanation 1

The advanced analytics and reporting system used within Blueprint is second to none. There is so much information that can be found within the reports, we really are not doing it justice. These reports can help save a ton of time and help you narrow down where you need to study.

Unlimited Access to Office Hours

Another cool feature that makes Blueprint different from other MCAT providers is the access to office hours they provide. Every student with Blueprint will have access to office hours 5 days per week.

These are 2-hour sessions that include a MCAT instructor lecturing about a specific MCAT topic. These are usually topics that students struggle with. You will listen to the instructor then work your way through some common questions and passages that relate to that topic, as a group.

These office hour sessions give students who are using the self-paced course an option to interact with others and learn in a group setting. The office hours are a great way to learn some supplemental material.

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Score: 94

  • Why Choose Blueprint MCAT

  • Bite-sized video lessons
  • Advanced analytics and reports
  • Number of practice questions

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Which Blueprint MCAT course is best?

All of Blueprint’s MCAT courses are great. It depends on how you like to learn. If you are disciplined and self-motivated, the Blueprint MCAT prep self-paced course is a great option.

However, if you want some more structure or enjoy learning in a classroom setting, the Blueprint live online course could be a better option for you. The biggest thing is choosing an option that works for you and your specific learning style.

How hard is Blueprint MCAT?

Blueprint MCAT offers courses that are similar in nature to the actual MCAT. The full-length exams you will find in Blueprint do a great job of mimicking the actual exam, which is a great way to prepare for the real thing.

You will learn a ton while enrolled in one of Blueprint’s courses. They use video lessons and textbooks to help teach the material. Everything is very in-depth and detailed.