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For many, the best way to enter the healthcare field is to become a CNA.  In Massachusetts, you have many CNA classes to choose from - so we are help to help you decide. The key to finding the best CNA program for your needs is to understand the education requirements and evaluating approved providers. 

Your first step is to look at the list of approved CNA providers that has compiled below.  Many of the providers can provide you information if you select the "Get Admission Info" button for the program you are interested in. 

To help  you get a CNA job, we've also listed information on: education requirements, passing the exam, and the local Massachusetts CNA job market.

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How to Become A CNA In Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, you will need to follow five steps to get your CNA license. The five steps to becoming a CNA are:

  • Meet the CNA requirements
  • Complete the required CNA classes
  • Pass the CNA competency exams
  • Get listed on the Massachusetts Nurse Aide Registry
  • Find a CNA job

The details on each of these steps are listed below. 

1) Meet the CNA Requirements

Massachusetts follows the Federal guidelines related to Certified Nursing Aides.  In general, if you want to work as a CNA you need to successfully complete an approved CNA program, pass a two part CNA exam, and get placed on the Massachusetts Nurse Aide Registry. The admissions requirements will vary by provider, but many programs will allow you to start their programs even if you don't have a high school diploma or GED.  Some programs, however, have entrance exams that will assess your basic skills in math, reading and writing. 

2) Take the Required Massachusetts CNA Classes

Any nursing home that receives Medicare or Medicaid funding will need to meet Federal training and assessment requirements that are approved and administered by their state. In Massachusetts, the CNA requirements are specified by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Nurse Aide training programs are required to meet or exceed the Federal regulations which require 75 hours of training with at least 16 hours of supervised clinical training.  Individual state programs must meet or exceed the Federal requirements.  At the present time over 30 states have training requirements that exceed the Federal minimum guidelines. 

The CNA curriculum is required to cover required topics and train the student in specific skills.  The required skills are taught through a minimum 16 hours of training at a supervised clinical environment.  The clinical training teaches the following skills: controlling infection; proper emergency procedures; interpersonal and communication skills; fostering residents' independence; and respecting the rights of residents.

The following areas are taught in the classroom portion of the training:

  • Basic Restorative Services - proper positioning and turning; self care training; using assistive devices; bowel/bladder training; maintaining range of motion; and using orthotic and prosthetic devices.
  • Basic Nursing Skills - ; caring for residents when death is near;recording height and weight; taking vital signs; caring for environment; recognizing abnormal changes.
  • Residents' Rights - maintaining privacy and confidentiality; helping resolve disputes and grievances; avoiding the need for restraints; maintaing security of personal property; promoting personal choices;  and promoting the resident's right to be free from mistreatment and neglect.
  • Mental Health and Social Service Needs - awareness of developmental tasks related to the aging process; responding to resident behavior; utilizing resident's family for emotional support; changing CNA's behavior in response to resident's behavior; and allowing the resident to make personal choices.
  • Personal Care Skills - skin care; bathing and grooming; dressing; toileting; transferring, positioning and turning; and helping with eating and hydration/drinking .
  • Care of Cognitively Impaired Residents - appropriate responses; managing needs of resident's with dementia; understanding behavior; reducing impact of cognitive impairments; and  communicating .

CNA Education Requirements in Massachusetts

CNA Programs in Mass. must meet or exceed the Federal guidelines.  Currently, Massachusetts only requires its approved programs to meet the guidelines of 75 training hours and 16 hours of clinical training hours. Most Massachusetts programs, however, exceed these standards and offer additional training.  In Massachusetts, the approved providers include: American Red Cross, Community Colleges, Technical/Trade Schools, and nursing homes. 

View the complete list of Massachusetts Approved CNA Classes here.

3) Pass the CNA Certification Exam

You must pass a two part CNA exam to work as a CNA in Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health is responsible for specifying the content of the exam, the passing scores, and which candidate's are eligible to take the exam. Massachusetts has partnered with the American Red Cross to use the Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation (NACE) testing program.

The NACE exam has two parts: a written knowledge test and a clinical skills test.  The written test consists of 60 multiple choice questions given in a two hour time frame. The skills test is given in a one-on-one environment with a RN test administrator evaluating the skills performed.

Candidates are given 4 attempts to pass the knowledge exam and three attempts on the clinical skills portion.'s CNA Practice Test will show you what the questions look like.

Massachusetts NACE CNA Exam Outline

Injury prevention, safety and emergencies (9 questions):

  1. Body Mechanics
  2. Identifying potential hazards to residents
  3. Knowledge of proper use and maintenance of resident’s equipment
  4. Fire protection and burns
  5. Falls
  6. Seizures
  7. Oxygen use
  8. Choking-Heimlich maneuver

Prevention and control of infection (9 questions):

  1. How microorganisms cause infections
  2. Strategies for breaking the chain of infection transmission—hand washing, using barriers
  3. Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization
  4. Standard Precautions
  5. Protection against blood borne infections
  6. Special equipment and supplies for infection prevention and control
  7. Symptoms of common infections
  8. Isolation procedures

Resident’s Rights (8 questions):

  1. Recognition of resident’s rights, which are:
    1. Right to exercise one's rights
    2. Right to privacy and confidentiality
    3. Right to information
    4. Right to choose
    5. Right to notification of change
    6. Protection of personal funds
    7. Grievance rights
    8. Transfer and discharge rights
    9. Right to be free from restraint and abuse
  2. Consequence of not assuring resident’s rights
  3. Reporting violation of resident’s rights 

Basic nursing skills (8 questions):

  1. Routine responsibilities and procedures
    1. Height and weight
    2. Vital signs – Temperature, Pulse, Respiration, Blood Pressure
    3. Output
    4. Bed making – unoccupied and occupied bed
    5. Collecting specimens
    6. Application of support hose and elastic stocking
    7. Hot and cold applications
    8. Nonprescription preparations
    9. Assisting with an ostomy
    10. Caring for the resident’s environment
    11. Caring for the resident when death is imminent
  2. Acute and chronic illness, disease, or problems
    1. Observing and reporting potential health problems
    2. Cancer
    3. AIDS
    4. Musculoskeletal system – Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Fractures
    5. Integumentary system – Dry skin, pressure sores, contact dermatitis
    6. Endocrine system – Diabetes
    7. Sensory system – Hearing loss, Cataracts, Blindness
    8. Digestive system – Constipation, Diarrhea, Bowel Incontinence
    9. Urinary system – Urinary Tract Infections, Urinary Incontinence, Urinary Retention, Catheter Care, Perineal Care.
    10. Nervous system – Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, Cerebral Palsy
    11. Respiratory system – Colds, Pneumonia, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
    12. Circulatory system – Congestive Heart Failure, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Coronary Artery Disease, Stroke

Personal care skills (7 questions):

  1. Bathing—bed bath, tub bath, whirlpool bath, back rub, shampooing and conditioning hair
  2. Oral hygiene – brushing, flossing, denture care, mouth care for comatose residents
  3. Grooming – hair, nails, shaving, foot care
  4. Dressing and undressing
  5. Nutrition – supplements and special diets
  6. Assisting residents with meals
  7. Fluids
  8. Assisting with elimination – bedpans, urinals, and commodes
  9. Position, transfer, and turning
  10. Caring for resident's environment and belongings
  11. Skin care 

Communication skills to promote a positive atmosphere (6 questions):

  1. Basic human needs and principles of communication – physical, security, social, status, sexual, spiritual, and self-fulfillment needs
  2. Confidentiality, ethics, and issues of resident rights
  3. Call lights
  4. Helping residents do more for themselves
  5. Communication with residents with visual or hearing impairment
  6. Communicating with depressed residents
  7. Communicating with residents with dementia
  8. Communicating with friends and relatives
  9. Responding to sexual advances or physical abuse
  10. Responding to demanding residents
  11. Communicating about yourself

Restorative care (5 questions):

  1. Application of assistive devices – walkers, canes, prosthetic, orthotic and positioning devices
  2. Range of motion exercises
  3. Walking with a resident
  4. Bowel and bladder training
  5. Self care
  6. The aging process

Responding to atypical resident behaviors (4 questions):

  1. Anger
  2. Combativeness
  3. Confusion
  4. Delusions
  5. Depression
  6. Hallucinations
  7. Hoarding
  8. Suspiciousness
  9. Wandering

Role of the nurse aide (4 questions):

  1. Personal health and safety
  2. Confidentiality, ethics, values, and legal issues
  3. Members of the health care team
  4. Admission, discharge, and transfer of residents
  5. Working with family 

The current examination fees for the Massachusetts NACE Written Examination and Skills Evaluation are $93 ($103 if the exam is given orally).  You can find more information by viewing the Massachusetts Nurse Aide State Testing Candidate Information Guide (PDF)

4) Get Listed on the Massachusetts Nursing Assistant Registry

Anyone working as a nurse aide in a Massachusetts nursing home must be listed on the Nurse Aide Registry. A nursint homes and other facilities are required to contact the Massachusetts registry to verify that a CNA has met their competency evaluation requirements and maintained their employment status.

To get on the nursing registry in Massachusetts, you must have: completed an approved training program, passed the Massachusetts NACE exam.  If you are a CNA from another state, you can get listed on the Massachusetts registry by applying for reciprocity.

Massachusetts Nursing Assistant Registry Contact Information

Nurse Aide Registry Program
99 Chauncy Street, 2nd Floor
Boston, Massachusetts 02111
Telephone: (617) 753-8144

Registry Website:

5) Find a CNA Job in Massachusetts

There is a growing demand for CNAs in Massachusetts because of the growth of elder care. Nurse aides provide help nursing staff provide basic care for nursing home residents and hospital patients.  In the United States the CNA job market is expected to grow by about 21% over the next decade.  In Massachusetts, there are expected to be 1,420 CNA job openings per year (over the next 10 years) which is a 17% growth rate.

MA CNA Salary

The median CNA salary across the United States is $12.07 per hour or $25,100 per year. The median salary for CNAs in Massachusetts is $14.02 per hour, which is equivalent to $29,200 per year. 

CNA Career Growth

People seeking a career in the growing healthcare field often choose becoming a CNA as an entry point.  Through further education and training, CNAs can grow their careers by becoming a LPN (licensed practical nurse) or RN (registered nurse). 

Current job openings for CNAs in Massachusetts are listed below: 

MA CNA Job Openings

  • Nursing Assistant / CNA - ICU
  • RN/LPN We can work with your schedule!
    Dwyer Home, Located in Weymouth Massachusetts(11 months ago) - South Weymouth, MA
  • Nursing Assistant / CNA - Consigli
    MILFORD REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER(24 days ago) - Milford, MA
  • Certified Nursing Assistant - Nursing Float Pool (36 hours/ week, Day shift 12 hour shifts)
    Sturdy Memorial Hospital(7 days ago) - Attleboro, MA
  • Nursing Assistant / CNA - Gannett
    MILFORD REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER(30+ days ago) - Milford, MA
  • Nursing Assistant II, Med Surg (CNA)
    Cape Cod Healthcare(1 day ago) - Hyannis, MA
  • Certified Nursing Assistant-Balfour (32 hours/week, nights 11pm-7:30am)
    Sturdy Memorial Hospital(4 months ago) - Attleboro, MA
  • Certified Nursing Assistant-Balfour (40 hours/week, 11pm-7:30am)
    Sturdy Memorial Hospital(6 months ago) - Attleboro, MA
  • Clinical Associate - Med / surg - New Pay Rates! - 40 hours
    Beth Israel Lahey Health(1 hour ago) - Winchester, MA
  • Psychiatric Nursing Assistant
    US Department of Veterans Affairs(30+ days ago) - Leeds, MA
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    More Info About CNA Massachusetts Classes

    To find out more about being a CNA in Massachusetts, check out the video below:

    Massachusetts News

    There's always a lot happening in Massachusetts that could affect the market for CNAs.  Check out some of the recent Massachusetts news:

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    Middlesex Comm. Cllge - Academy of Health Prof
    44 Middle Street, Lowell MA 01852

    Middlesex Community College - Evening
    33 Kearney Square, Lowell MA 01852

    Middlesex Community College Summer Program
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    Lifestream Employment & Training Services
    800 Purchase Street, New Bedford MA 02740

    New Bedford High School
    230 Hathaway Boulevard, New Bedford MA 02740

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    Broad Reach Rehab Skilled Care Ctr @ Liberty Cmmn
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    CNA Schools In North Grafton

    Grafton Job Corps, Career Academy
    100 Pine Street, North Grafton MA 01536

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    Smith Vocational High School
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    Beaumont Rehab. & Skilled Nsg Ctr at Northbridge
    85 Beaumont Drive, Northbridge MA 01534

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    Windemere Nursing & Rehab Ctr-Martha's Vineyard
    P.O. Box 1747, Oak Bluffs MA 02557

    CNA Schools In Palmer

    Pathfinder Reg. Voc. Tech High School
    240 Sykes Street, Palmer MA 01069

    CNA Schools In Pittsfield

    ARC / Berkshire County Chapter at Pittsfield
    480 West Street, Pittsfield MA 01201

    Berkshire Health Systems / Berkshire Comm. College
    725 North Street, Pittsfield MA 01201

    Hillcrest Commons
    169 Valentine Road, Pittsfield MA 01201

    Pittsfield High School
    300 East Street, Pittsfield MA 01201

    Taconic Vocational Technical High School
    96 Valentine Road, Pittsfield MA 01201

    CNA Schools In Plymouth

    Plymouth North High School
    41 Obery Street, Plymouth MA 02360

    CNA Schools In Provincetown

    Seashore Point
    100 Alden Street, Provincetown MA 02657

    CNA Schools In Quincy

    Hancock Park Rehab & Nsg Center
    164 Parkingway, Quincy MA 02169

    North Quincy High School Careers & Technology
    316 Hancock Street, Quincy MA 02170

    Quincy Public Schools Center for Tech. Ed.
    100 Coddington Street, Quincy MA 02169

    CNA Schools In Rochester

    Old Colony Regional Voc. Tech. High School
    476 North Avenue, Rochester MA 02770

    CNA Schools In Roxbury Crossing

    Madison Park High School
    75 Malcolm X Boulevard, Roxbury Crossing MA 02120

    CNA Schools In Somerville

    Deriviere School for Occupational Health
    156 Highland Avenue, Somerville MA 02143

    Somerville High School
    81 Highland Avenue, Somerville MA 02143

    CNA Schools In South Dennis

    Eagle Pond Rehab. & Living Center
    1 Love Lane, P.O. Box 208, South Dennis MA 02660

    CNA Schools In South Easton

    Southeastern Regional Voc. Tech. School
    250 Foundry Street, South Easton MA 02375

    CNA Schools In Springfield

    ARC Pioneer Valley Chapter
    506 Cottage Street, Springfield MA 01104

    140 Wilbraham Avenue, Springfield MA 01109

    Roger L. Putnam Voc. Tech High School
    140 High Street, Springfield MA 01109

    Springfield Technical Community College
    One Armory Square, Springfield MA 01105

    CNA Schools In Stoughton

    Advantage Health Care Resources
    1778 Washington Street Ste7b, Stoughton MA 02072

    CNA Schools In Taunton

    Bristol-Plymouth Reg. Voc. Tech. H.S.
    940 County Street, Taunton MA 02780

    CNA Schools In Topsfield

    Masconomet Healthcare Center
    123 High Street, Topsfield MA 01983

    CNA Schools In Turners Falls

    Farren Care Center
    340 Montague City Road, Turners Falls MA 01376

    Franklin County Technical School
    82 Industrial Blvd., Turners Falls MA 01376

    CNA Schools In Tyngsboro

    Greater Lowell Reg. Voc. Tech. School - Day
    250 Pawtucket Blvd., Tyngsboro MA 01879

    Greater Lowell Technical High School - Adult
    250 Pawtucket Boulevard, Tyngsboro MA 01879

    CNA Schools In Upton

    Blackstone Valley Regional Tech.
    65 Pleasant Street, Upton MA 01568

    CNA Schools In Wakefield

    Northeast Metropolitan Reg. Vocational School
    100 Hemlock Road, Wakefield MA 01880

    CNA Schools In Waltham

    Medical Career Center, Inc.
    267 Moody Street, Suite 205, Waltham MA 02453

    CNA Schools In West Barnstable

    Cape Cod Community College / North Bldg.
    Route 132, West Barnstable MA 02668

    CNA Schools In West Springfield

    Lower Pioneer Valley Career & Tech. Education Ctr.
    174 Brush Hill Avenue, West Springfield MA 01089

    CNA Schools In West Yarmouth

    Emerson NA Training School W.Yarmouth
    657 Rte 28, West Yarmouth MA 02673

    CNA Schools In Westborough

    Beaumont Rehab. & Skilled Nursing Center Westboro
    3 Lyman Street, Westborough MA 01581

    CNA Schools In Westfield

    ARC / Greater Westfield Chapter
    48 Broad Street, Westfield MA 01085

    Lutheran Social Services of New England
    24 Elm Street, Westfield MA 01085

    Westfield Vocational Technical High School
    33 Smith Avenue, Westfield MA 01085

    CNA Schools In Westford

    Nashoba Valley Technical High School
    100 Littleton Road, Westford MA 01886

    CNA Schools In Weymouth

    Colonial Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
    125 Broad Street, Weymouth MA 02188

    Weymouth High School - Allied Health
    One Wildcat Way, Weymouth MA 02190

    Weymouth High School - Allied Health - Evening
    One Wildcat Way, Weymouth MA 02190

    CNA Schools In Woburn

    Beyond Healthcare Agency
    10 Tower Office Park, Woburn MA 01801

    Winchester Hospital - Community Health Institute
    12 Alfred Street, Woburn MA 01801

    CNA Schools In Worcester

    ARC / Central Mass. Chapter at Worcester
    2000 Century Drive, Worcester MA 01606

    Blaire House of Worcester
    116 Houghton Street, Worcester MA 01604

    Quinsigamond Community College Training
    670 West Boylston Street, Worcester MA 01606

    The Fieldstone School
    237 Chandler Street, Worcester MA 01609

    Worcester Technical High School
    1 Skyline Drive, Worcester MA 01605