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Truck Drivers with a CDL License are in high demand.  Learn how to pass your CDL exam and begin your trucking career. Discover CDL requirements, how to get your CDL license, and how to pass your CDL test. Use our free CDL Practice tests.

Free CDL Practice Tests

Get your DMV permit or driver's license with our free practice tests.

Free DMV Practice Tests

CDL License GroupsIn order for you to obtain a CDL license, you must determine which type of Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) you will be driving.  The U.S. Department of Transportation has categorized vehicles into three classes or license groups.  In addition to specifying a license group, you will also need to understand if there are specific endorsements that you will need based on the specific type of vehicle you plan on operating.  Endorsements cover doubles/triples, Tanks, Hazardous Materials, Passenger Transport and School Buses.  Additionally, you will have to determine if your vehicle has Air Brakes which require an additional endorsement.

CDL License RequirementsCDL License Requirements will vary by state. Visit our Directory of CDL State License Agencies to find the agency for your state.  In general, though, each state must meet a set of federal CDL requirements that are governed by the US Department of Transportation.  The requirements for your CDL deal with your age, driving record, and health. The intent of the CDL license requirements is to insure the safety of the highways and to remove unsafe operators.