GMAT Multi-Source Reasoning Practice Test
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Question Set 1a


Electronics Board designing Company has the policy that if for two successive months the production efficiency of Product Manager is less than 80% (The efficiency corresponds to faults other than machinery faults) then the Product Manufacturing Manager is fired. In the month of June, the Product Manufacturing Manager had the production efficiency of 78% (lot of boards were wasted). In the month of July there was a problem in the manufacturing machine.

{tab=Email from Boss}

Email from Boss to Product Manufacturing Manager

It has come into my notice that our production of circuit boards has been reduced in the last month (July). We always maintain above 85% efficiency in the production and manufacturing of the circuit boards but last month progress is not good for our Company. Send me the progress report of last month (July) and the reason for decline in efficiency of product.

{tab=Email from Product Manufacturing Manager}

Email from Product Manufacturing Manager to Boss

Sir, in the last month (July) we produced 1000 circuit boards, as we do every month. Out of which the manufacturing machine wrongly produced (wasted) 300 boards and 210 were wasted due to bad work. There was a fault in the machine mechanical part such that it was not routing the circuit boards well so that's why 300 circuit boards were wasted. But in this current month (August) I have noticed the fault in the machine and I got it right now. Hopefully this will not happen again.

Consider the following statement.  Does the information presented in the three tabs support the inference as stated?

The total probability of wasted boards in July was 0.3.

GMAT Test Information

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a standardized admission test used primarily by business schools as a factor in the admissions process for MBA programs.  Many business schools use GMAT scores as an admission criteria for various graduate management programs, including: MBA, Master of Finance, and Master of Accountancy.  Although many programs now accept a GRE score, the GMAT continues to be the prevalent standardized admissions test used by top business schools.

The current format of the GMAT contains four separately administered sections:

Analytical Writing - 30 minute time limit.

Integrated Reasoning - Contains 12 questions with a 30 minute time limit.

Quantitative - Contains 37 questions with a 75 minute time limit.

Verbal - Contains 41 questions with a 75 minute time limit.

GMAT scores range from 200 to 800.  Scores are given in 10 point increments with recent average scores of 540.  Most business schools place increasing emphasis on the combined verbal and quantitative score because this score gets reported in their class profiles of the students that were admitted into their business programs.


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