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How to Study for the TEAS Test

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Anyone looking to become a nurse will have to take the TEAS test since it’s an important part of the nursing school application process. Learn how to study for the TEAS test in this article.

Most places require their students to take this test as part of their vetting process. These schools are getting a lot of applications and entry is very competitive so students need every possible advantage.Scoring high on this exam makes the application stand out in a sea of others.

Summary: Learn how to study for the TEAS test in the most efficient way possible. Use our ATI TEAS practice test to start your studies.

Review a proven approach to studying for the TEAS exam to get a top score and get into your program of choice.

Tip 1: Study the Basics

Studying the basics is always the first step. You’ve likely already been exposed to a lot of the information you need to learn but it’s easy to get so caught up in learning new stuff that it’s easy to forget the basics. So start by studying the following:

  • Fractions and other basic mathematics
  • Basic English principals
  • Basic anatomy and physiology
  • Basic Grammar and Punctuation Rules

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Prepare Now

Tip 2: Schedule your Study Time

Properly preparing for a test will lessen test anxiety. Proper preparation is best done over multiple weeks so it’s important that you create a schedule. Always take a TEAS practice test before creating a schedule so you know which subjects to study.

Then add up all of your free time and use it to create a study plan. Make sure you spend your study sessions in a location with no distractions.

Planning a week in advance seems to work the best with studies. It’s also a good habit with everyday life, not just for acing this exam.

Finally, schedule a specific topic for each study session. You’ll base this on your strengths and weaknesses. Keep in mind, it is still important to visit each subject regularly.

Tip 3: Don’t Ever Cram for an Exam

Cramming is not an effective way of learning and storing information for future use. Cramming often increases stress which impacts concentration. Cramming is often a coping mechanism used for procrastination.

In this process, information is stored in the short term memory and appropriate connections are not made for any length of time.

Spacing out learning and studying and focusing on time management produces better neural connections and information learned.

You need to have all of your study time carefully planned and know the material you’ll be reviewing ahead of time.

Tip 4: Review all Notes over the Last Few Days

Spend the final two days before the test reviewing all of your notes and review all of the basic materials. It’s advised that students take another practice test three days prior to the real exam so that they know exactly what to review in the final days.

It is advised that students do not study the day of the exam.

Tip 5: Create a Few Visual Aids

Visual aids are the most powerful study tool. This includes charts, graphs, and diagrams. Most of us are visual learners so studying with visual aids will make the process much more efficient.

In fact, some people require visuals in order to retain information. Visual aids are an amazing tool for summing up large amounts of information into a small, easily digestible format.

Flashcards are a popular visual learning tool. In fact, they are such a great tool that it’s encouraged that TEAS test-takers review a few flashcards before bed each night.

How To Study For The Teas Test

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There are two main methods of studying when it comes to taking this exam. One method involves taking a prep course and the other method involves self-studying. We will review both methods below.

TEAS Prep Courses

Students who take the initiative and research their own study guides deserve a ton of credit. However, this may not be the best method for everyone as it will take additional time and students may miss some key information. Preparing your own guide will require a substantial time investment and you risk getting your hands on outdated information.

That’s why having access to a prep course is so beneficial. It will improve the efficiency of studies by making sure that you’ve got the right content. Spending all of your time studying subjects that you’re already strong in is an inefficient use of time.

Using a prep course is going to improve your chances of scoring high but cost may be a factor for some students.

Decide if the Cost is Worth It

On our list of best TEAS prep courses, our top pick is available for $39. A $39 investment might seem significant but let’s take a closer look at this cost. If you take the exam and score too low, then you’ll have to pay additional fees to retake it. Since this test fee can run upwards of $100, paying $39 to improve your chances seems like a wise investment.

Keep in mind that you have to score within a certain threshold when taking this exam. That means even a slight drop in inefficiency can drop your score under the requirement.

A lot of these prep course providers even offer a 100% pass guarantee. BoostPrep's TEAS prep course offers this guarantee.

Prep Course Benefits

  • Content specifically targeted for most efficient studying.
  • Prep courses come with several practice tests so you’re able to identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Focus on the right topics so you can plan more efficient studies.
  • Less expensive than taking the exam again due to low scores.
  • Study on the go via your phone with most courses.
  • Some courses guarantee you will pass or you get your money back.

TEAS Self-Studying

Self-studying is definitely an option for students who have the drive and discipline to do so. This is a great option for students who already feel comfortable with the exam and the content they will be tested on.

If you feel you only need to brush up and do a quick review of the material, then this is a great option for you. Use the following resources to self-study:

  1. TEAS Math Practice Test
  2. TEAS Science Practice Test
  3. TEAS Reading Practice Test
  4. TEAS English Practice Test

Self-Studying Benefits

  • The biggest benefit is that it’s free to create your own study materials. However, it does require an investment in time.
  • You can get a fully customized study plan.
  • Study only the things you want to study.

This exam is at about the same level as the ACT and SAT tests. In fact, the TEAS exam is built entirely on skills learned in high school. However, that doesn’t mean you can afford to go into this test without reviewing essential information.

Students who go into this test without proper preparation find themselves forgetting basic high school skills and end up confused. Do not be one of those students. Take this test seriously and prepare for it.

The score is what will go on your nursing school application so you must score as high as possible to increase your chances of being accepted into the program of your choice.

Grow your study habits and give yourself an advantage over others by investing in your future. The sheer volume of questions thrown at you is enough to overwhelm even students who scored high on their SAT. Preparation is key. Start off with some TEAS practice tests and see how you do.

This exam is designed to not only test a student’s knowledge, but their ability to handle themselves under stress. Being able to make decisions in a stressful environment is key for students who want to become nurses.

What happens if I do not pass the TEAS test?

If you do not pass the TEAS test on your first attempt, you can retake it. It is important to note that you will have to pay the registration fee for each test attempt you make, so take the time to prepare.

A specific score may be required for admission to nursing school, so it is crucial that you keep at it until you get the minimum combined score for your desired school.

Some schools may limit the number of retake attempts you can make in one year or make you wait a specific period of time between attempts.

Is the TEAS test the same every time?

No, while they all follow the same structure, there are several different versions of the TEAS test. This ensures fairness for those who have to retake the exam and help make sure those who have taken the test can't pass on the exact questions to others who have not yet seen the exam.

There are also always 20 sample questions on each exam. These questions are being tested for validity, so they are likely to change frequently. You will not know which questions are the sample questions and which will count towards your score.

How long does it take to study for the TEAS test?

It is recommended that you give yourself at least six weeks to prepare for your TEAS test. With six very different subjects to study, you will need this time to master each component and complete the recommended practice tests to ensure you are ready.

Since you may be limited on how many attempts you can make in a period of time, and you have to pay for each attempt, it is wise to take the time to prepare to pass the test the first time around.

What if something comes up and I need to reschedule my test?

In many cases, you will not be able to reschedule your TEAS test, so make sure and think about your testing date and time before registering.

Some testing centers will allow you to reschedule due to unavoidable circumstances, but this is up to the individual testing centers discretion. If missing the exam is your only option and you cannot reschedule, you will have to pay to retake it.

How close are the TEAS practice tests to the actual official exam?

All study resources are different, but professional study resources like those found at test-guide.com are structured as close to the official exam as possible.

This means if you take a timed practice test and get a passing score, you can be confident in your preparations and feel good about moving forward with the actual exam.


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