How to Study for the TEAS Test

TEAS or the Test of Essential Academic Skills is a common standardized test used to assess whether a student is ready to attend nursing school and some other healthcare-related college programs. 

ATI, the creator of the TEAS, states that 40% of students who take the test have to retake the test to get a passing score. While the test's actual difficulty will vary depending on each person's knowledge and preparation, taking the time to study for this exam is crucial to your success. Learn how to study for the TEAS test below. 


Before you start to study for the TEAS test, it is helpful to explore a content overview of the exam to see what you can expect. Taking this small amount of time will help you decide what you need to focus on and how much time you need to study for the exam.

Once you know what and how long you need to prepare for the TEAS test, it's time to see what free resources are available to help you prepare. One excellent resource with many options is our free TEAS Practice tests.

These free practice tests are a great place to start. Take these free tests one time through without giving yourself a time constraint. Read through the questions slowly and pay close attention to both the question and answer structure. Our software will score your answers so you can see how you did.

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Take notice of what sections you struggled on the most and what areas, if any, you breezed through with little error. This will help you create an in-depth study plan to get the most out of your prep time and help you get the best score possible.

With a plan in place, it's time to decide what study resources you need to buy. 

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How to Study for the Teas Test

How To Study For The Teas Test

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TEAS Test Content Outline

Understanding the content and outline of a test is an excellent strategy to kick off your test preparations. That's because it will help you zero in on where you need to spend the most time studying and mentally prepare for what to expect on test day.

The TEAS test consists of four major sections. These sections include:

  1. Reading – You will be given 64 minutes to complete the 53 questions on this portion of the exam. The questions will include identifying main ideas and details, the structure of the passage, and the integration of ideas.
  2. Mathematics – You will be given 54 minutes to complete 36 questions. This section includes algebra, measurements, interpretation of data from graphs and charts.
  3. Science – In this section, you will have 63 minutes to complete 53 questions. These questions will focus on human anatomy, scientific reasoning, physical and life science, and physiology.
  4. English – For this section, you will have 28 minutes to answer 28 questions. These questions include knowledge of language and vocabulary and the rules of standard English.

As you can see from the breakdown above, you will have, on average, only a minute to answer each question, so taking the time to prepare is crucial to your success.

It is also important to note that there are 170 total multiple-choice questions among all sections, but only 150 of them will count towards your score. 

There will be 20 sample questions throughout the exam. You will not know which questions they are, so it's crucial that you answer each question as if it counts towards your score.

TEAS Test Administration

It is important to register for the TEAS test as soon as possible. There are two main reasons for this. 

The first is that many students have to retake the TEAS test. If you have a deadline to apply for your nursing or healthcare program, you want to make sure you leave plenty of time to study and take the test the first time and study and retake the exam need be.

The second reason you want to register for the TEAS test as soon as possible is that ATI, the official company behind the TEAS, will likely send you resources and information on how to prepare. You want to leave plenty of time to get that information and put it to use.

Registering for the TEAS test is easy. Simply visit the ATI Teas testing page and click "Start Registration." If you do not already have an ATI account, you will be walked through the process of creating one before being taken to the registration page.

The fee to register for the TEAS exam is $81, and you must pay in full to reserve your testing date and time.

There are three different administration options for taking the TEAS test, and you will have to choose one at the time of registration. These options are:

  1. In-person or online administered through your university.
  2. At a TEAS testing center.
  3. Online with a remote proctor from ATI.

Spend some time thinking about your personal test preferences and decide which option will help you achieve the highest score.

TEAS Test Scores

You will take four different test sections, but all four areas will be compiled into one score. This score is what schools will look at along with your application for admission. 

Every school you apply for will have a different desired admission score, but most schools require your composite score on all four sections to be at least 60% – 70%.

Depending on how you choose to take the TEAS test, you will receive your score in one of two ways. These ways include:

  1. Online with ATI proctor at a college campus – Your test will be scored immediately, and you will be able to view your report upon completion of the exam.
  2. Paper and Pencil exam at a testing center- It can take up to 72 business hours for your test to be scored and loaded into your account.

Check out our guide to TEAS test scores here. Knowing how to study for the TEAS test will help improve your TEAS score. 



What happens if I do not pass the TEAS test?

If you do not pass the TEAS test on your first attempt, you can retake it. It is important to note that you will have to pay the registration for each test attempt you make, so take the time to prepare.

A passing score is also required for admission to most nursing schools, so it is crucial that you keep at it until you get the minimum combined score for your desired school.

Some schools may limit the number of retake attempts you can make in one year or make you wait a specific period of time between attempts.

Is the TEAS test the same every time?

No, while they all follow the same structure, there are several different versions of the TEAS test. This ensures fairness for those who have to retake the exam and help make sure those who have taken the test can't pass on the exact questions to others who have not yet seen the exam.

There are also always 20 sample questions on each exam. These questions are being tested for validity, so they are likely to change frequently. You will not know which questions are the sample questions and which will count towards your score.

How long does it take to study for the TEAS test?

It is recommended that you give yourself at least six weeks to prepare for your TEAS test. With six very different subjects to study, you will need this time to master each component and complete the recommended practice tests to ensure you are ready.

Since you may be limited on how many attempts you can make in a period of time, and you have to pay for each attempt, it is wise to take the time to prepare to pass the test the first time around.

What if something comes up and I need to reschedule my test?

In many cases, you will not be able to reschedule your TEAS test, so make sure and think about your testing date and time before registering.

Some testing centers will allow you to reschedule due to unavoidable circumstances, but this is up to the individual testing centers discretion. If missing the exam is your only option and you cannot reschedule, you will have to pay to retake it.

How close are the TEAS practice tests to the actual official exam?

All study resources are different, but professional study resources like those found at are structured as close to the official exam as possible.

This means if you take a timed practice test and get a passing score, you can be confident in your preparations and feel good about moving forward with the actual exam.