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Kaplan GMAT Review

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Kaplan GMAT review is considered a top brand by experts, and for good reason. This course’s single focus is to improve a student’s GMAT score and everything is developed with that focused approach.

Using a comprehensive bank of practice questions, textbooks, and high-quality video lessons, Kaplan establishes itself as a great option for students.

This Kaplan GMAT Prep Course review will take a close look at everything offered to ensure that students get their money’s worth.

Summary: Learn more about Kaplan GMAT prep. You can learn more about other options by checking out our reviews of the best GMAT prep.

  On-Demand Live Course Tutoring Bootcamp
Price $999 $1,599 $2,450 $2,599
Subscription Length 6 Months 6 Months 9 Months 6 Months After Class Ends
Practice Questions 5,000+ 5,000+ 5,000+ 5,000+
Practice Exams 6 6 6 6
Video Lessons 35+ Interactive Videos 35+ Interactive Videos 35+ Interactive Videos 35+ Interactive Videos
Live Instruction No 27 Hours One-on-One Tutoring No
Mobile App Yes Yes Yes Yes
Guarantee Yes Yes Yes Yes
Learn More GO! GO! GO! GO!

Kaplan GMAT offers a ton of different options for those looking to prepare for the GMAT exam. We have listed 4 of their most popular options above. We will take a deeper dive into those 4 options below.

After doing so, we will review some of the common features that users will find in their Kaplan GMAT prep courses. We have included screenshots as well to help you get a better feel for the course.

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Score: 81

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  • Best For

  • Someone looking for practice questions
  • Someone who may be studying on their phone (app)

Kaplan On-Demand GMAT Course

Kaplan’s flagship tier includes access to all of the study resources on their platform. This is the most popular option and includes the following features:

  • Access to an extensive video library including more than 35 interactive videos.
  • 6 Full GMAT Practice Tests.
  • 7-Hour Workshop “Foundations of GMAT Math”
  • Full Comprehensive Strategy Guide
  • Access to “Foundations of GMAT Math” and “GMAT Verbal Guide”
  • Access to Kaplan’s Navigator features which tracks your progress using practice tests.
  • Test Simulation Book.
  • Mobile Study App

Bottom Line: Kaplan’s flagship option provides tremendous value and will improve your score.

Kaplan Live GMAT Course

Students who prefer to leave through in-person classrooms will love this package. Kaplan’s Live tier includes everything from the “On-Demand” tier and the following bonuses:

  • Up to 27 Hours of Live Instruction taught by 99th percentile instructors.
  • Full one-on-one assessments from 99th percentile instructors. This assessment is both pre-exam and post-exam.

Bottom Line: A great option if you like to break up the tediousness of solo studies with live classroom lessons.

Kaplan GMAT Tutoring

Students who need personalized help will love this package. Everything in the “On-Demand” package is included. Additionally, students receive tutoring from an expert instructor. Tutoring hours are based on certain tiers as follows:

  • 10 Hours: $2,450
  • 20 Hours: $4,600
  • 30 Hours: $6,750

Bottom Line: This package is perfect for students who are struggling to learn certain concepts and need one-on-one help from an instructor.

Kaplan GMAT Bootcamp

Students who need to cram for the GMAT in just a few weeks will find this package highly valuable. Although we don’t recommend cramming for important exams, Kaplan’s Bootcamp package is a great way to prepare in a short amount of time.

Everything is crammed into a comprehensive package that includes access to everything in the “On-Demand” package. To help students prepare quickly, this tier also includes 35 hours of intense “boot camp style” training that is sure to push you to your intellectual limits.

Bottom Line: If you find test day closing in and need to cram studies in under a month, then this package provides everything you need.

Our team took a close look at Kaplan’s features to discover why experts consider it one of the top GMAT prep courses on the market.


The moment we first dove into our Kaplan GMAT prep course review, we could saw why it’s considered one of the best on the market. It starts off with a study plan that is broken down into four sections and then those sections are further broken down into small, digestible courses.

This platform also provides an easy-to-follow structure that ensures that the content resonates with students. Modules all include three sections that expand studies before and after the course.

That’s the structure but what about the session itself? Lessons are built around high quality videos that really stand out. We’ll go into more detail about these videos further down in this review.

Finally, each module includes an “After Class” session that is designed to ensure students learned the vital information presented in the class. Students are also given a PDF textbook and directed as to what sections to read.

GMAT Prep Kaplan provides over 140 hours of course work and a ton of video content to help students prepare for the GMAT. We found it’s more than sufficient.

Kaplan GMAT Review Screenshot 1

Practice Questions

Kaplan’s question bank (Qbank) is the driving force of the overall course. It’s a custom problem tool that provides students the ability to create their own quizzes. Students have the ability to customize topics, question type, and even the difficulty of questions. Over 5,000 questions are stored in Kaplan’s massive database.

The biggest advantage of Qbank is that it gives students the opportunity to create practice sessions that target their weaknesses. Strengthening weaknesses is a proven method of increasing a student’s GMAT score. Furthermore, students are able to crank up the pressure by timing these sessions. All of these tools ensure that students’ scores are improved.

Our overall thoughts on Qbank are that it provides an outstanding method of practice. Each question is accompanied by an explanation. Although explanations aren’t as strong as other GMAT study courses, they adequately communicate the concept to students.

Kaplan GMAT Review Screenshot 3

GMAT Navigator Feature

GMAT Navigator is a really cool feature that lets you find specific questions in the official GMAT guide. Students who plan on using the GMAT Official Guide will save a lot of time with this feature.

With that said, it’s a great bonus but not necessarily game changing. Still though given the overall value of Kaplan’s GMAT study program, all of these bonuses quickly add up.

Kaplan GMAT Review Screenshot 4

Practice Exams

With 9 full-length practice tests to help with GMAT prep, Kaplan flexes its strength as one of the top brands. Practice exams are a key learning feature that’s required from top GMAT courses. Students must be able to test their study progress in a realistic environment using an accurate GMAT practice test. More importantly, these practice tests accurately reflect the real test.

In case you’re wondering, Kaplan’s navigator feature does take the results of full-length into consideration when determining if you need to restudy previous concepts.

Dashboard & User Interface

Given Kaplan’s reputation, we expected the dashboard and user interface to be flawless. It took a few minutes to get the hang of navigating it. Once we did, our team wasn’t disappointed. Kaplan’s layout is incredibly organized and intuitive. The header is home to all four major features of Kaplan GMAT Review. All of the rest of the tools are found in easy-to-navigate drop-down menus.

Now we can get into the most annoying feature of this study program. Every single resource found in Kaplan opens into a new browser tab. At first, that seems convenient. The problem is that there are dozens of tabs open after lessons that have to be closed. While this might not be a concern for some students, many will find it tedious and annoying.

Video Lessons

Instructors speak in front of a digital whiteboard that Kaplan uses to ensure information is up-to-date. These videos do a decent of breaking down difficult concepts so students are able to understand their complexities.

Content delivery is spot-on through most videos, although they do struggle from time-to-time. But that’s to be expected with a massive video library like this one. The material itself is also outstanding! Kaplan hits every topic found on the GMAT.

Furthermore, students also gain access to over 35 fully interactive videos.

Kaplan GMAT Review Screenshot 2

Score Reports

When students take the GMAT practice exams through Kaplan, the system generates a detailed score report. This report is far more advanced than just a score. It provides a detailed look at performance that’s categorized by the different types of questions.

Kaplan’s score reports provide a breakdown of the types of questions that the student answered incorrectly along with a detailed explanation. This is a powerful tool for identifying weaknesses and ensuring that studies are focused.

Kaplan Hard Copy Prep Books

After subscribing to one of Kaplan’s tier packages, they will ship you hard copies of certain prep books. Kaplan’s prep books are designed to supplement the course and do a wonderful job of it. Students will find high quality content matched with study strategies and practice problems.

Kaplan’s hard copy prep books are written as well as expected and are an amazing add-on. But they are not a replacement for the wealth of content found through Kaplan’s digital library.

EBooks Included in the Course

Kaplan includes its amazing eBooks as part of its GMAT study course. These books are great standalone study resources that countless students use to ace the GMAT. So getting them as part of the study course is a great value. With that said, the biggest selling point of these eBooks is its practice questions. Since Kaplan GMAT Review utilizes Qbank to provide access to countless practice questions, the eBooks are not really necessary.

The benefit of having access to these eBooks is that they are written in the same style as the study course. It gives students an additional way to access information, which is never a bad thing.

Official Test Day Experience

Kaplan gives students access to some pretty cool add-ons that work well with their program. But we feel that the best one of their “official test day experience.” Students are given the opportunity to take one of their practice tests at an official Pearson VUE testing center. It’s the most authentic practice text experience you’ll find in any GMAT study course.

Given the importance of simulating a real testing environment when taking a GMAT practice test, this is a nice add-on. According to Kaplan, students who take advantage of this practice test two weeks before the real test will experience the best results.

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Score: 81

  • Why Choose Kaplan GMAT

  • High number of practice questions
  • Well-known provider with experience in test prep industry

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Is Kaplan good for GMAT?

Kaplan was our choice for best for practice questions. With over 140 hours of content, 5,000 practice questions, and all of the bonus content, Kaplan is one of the best GMAT prep courses on the market. It’s also backed by a score increase guarantee.

Is Kaplan or Princeton Review better for GMAT?

Kaplan and Princeton Review are quite similar in their approach to the GMAT. So the answer to this question depends on the student’s preferred learning method. Kaplan’s expertly produced video lessons and detail-oriented practice exams are what set it apart. As a result, visual learners will think Kaplan is the better option.

On the other hand, students who excel at live classes will prefer Princeton Review. You can read more about GMAT prep with our complete guide.

Which is better Magoosh or Kaplan for GMAT?

Kaplan is preferable for students prefer learning from practice questions. More importantly, it guides students from one lesson to the next. Magoosh doesn’t use a guided approach.

With that said, Magoosh provides all of the resources that students need to increase their GMAT score. Learn more about the different GMAT prep courses