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Find out if LSATMax is the right prep course for you by reading our LSATMax review below.

We compare the different options you can find. We also provide screenshots from the actual course to help you make an informed decision.

Summary: Learn more about LSATMax. Read more about other LSAT test prep reviews.

LSATMax Options

 LSATMax 2-MonthLSATMax 6-Month SubscriptionLSATMax 12-Month Subscription
Subscription LengthMonth-to-month180 Days365 Days
Practice Questions6000+6000+6000+
Practice Exams90 Prep Tests90 Prep Tests90 Prep Tests
Video Lessons100+ hours100+ hours100+ hours
TutoringNo1 free hour private tutoring1 free hour private tutoring
Personalized SupportYesYesYes
Daily Office HoursYesYesYes
Study ScheduleYesYesYes
LSAT AnalyticsYesYesYes
Learn MoreGO!

LSATMax offers 3 main options for students looking to prepare for the LSAT. Each option offers similar features with the main difference being the amount of time you have access to everything.

We will go over the 3 different options and everything included in those options below. After doing so, we will review the features you can expect to find within LSATMax.

If you want to get some practice in before making a purchase, use our free practice LSAT test.

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LSATMax 2-Month Subscription

The LSATMax 2-month subscription option is a flexible plan that includes the following resources:

  • 90 LSAT prep tests with real LSAT questions
  • 6000+ practice questions
  • 1000+ hours of video lessons taught by 99th percentile instructors
  • Personalized support
  • Daily office hours
  • Study schedule
  • Exam analytics

It’s important to note that the 2-month option does NOT include several features, including:

  • A score increase guarantee
  • Private tutoring

Bottom Line – If your LSAT exam is less than six months away, or you simply want to try out LSATMax without commitment, the 2-month subscription is for you.

LSATMax 6-Month Subscription

The 6-month LSATMax review includes all of the resources that the 2-month subscription contains, with a few key differences:

  • There is a score increase guarantee, so if you do not achieve your desired score, you can show your official score and receive a refund
  • It includes one free hour of private tutoring with a 99th percentile instructor

Bottom Line – The 6-month option is a better value if your test is still more than four months away, as it includes features that the monthly option doesn’t.

LSATMax 12-Month Subscription

The 12-month package gives users access to materials for a full year. It includes everything that the six-month option does:

  • 90 LSAT prep tests with real LSAT questions
  • 6000+ practice questions
  • 1000+ hours of video lessons taught by 99th percentile instructors
  • Personalized support
  • Daily office hours
  • Study schedule
  • Exam analytics
  • Score increase guarantee
  • One free hour of private tutoring

Bottom Line – The 12-month option is pricey and contains the same benefits as the six-month option. Only go this route if your exam is still a year out. You may want to consider other LSAT study classes.

LSATMax Features

Below, we reviewed the most important features the LSATMax prep course has to offer. By going through the course, we were able to gather screenshots to show you the exams, user interface, video lectures, and more.

User Interface

The interface of the LSATMax main page is simple and user-friendly. There are two main tabs: Study and Practice.

On the study tab, you’ll find lectures, logic games, practice questions, and “Daily Drills.” On the practice tab, you can find full-length prep tests.

LSATMax LSAT Review Screenshot 1

On the right-hand side of the page, you’ll find options to schedule a tutoring session (you receive one free hour with a six- or 12-month subscription), and the daily office hours schedule, which are open to anyone with full access to the course.

Video Lectures

The main lectures begin with an introductory video, but there are over 1000 total hours of video within the LSATMax coure. With each video, you have option to skip through the time-stamped topics, and post public messages on the message board.

There are lots of questions and answered posted on the message board on a daily basis, so don’t be afraid to chime in and ask questions of your own.

LSATMax LSAT Review Screenshot 2

Practice Tests

There are 90 practice tests offered by LSATMax. You can take the full 100-question exam, or take it section-by-section. You can see your time limit, section, and current question, and the questions are laid out clearly.

There is also an option to enter the answers manually, and immediately check your score.

LSATMax LSAT Review Screenshot 3


Analytics are broken up into three sections: logic games, logical reasoning, and reading comprehension. Users can see their overall percentage of current answers in the section, with score breakdowns within each category.

For example, logic games are broken up into these scoring categories:

LSATMax LSAT Review Screenshot 4

Study Schedule

A great feature of the LSATMax prep course is the course personalization options. Under the “study calendars” tab, you’ll find PDF files of study calendars to help you plan out your study plan and stay on track. They are printable and downloadable.

Check out a sample study calendar:

LSATMax LSAT Review Screenshot 5


With a six- or twelve-month subscription, users receive one free hour of private tutoring, which they can schedule under the “tutoring” tab. Once you’ve used your free hour, LSATMax offers paid tutoring hours.

Plans range from the 2-hour minimum (at $200/hr.), to a 50-hour, $7000+ plan. The more hours you buy, the better deal you get:

PackageRate# of Tutor Hours
Hourly$200/HourPer Hour (2 Hour Min)
Basic$1,79510 Hours
Complete$3,39520 Hours
In-Depth$4,79530 Hours

Private tutoring is great for people who like to talk things through and receive personalized LSAT help from someone who has taken the LSAT many times (and received an excellent score).

If you find that the free tutoring hour benefitted you, you could consider purchasing more hours, but it is not necessary in order to complete the prep course.

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Why Choose LSATMax

LSATMax Review FAQs

The cost depends on the plan you choose. The most popular plan is the 6-month access option, which costs $896.

If you are looking for a more affordable option, check out other LSAT test prep reviews.

The full version of LSATMax is not free, but they do offer a free trial with which you can access a practice test and intro study materials.

If you’re someone who values one-on-one instruction and personalized support, LSATMax is a great option for you.

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