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Magoosh GRE review

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Use our in-depth Magoosh GRE review below. Our team broke down the different options offered by Magoosh and what they include.

You can compare the different options and see which option best fits your personal needs. We have also included screenshots of the course and the features you will find.

Summary: See if the Magoosh GRE course is a good fit for you. For other options, check out our best GRE prep courses.

  Premium 1-Month Premium 6-Month Premium + Admissions
Price $149 $179 $258
Practice Exams 3 3 3
Practice Questions 1600+ 1600+ 1600+
Subscription Length 1 Month 6 Months 6 Months
Videos Yes Yes Yes
Live Instruction No No No
Admissions Support No No Yes
Essay Support No No Yes
Score Predictor Yes Yes Yes
Guarantee +5 Total Score +5 Total Score +5 Total Score
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Score: 93

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  • Best For

  • Someone looking to study on a budget
  • Someone who likes learning from shorter videos
  • Someone looking for score prediction software and analytics
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Mahoosh’s GRE prep course has numerous features that users will find very helpful. A lot of the features in the course will save users a ton of time.

The course is very easy to navigate and will help students study in the most efficient way possible. Check out our favorite features from the Magoosh GRE prep course below:

Choose Your Study Plan

When you sign up for the course, the first thing you will be asked is what kind of study plan you want to follow. Magoosh offers four different study plans:

  • One-month study plan
  • One-month advanced study plan
  • Three-month beginner study plan
  • Three-month advanced study plan

This will come down to personal preference and how much time you have until you take the GRE exam. The study plan maps out which lessons you should be doing day by day. As well as mapping out the lessons, it tells you the estimated time you have remaining for each day of studying.

If you are already comfortable with the GRE and the content, you may opt for one of the advanced study plans. You are able to adjust these study plans whenever you want.


The lessons are in-depth videos that explain the material to the user. The lesson videos vary in time, but most are around 10-12 minutes long. Depending on what type of study plan you choose, you will have a certain number of lessons to help you learn the material.

The lessons are broken down into three different categories:

  • Math
  • Verbal
  • Writing

Magoosh GRE lessons

Within each category, the lessons are broken down even further. For example, in the math category, there are lessons on geometry, integer properties, probability, etc.

If the user selected a beginner plan, some of the lessons may not be necessary for the student to watch. There are a total of 250 lessons offered.

Custom Practice

Magoosh offers over 1600 questions on their GRE prep course. Users can take pre-made section tests to challenge their knowledge. As well as offering pre-made section tests, users can make custom practice tests.

Magoosh GRE Questions

There are numerous different filters that a user can apply when making their custom practice tests. They can choose from the different subjects they want questions from, the difficulty level, the number of questions and a time limit.

Magoosh GRE custom questions

When reviewing practice questions, there is a timer so the user can be cognizant of how much time they are taking. There is also an option to flag certain questions if you think you need extra work on them. As well as those two options, there is a calculator built in for students.

Answer Explanations

One of the coolest features of the Magoosh GRE prep course is the answer explanations given after each question. In order for this to happen, practice mode needs to be checked on. Users can specify this when setting up their custom practice tests.

Magoosh GRE answer explanations

Magoosh offers a video explanation of the problem as well as a text explanation. On top of those explanations, they will show you which lesson video this type of problem falls under so users can easily go back and learn the material again if necessary.

At the bottom of the explanations, users can also add their own personal notes for future reference.


There is a review section where users can see all previous practice questions answered. Users can select all sorts of different filters when deciding which questions they want to look over again.

Magoosh GRE review

One cool filter that students may choose to apply is the “your pace” filter. Student can choose to focus solely on problems where they took longer than average to answer.

The review page also has a summary dashboard that shows your percentage correct and your average pace.

Practice Tests

Another useful feature is the full GRE practice test Magoosh offers. This practice test simulates what students should expect when taking the GRE on test day. The practice test takes about four hours and it is recommended that students take it in one sitting.

After completing the test, Magoosh will give you a score estimate which helps students predict what score they would have received on the actual GRE test. Students will be able to review all answers after taking the test and will also receive video explanations of the questions.


For a fee, Magoosh also offers additional tutoring. The plans vary on prices and different services offered but it is nice that Magoosh offers “in-house” tutoring. The picture below provides a breakdown of their services.

Magoosh GRE tutoring

The options offered by Magoosh are awesome courses that can help you get a top score on your exam. However, there are some drawbacks that should be considered.


Since the Magoosh GRE prep course is 100% online, it will fall on the student to keep up and learn the material. There will not be a teacher to take attendance and hold the student accountable.

The study schedules offered by Magoosh will definitely help with this, but ultimately it falls on the student to be self-disciplined.


If you need to learn every single concept that Magoosh offers, it is going to take some time. The videos they offer are great, but they will take some time to watch. Sometimes it is easier to just read about a topic, rather than watching a video.

However, if you are a visual learner and enjoy videos, you will be very happy with the Magoosh GRE prep course.

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Score: 93

  • Why Choose Magoosh GRE

  • Bite-sized video lessons
  • Fantastic value
  • Great score increase guarantee

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Is Magoosh a good option when studying for the GRE?

Magoosh is a very good option for individuals studying for the GRE.

Magoosh was our team's choice for best value. Their combination of price and offerings is very hard to beat.

Does Magoosh include videos in their GRE prep?

Yes, Magoosh uses videos in their GRE prep courses. Videos are the main form of learning.

Which Magoosh GRE option should I choose?

We recommend the premium 6-month option. This option is only $30 more and you get an extra 6 months of studying.

If you believe you will need help during the admissions process, you can consider registering for the premium + admissions course.