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Magoosh MCAT Review

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Our team conducted an in-depth Magoosh MCAT review to outline the different options they offer.

We went into these courses and looked at many different things including the features, content, and overall interface. We have included some screenshots to help give you a better idea of the course.

Summary: Read our Magoosh MCAT prep review below. If you want to consider other options, read our MCAT prep reviews.

Magoosh is known for being a value or budget provider of prep courses. Just because something seems “cheap” does not mean it is not valuable. Magoosh MCAT prep is no exception.

Magoosh keeps their offerings very simple – they offer a self-paced course, and that is it. You can choose to signup for the 1-month option or the 12-month option. We recommend the 12-month option as it is only $20 and you get 11 additional months of study time.

Review the features of the self-paced course below.

Magoosh Courses 1-Month Premium 12-Month Premium
Price $499$379
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Practice Questions 740+ 740+
Full-Length Practice Tests 3 3
Videos 380+ 380+
Class Format Self-Paced Online Self-Paced Online
Live Class Hours 0 Hours 0 Hours
Study Plans Yes Yes
Subscription Length 1 Month 12 Months
Guarantee +10 Total Score +10 Total Score
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TG Recommended
Magoosh logo

Score: 86

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  • Best For

  • Someone shopping on a budget
  • Someone who wants a great score improvement guarantee
  • Someone who enjoys bite-size videos versus long lecture videos
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Magoosh MCAT Features

Magoosh is far and away the cheapest option we reviewed. Both options offered by Magoosh include the same features - the only difference is the amount of time you have access to the materials.

We will give you a look at the different features below.


The dashboard will be the first thing you see when you login. The dashboard is great because it gives a broad view of what you have accomplished, how you did, and what else you need to complete.

The dashboard is a great tool to help keep students motivated and on track. You will be able to see the CARS of the day, your progression of the 4 various MCAT sections, and your study plan.

The study plan, which can be seen on the left-hand side, is determined by you. You will choose when your test date is and how you want to prepare. It will give you a customized study schedule which can be easily followed via your student dashboard.

Magoosh MCAT Dashboard


The overall flow of the course is great. It is very easy to follow, and students can easily view their progress. Each lesson home outlines what needs to be completed and what has been completed.

Magoosh MCAT Lessons

Each section has a similar design and feel which makes the course really easy to follow and progress through.

When a student selects a lesson to complete they will be taken to a lecture portal like the one pictured below. Students will listen to the lecture and take notes. Students can take notes on the right-hand side and all notes will be saved.

There are also captions and transcripts for students who would prefer that. Students who want to speed up their studying can also listen to the lectures at an increased speed – a nice feature for students who can handle the increase in pace.

Magoosh MCAT Lecture

Practice Questions and Exams

One of the best ways to prepare for the exam is by using practice questions. Students who purchase a Magoosh MCAT course will be able to practice by answering practice questions or by taking full-length practice exams.

Students who just want to answer some practice questions can start a practice section. They will be able to select which section they want to work on, set a time limit, select questions they previously got wrong or questions they flagged earlier, and more.

Magoosh MCAT Practice Questions

The practice exams are full-length simulated exams. You will be taking the exam in a timed setting.

Magoosh MCAT Review Practice Exam

One of our favorite features of Magoosh MCAT prep is their answer explanations for the questions and practice exams. Each question is grouped into the following categories:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Very Hard

For each question, you will be shown an answer explanation, lessons in the course that talk about this question or concept, and your pace versus others’ pace on the specific question. You can even add your own notes on the question to help you study or if you want to review later.

Magoosh MCAT Review Answer Explanations


Magoosh offers a +10-point score increase guarantee when your purchase their prep course. This score increase guarantee is surprising given the price for the course. However, we are not complaining. Students should feel very confident when they purchase Magoosh MCAT prep.

This guarantee is nice and can help you when applying to medical school.


Unlike some other MCAT review courses, Magoosh does not offer any physical textbooks. All of the learning material is online. Some students find this as a relief because they do not have to deal with textbooks or wait for them to arrive in the mail.

However, if you are someone who learns best from a textbook, Magoosh MCAT prep may not be your best option.

TG Recommended
Magoosh logo

Score: 86

  • Why Choose Magoosh MCAT

  • Very affordable
  • Subscription length
  • Score improvement guarantee

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Why is Magoosh so much cheaper than other MCAT options?

Magoosh prides itself on being an affordable study option for various different tests. Magoosh is 100% online and has very little overhead when compared to other providers.

They do not offer textbooks or other features that would drive up the price of their courses.

Will I get a higher score if I use Magoosh?

This question will mostly depend on how much effort you put in. If you progress through the whole course, answer the practice questions, and take the practice exams, you will most likely be able to raise your score.

Magoosh offers a very solid course with great lecture materials and practice questions. They even back up their course with a +10 score increase guarantee.

What is the best feature of Magoosh?

After reviewing multiple MCAT courses, the best feature of Magoosh is the price. It is super affordable. While being affordable, it still offers a ton of value to students.

The lecture materials are good, the practice questions and practice exams are great, and the overall feel of the course is nice. Students who decide to purchase this course will not be disappointed.

Is Magoosh good for MCAT?

Magoosh MCAT prep is a great option for students looking to prepare for the MCAT. Magoosh is a value provider and received high marks from our team.

The course includes practice questions, full-length exams, 380+ video lessons, and overall has a great user interface.

After completing our Magoosh MCAT review, we found that Magoosh offers a very solid course. For students who may be sticking to a budget when studying for this exam, this is your course.

Magoosh offers great value - this course is the cheapest course we reviewed by far. While the course may not cover topics as in-depth as some of the other courses, it does a great job of explaining key concepts and material.

The practice questions and full-length practice exams are a great additional tool to help students who enroll in this course. The ability to use the question filter to work on subjects or question types you are not comfortable with is a nice feature too.

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