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Magoosh vs Kaplan MCAT

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Magoosh and Kaplan are both well-known test prep providers. We conducted a Magoosh vs. Kaplan MCAT review to help you compare the two providers.

You can compare the different offerings, features, and content between the two providers below.

Summary: Compare Magoosh vs. Kaplan MCAT using this in-depth guide. For more information on other courses, check out our best MCAT prep course reviews.

  Magoosh Self-Paced MCAT Course Kaplan On-Demand MCAT Course Kaplan Live Online MCAT Course
Price $399 $1,999 $2,399
Subscription Length 12 months 12 months 12 months
Videos 380+ 90+ 90+
Live Online Hours 0 hours 0 hours 48 hours
Practice Questions 740+ 3000+ 3000+
Practice Tests 3 16 16
Books Included No Yes Yes
Study Plan Customizable Customizable Customizable
Guarantee +10 total score Yes Yes
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When comparing Kaplan MCAT vs. Magoosh MCAT it is important to try to compare similar courses and offerings. We have listed the closest offerings available in the table above.

Kaplan has a ton of different options, including 6- and 9-month subscription options for both the self-paced and live online course. Magoosh keeps it simple by offering one main option.

If you want an individual review of each of these options, read the following:

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You can use our MCAT practice exam to prepare for the exam before making a large purchase.

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  • Someone who enjoys bite-size videos versus long lecture videos
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Below, you’ll find our team’s honest review about the features, interface, and quality of course materials of Magoosh vs. Kaplan MCAT.

User Interface

Magoosh has an easy-going UI with a simple structure, and a dashboard that serves as a great overview of what you’re doing in the course. You will see what you’re doing in each subject category separately, with a view of the monthly study plan to the left.

Magoosh MCAT Dashboard

An example of the Magoosh dashboard

Kaplan’s interface, while still simple enough to navigate, is not as intuitive as Magoosh. On the dashboard, you’ll see a menu with the study schedule, Qbank, performance (analytics), and “activity library,” which is where you will access your course materials.

Kaplan MCAT Review 1

An example of the Kaplan activity library

Practice Questions

With Magoosh, users have access to 740+ practice questions. With Kaplan, that number jumps to over 3,000.

You’ll notice that Kaplan’s dashboard has an option to view the Qbank, or “question bank.” This is where you can build your own customized quizzes, using as many questions from the Qbank you want.

To further customize your quiz sessions, you can filter the Qbank by subject, subtopic, difficulty, and more.

Kaplan MCAT Review 2

An example of the Kaplan create quiz feature

With Kaplan, users can also practice with pre-determined quizzes to test your understanding of each module, along with full-length practice exams, which we’ll explore in a moment.

Magoosh, while its Qbank is less robust than Kaplan’s, still offers a similar customizable practice session. Users can filter their questions by subjects, time limit, and question pool (which consists of either unanswered, answered, incorrect, or flagged questions). We found the Magoosh software extremely simple and easy to use.

Magoosh MCAT Practice Questions

An example of the Magoosh practice session feature

Practice Exams

Both Kaplan and Magoosh offer realistic, full-length practice MCAT exams, but Kaplan takes the cake with a total of 16 practice exams (this applies to both the self-paced and live online courses).

Kaplan MCAT Review 3

An example of a Kaplan practice test

Magoosh offers 3 full-length practice exams which are similar in style to the real thing. Every practice test also comes with a full explanation of every answer, which we’ll see next.

Magoosh MCAT Review Practice Exam1

An example of a Magoosh practice exam


Magoosh does not offer super advanced analytics, but they do explain every question on their exams in-depth. You can also view a “pace comparison” between yourself and other users, so you can get a feel for how long you should be spending on each question.

Magoosh MCAT Review Answer Explanations1

An example of a Magoosh answer explanation

Kaplan’s analytics consist of several different insights into users’ performance, including their time spent, the difficulty of the question, and the topic. To review the correct answer, you will be directed to a video explanation so you can fully understand the topic you missed. These apply to both quizzes and practice exams.

Kaplan MCAT Review 6

An example of a topic breakdown report from Kaplan

Video Lessons

The structure of Magoosh videos are simple: in the center is the video player, and to the right is a virtual notepad with which you can jot down main ideas and questions. The videos are user-friendly and explain the material clearly and concisely.

Under each video, there’s an option to leave feedback in the form of a “yes, I liked it” or “no, I didn’t like it,” which helps Magoosh further refine their content – a feature we rarely see.

Magoosh MCAT Lecture

An example of a Magoosh video lesson

The Kaplan video lessons are similarly inviting and simple. If you opt for the live online course, you receive a total of 24, 2-hour live sessions that function as live lectures, and give you the feeling of belonging to a classroom. These classes are flexible and easy to fit into any schedule.

Kaplan MCAT Review 4

An example of a Kaplan video lesson


Kaplan offers a money-back guarantee (or extended access to the course) if your MCAT score doesn’t improve after using the course for the first time. In order to take advantage of this, you must set a baseline score via a proctored diagnostic through Kaplan, or by submitting a previous official test score.

Magoosh’s guarantee is a lot simpler than Kaplan’s: if you don’t raise your MCAT score by at least ten points, you can receive a full refund.

Based on the value of the course materials, we found Magoosh to be a better option. At just $399, their offerings are outstanding and rival Kaplan’s, which clocks in at $1,999 for the same subscription length.

Magoosh offers great value and is a great option for students who want to study for the MCAT without breaking the bank.

With that being said, Kaplan is still a great course with a ton of different offerings.

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What is the biggest difference between Magoosh and Kaplan MCAT?

The biggest difference between the two courses is the price. Magoosh is over $2000 cheaper than Kaplan for the same subscription length (12 months).

Is Magoosh better than Kaplan MCAT?

Magoosh gives you better value for the cost, and is the best budget option.

Should I Use Magoosh or Kaplan MCAT?

It depends on your budget. If you can afford Kaplan, their live online hours are a big plus. However, Magoosh’s study materials are comparable and far more affordable.