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MCAT Self-Prep Review

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Thinking about using MCAT Self-Prep? We conducted a MCAT Self-Prep review to help you learn more about their courses and offerings.

Compare the different options they offer below. Learn more about their specific features and if they would be a good fit for you.

Summary: Review what our team found in this MCAT Self-Prep review. For more information on other providers, read our guide on MCAT online courses.

  Free Basic Pro Advanced Pro Deluxe Pro
Price $0 $19.99 $199.99 $1,399.99
Subscription Length Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Practice Questions Yes Yes 2,500 2,500
Practice Exams Yes Yes Yes Yes
Video Lessons 300+ Hours 300+ Hours 300+ Hours 300+ Hours
Books Included No No Yes Yes
Guarantee No Yes Yes Yes
Free Trial Yes (forever) No No No
Study Plan No Yes Yes Yes
Ads Yes No No No
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MCAT Self-Prep offers 3 different paid options, plus a free version for students looking for MCAT prep online. The biggest difference between the 4 options is the amount of materials you have access to.

The higher tier you choose, the more study materials you’ll receive - payment gives you lifetime access to all their study materials.

If you want to practice before making a big purchase, consider using our free MCAT practice exam.

Self-Prep MCAT Free

While limited compared to the paid tiers, the free version of MCAT Self-Prep gives you access to some decent study materials, and all you need is an email address. The materials included are:

  • MCAT video collection
  • All ten content modules
  • MCAT Bootcamp (no customization)

Keep in mind that while Self-Prep allows you lifetime access to these free materials, you will have to endure some ads along the way.

Bottom Line – No customization or study plan options, but this is a great start for somebody looking for a free trial of the course (or curious about the MCAT in general).

Self-Prep MCAT Basic Pro

Upgrading to the Basic Pro package gives users a lot more customization options. It includes everything in the free version, plus a few additions:

  • MCAT Bootcamp (with customizations)
  • Create-your-own study plan
  • Score tracker
  • Ad-free studying

Bottom Line – Basic Pro is a step up from the free version, but not by much. Look to higher tiers to get more useful materials, like quizzes and flashcards.

Self-Prep MCAT Advanced Pro

The Advanced Pro package is the best middle-of-the-road option from Self-Prep. It includes everything in the previous tiers, plus:

  • Access to 5,000+ flashcards
  • Content review books
  • 120 mastery quizzes
  • 2,500 practice questions
  • 7-day money back guarantee

Bottom Line – The Advanced Pro is the best value for your money within the Self-Prep suite, allowing you to test yourself on the material and familiarize yourself with the AAMC question style.

Self-Prep MCAT Deluxe Pro

The Deluxe Pro package is the higher tier offered by Self-Prep, and the most expensive. Along with all the materials included in the previous tiers, Deluxe Pro ads a heightened strategy to your studying with the addition of several “mastery courses,” covering the following topics:

  • Amino Acids
  • Metabolic pathways
  • 100 most essential MCAT equations
  • High-speed math
  • 10 most commonly missed concepts
  • Science passage reading strategy
  • Ultimate CARS strategy
  • Medical school application

With Deluxe Pro, Self-Prep also includes a 5% discount towards one-on-one tutoring sessions, and a 30-day money back and score improvement guarantee.

Bottom Line – Deluxe Pro is comprehensive, but pricey. You can find similar material coverage for a lot less.

Our team signed up for the MCAT Self-Prep course to see what it’s really like. Below, check out the user interface, study materials, and more to see what to expect.

If you want to answer some practice questions before making a purchase, try our free MCAT test online.

User Interface

When you begin studying with Self-Prep, you are greeted by a video introduction from Andrew George, the CEO of Self-Prep who scored in the 99th percentile on the MCAT, who welcomes you to the course.

The user interface of Self-Prep is inviting and casual. However, Self-Prep does not allow you to move on to other video unless you’ve completed the previous one. This design can be tedious for those who wish to skip through certain materials.

You can view upcoming videos within the module, and the ones you’ve already completed, on a panel to the left of the video.

The course modules are designed nicely and organized into tiers, the first one being the initial introduction to the course, and the rest consisting of content modules and a final “Bootcamp” module.

MCAT Self-Prep User Interface Example


The Self-Prep MCAT course is broken down into several modules. It all starts with the MCAT Launchpad, in which you’ll be introduced to the course.

After you’ve completed the initial module, you’ll have access to these MCAT content modules:

  • Biochemistry I and II
  • Biology I and II
  • Chemistry I and II
  • Physics I and II
  • Behavioral I and II

The month before your scheduled exam, Self-Prep presents the final module, MCAT Bootcamp.

MCAT Bootcamp and Practice Exams

Self-Prep steps up their game in the final hour before your exam to hammer in key concepts. The Bootcamp is where you will take all your practice exams and review the results.

The exams are written in the style of the real AAMC exams, so you’ll get a sense of what to expect.

Bootcamp consists of a total of thirty lessons in which you will review everything you’ve learned thus far. If you have the Basic Pro and above package, your Bootcamp module will be customizable to suit your strengths and weaknesses.

Questions, Quizzes and Flash Cards

The paid tiers of Self-Prep come with 2,500 AAMC-style practice questions, and over 5,000 flashcards. The flashcards are available on Quizlet and cover every topic covered by Khan Academy for the MCAT.

Quizlet flashcards are a great way to study on the go with the mobile app interface.

At the end of every lesson, you’ll take a mastery quiz to make sure you understand everything that’s been taught in the lesson. All 120 quizzes give you complete explanations for every answer, including math solutions and diagrams.

Study Plan

Self-Prep’s study plan begins with a diagnostic exam to test your knowledge, followed by a realistic goal score you can work towards. Based on your exam results, the schools you’re applying for, and your score goal, Self-Prep builds you a timeline and strategy to achieve your goal.

MCAT Self-Prep Study Plan Example

Self-Prep helps you track your progress along the way, and makes suggestions based on how you’re doing in the course. Overall, the study plan is comprehensive, but only customizable through the pro version of the course.

MCAT Self-Prep Score Predictor Example

Should I purchase MCAT Self Prep?

MCAT Self Prep is good, but there are some truly great prep courses out there.

If you are considering purchasing this course, we recommend that you register for the free course to see if you like their course. You can then upgrade if you decide you like it.

To see other options, check out our reviews of MCAT programs.

How much is the MCAT Self Prep course?

The Self-Prep MCAT course ranges from $19.99 to $1399, depending on the plan you choose. They also offer a free version from which you can access much of the material, with advertisements.