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Nurses are in high demand.  Passing your HESI entrance exam can help you get into your chosen Nursing School. Discover HESI requirements, training courses, and HESI A2 Exam Prep. Use our free HESI Practice exams.

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Nurses are in high demand.  Passing your TEAS V admission exam can help you get into your chosen nursing program. Discover TEAS requirements, training courses, and TEAS V Exam Prep. Use our free TEAS Practice exams.

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HESI ScoresThe HESI Admissions Assessment (A2) Exam is used by Nursing school to aid in their admissions process.  Your HESI A2 scores help the school determine whether they believe you are capable of completing your nursing program successfully, and ultimately passing your NCLEX exams.  Each of the different HESI Exams (there are a total of 10 potential exams) is scored separately on a scale of 0 to 100. Each school utilizes the HESI A2 differently - from which tests they ask you to take to what minimum scores they require.

HESI Entrance ExamThe HESI Entrance Exam, sometimes referred to as the Evolve HESI Admission Assessment (A2) Exam, is used by many traditional and accelerated nursing programs to evaluate candidates for admission to nursing schools.  The HESI Entrance exam consists of exams on different academic topic areas such as: reading comprehension, vocabulary and general knowledge, grammar, math, biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, and physics.  There is also a section intended to help identify a candidate's personality and learning style.  Nursing schools can choose which tests they want to assess their candidates on, as well as what scores they desire for admissions.

HESI Practice QuestionsHESI practice questions are an ideal way to prepare for your upcoming HESI entrance exam.  The HESI A2 Entrance Exam is used by many nursing schools and colleges as a factor in their admissions.  Because of strong accreditation requirements for retention and pass rates, nursing schools are becoming increasingly more selective in the admissions.  The best nursing schools will require superior HESI A2 test scores for admission into their programs.

HESI Study GuideMany nursing programs will require prospective students to take a HESI Admissions Assessment (A2) Entrance Exam.  For most schools, the score you achieve on your HESI are a critical factor in your admissions.  Schools are under intense pressure to only admit the best students so that their retention, passing and placement rates meet their accreditation standards.  The good news is that your score on the HESI A2 Entrance Exam can easily be increased with the right study guide. provides two free methods for preparing for your HESI: Free HESI Practice Exams and HESI Flash Cards.  For those students that prefer a traditional HESI Study Guide, we also recommend a few that we have found useful.

HESI A2 Practice TestThe HESI Admission Assessment (A2) Exam is used by nursing schools as part of the admissions testing processes.  The intent of the HESI A2 Entrance Exam is to determine whether a student will do well with the nursing curriculum that the school is offering.  The exam will potentially test a student on eight different content areas as well as an assessment of learning styles and personality.  Schools, however, will typically focus on the general content areas such as Math, Reading Comprehension, Grammar and Vocabulary - unless they have pre-requisites for the subject specific areas of Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Biology and Physics.