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Princeton Review LSAT Review

Princeton Review offers 4 different LSAT courses. The 4 courses are their self-paced course, fundamentals course, private tutoring course, and their LSAT 165+ course.

All of their courses will help students succeed on the LSAT. Which course you choose will depend on what you are looking for as a student.

We will be providing an in-depth walkthrough of Princeton Review's Self-Paced LSAT course with screenshots and information from the actual course below.

Princeton Review Self-Paced LSAT Course

Princeton Review offers their self-paced course for $799. The course includes a ton of great features that will help anyone succeed on their LSAT exam.

Some of the features of the course include 150+ hours of recorded video lessons, 6 full-length practice tests, 1800+ pages of study materials, and access to previously release LSAT questions. 

On top of that, students will also get 1-year access to 60+ full Official LSAT PrepTests. There are a ton of factors that go into choosing an LSAT prep course, review some of those factors below with our screenshots and other information below.

Goal Setting

Students will be asked to answer a couple of questions when they enroll in the course. One of those questions is to assign a target score for your LSAT exam. This comes into play when it comes to the reporting section of the course.

Students will also be asked to set their test date – this will help students stay on track and complete all of their studying on time. 

Princeton Review LSAT Review

Princeton Review LSAT Coursework

The coursework tab is where students will access all their study materials (besides their books). The course is organized by units. There are a total of 24 units in the course. Students can also choose to organize the course by subject instead of units. The 4 subjects are: 

  • Games
  • Arguments
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Global Strategies

Each unit includes specific video lessons to help students comprehend complex concepts. The units also contain practice questions that students will answer via the online course. The course will score your answers and tell you how you did at the end. 

Princeton Review LSAT Review

Princeton Review LSAT Lessons

Along with the readings, the lessons are going to be where students learn most of the material. There are lessons included with every unit. The lessons are usually short lecture videos paired with interactive questions.

The interactive questions make sure you are engaged and comprehending the material. The picture below is an example of an interactive question you may encounter while completing a lesson. 

Princeton Review LSAT Review

Princeton Review LSAT Tests

Practice tests are a great way to see where you are at in terms of your studying. Practice tests will help students get more familiar with the LSAT exam. Becoming more familiar with the LSAT exam will help raise your scores. 

Students can access all of their LSAT practice tests via the practice tests tab on their LSAT course. Students can elect to take their practice tests in “self-paced mode” or “exam mode.” 

In self-paced mode, students can pause the test, short answer is available, and the section does not automatically complete once time runs out. In exam mode, short answer is not available, and the section automatically ends when time runs out. 

Princeton Review LSAT Review

Books Included In The Course

When you sign up for this course, you will receive 4 textbooks in the mail. The textbooks will assist you as you progress through the course. The textbooks are the durable paperback material, so you can easily travel with them without damaging them. 

Princeton Review LSAT Course Review

Princeton Review Progress Reports

Princeton Review has a progress section where students can track their progress over time. Students will be able to see a breakdown of how they performed on different LSAT practice tests.

They will be able to see which sections they performed well on, and which sections they may need some more work on. The progress reports section of this course is a nice feature and can help students save time while studying. 

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Bottom Line

Students looking for the ultimate self-paced LSAT course should look no further. If self-paced is not your thing, Princeton Review offers live online LSAT prep courses as well. 

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