CNA Practice Test 2
Please complete this quiz
The nurse punched out the patient’s medications and placed them in the trash without giving them to the patient. After two days of not receiving his medications, the patient was in severe pain. Which of the following options BEST identifies this action?

Which of the following options BEST describes the role of a nursing assistant?

What should a nursing assistant do when he or she notices warning signs that indicate the patient may be developing a bedsore?

Which of the following team members is responsible for working with the patient’s therapist and dietician to ensure that the patient is receiving the proper care?

Which of the following options is the MOST effective safeguard used to manage infections in patients and workforce?

Needles are often used in the health care of patients. If you should find a needle when changing a patient’s bed sheets, what should you do with it?

Which of the following options is NOT acceptable when changing a patient’s linens?

Which of the following terminology definitions is FALSE?

Which of the following options is a warning sign that a patient may have a fecal impaction?

If a patient wakes up confused, or delirious, this is a sign that indicates:

One of your patients has recently started to refuse to participate in social activities and has been having trouble sleeping and eating. These are all signs that the patient:

Which of the following is NOT an abnormal reaction to analgesia?

As a nursing assistant, what is your first priority when a fire occurs at the facility?

Which of the following options identifies the appropriate method for securing a urinary drainage bag?

Which of the following items is NOT information that is recorded on the facility form after taking a patient’s radial or apical pulse?

Which of the following locations is the appropriate location to store a patient’s bedpan?

You are asked to take a urine specimen from a patient’s indwelling catheter. What should you do immediately before you expel the urine sample into the sterile container?

Which of the following methods is the appropriate method for removing a mask?

You are visiting Mr. Jones as he eats his lunch. While chewing a bite of his food, you notice that he grabs his throat and begins choking. As a nursing assistant, what is the first thing you should do?

A resident with heart disease may experience health issues with atherosclerosis. Which of the following options BEST defines atherosclerosis?