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About the TEAS Exam 1 1


The TEAS exam used to be all multiple-choice. However, the TEAS 7 now has a couple of different question types. Some question types you can expect to find on your ATI TEAS practice tests include:

  • Multiple-Choice – Questions that include 4 answer choices. Only 1 answer choice will be correct.
  • Multiple-Select – Questions that provide 4 or more answer choices. There may be more than 1 correct answer choice.
  • Supply Answer – Questions that do not provide answer choices. You will have to fill in the blank for these questions.
  • Hot Spot – Questions that provide you with an image with different “hot spots” on it. You will be asked to click the area of the image that answers the question. There are usually 2-5 “hot spots” on the image.
  • Ordered Response – Questions that ask you to order a set of responses. If 1 response is out of order, the whole question is incorrect.


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