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TestMasters LSAT Review

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Learn about TestMasters and their different offerings and features with our TestMasters LSAT review below.

We breakdown the different options you can choose from along with what you can expect to find if you purchase their course.

Summary: Learn more about the TestMasters LSAT course. If you are interested in checking out other courses, visit our top LSAT prep page.

  TestMasters Online LSAT TestMasters Live Online LSAT TestMasters Classroom LSAT TestMasters LSAT Tutoring
Price $1250 $1550 $1850 $3125
Subscription Length 4 Months 4 Months 4 Months 4 Months
Practice Questions 9500 9500 9500 9500
Practice Exams 20 20 20 20
Video Hours 160 Hours 160 Hours 160 Hours 160 Hours
Live Online Hours None 45 Hours 45 Hours (in-person) None
Guarantee No No No No
Textbooks No No No No
Tutoring No No No 25 Hours one-on-one tutoring
Study Plan No No No No
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TestMasters offers 4 main options. The 4 options are nice because they offer something for everyone. If none of these options look appealing to you, consider checking out some of the other best LSAT study programs.

We will be taking a closer look at the 4 options in the table above. We will breakdown everything that is included in each option below.

If you want to practice a bit before making a purchase, consider using our free LSAT practice test online.

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Score: 62

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  • Best For

  • Someone looking to learn from a well-known LSAT scorer

TestMasters Online LSAT Course

This tier gives you the ability to review Testmasters LSAT online library. This is arguably the weakest offering since this prep course’s online platform isn’t its biggest strength.

We’ll discuss this in more detail when reviewing the features. With that said, this tier offers 160 hours of LSAT videos and is catered to students with unpredictable schedules.

  • 9,500 Practice Questions to Put your Knowledge to the Test
  • 20 Practice Exams
  • Over 160 Hours of Video Lessons

Bottom Line: For students who have an unpredictable schedule and don’t mind a more basic approach with their online LSAT studies.

TestMasters Live Online LSAT Course

Testmasters live online classes are pretty solid. All instructors are high-percentile scorers and have at least five years’ experience in teaching Testmasters LSAT methodology. All classes in this tier are taught via Zoom.

  • All features offered in the Online LSAT Course
  • 45 Hours of Live Online Classroom Time

Bottom Line: For students who prefer simplistic online studies with live Zoom classes sprinkled in.

TestMasters LSAT Classroom

Live classrooms are Testmaster’s bread and butter. These courses are offered all around the country in pretty much every metropolis.

Instructors are top-notch and go through vigorous training. Classrooms are engaging and pump out a lot of information.

  • All features offered in the Online LSAT Course
  • 45 Hours of In-Person Classroom Time

Bottom Line: Perfect for students who live near a metropolis and prefer live classes.

TestMasters LSAT Tutoring

The final tier at Testmasters is its one-on-one personalized tutoring program. This is offered live in limited areas or universally through their online portal.

Students looking to get their score over the top will find this tier a great value.

  • All features offered in the Online LSAT Course
  • One-on-One personal tutoring with an LSAT Expert Instructor

Bottom Line: Students who are looking to score high on the LSAT will find the personalized tutoring at Testmasters to be top tier.

Since most of the options share similar features, we will be reviewing some of those features below.


Testmasters uses a unique teaching method developed by Robin Singh, who is famous for his world record LSAT scores. The coursework is the foundation for Testmaster’s one-of-a-kind approach and utilizes a number of teaching methods.

This unique approach puts a lot of focus on handling specific types of questions. LSAT creators try and trick students into answering questions incorrectly. Testmasters invests a lot of its curriculum into teaching you how to handle these questions and keeps you from falling into these traps.

Of course, you’ll also get the other tools that you’d expect from a LSAT prep course including comprehensive lessons, homework assignments, and a library of videos. Testmasters sets itself apart by focusing on actual test-taking strategies.

Practice Questions & Explanations

Testmasters includes over 9,000 questions that were all found on previous LSAT's. The practice questions themselves are pretty much what you’ll find in other major prep courses since prep companies tend to license questions from the same providers.

As a result, you will see real mock LSAT questions. It’s the explanations that really set this course apart.

Additionally, over half of these questions come with a written or video explanation. These explanations are updated every year.

Testmasters breaks down the different types of questions using diagrams that show you how to handle them. This content is constantly updated to reflect new versions of the LSAT. In fact, they invest a lot of resources into reviewing each new edition of the LSAT to update their explanations.

So you don’t just get answer explanations - Testmasters gives you a detailed look at the question itself.

Practice Exams

Just like with the practice questions on Testmaster’s platform, practice exams are all previous LSAT's that were administered. These are licensed by Testmasters for use on their course. There’s not really a distinction from other online LSAT prep since the industry standard is to follow this same process.

What really sets Testmasters apart is the unique test-taking strategies that are taught. That’s where practice tests provide a huge advantage. You get to test these skills after learning them by using real versions of the test.

In summary, practice tests found on Testmaster are the same as every other platform but they set themselves apart with some well-crafted diagnostic reports. We’ll discuss those in the next section.

Score Reports

Testmasters has an extensive diagnostic scoring system that it uses to detail your LSAT tests results. You are given full, detailed reports that show you areas where you might be struggling so you know where to focus your studies.

Testmaster’s practice test automatically generates this score report immediately after finishing the test. This score report actually goes above and beyond by showing the difficulty of questions along with your score. The system even times each section so you can further gauge your progress.

TestMasters LSAT Course 1


Dashboard & User Interface

Testmasters LSAT uses a simplistic interface to connect students to content. It does its job but it doesn’t come close to the level of interactivity of other top-tier courses. We’re not saying that it’s bad. In fact, if you prefer a simplistic approach to your studies then you’ll probably love the interface and dashboard.

Video Lessons

The video lessons are not the strongest point of this course but they do the job. Robin Singh appears in every video and discusses assignments that students are given in the coursework. His focus is on the most challenging aspects.

Additionally, there are over a hundred hours of content in the LSAT video library.

Getting lessons directly from Robin Singh sounds like an amazing experience but there’s a catch. You are shown video footage of live classroom sessions so there are no interactive elements to these videos. It’s really just like you’re sitting in class at one of his lectures.

The good news is that you get to learn from the master of the LSAT himself! You also get to watch these lectures at your own convenience rather than having to schedule specific times to attend a classroom.

We have to give them credit for being unique in every faucet and these video lessons are no different. There aren’t any fancy special effects or flashy interactive elements in Testmaster’s videos.

They are simple, yet effective classroom-style lectures that are surprisingly high in production value.

Database of Flawed Reasoning

This is a unique feature that is different from other courses we reviewed. The Database of Flawed Reasoning is dedicated to showing you how to avoid traps on the LSAT.

As we’ve seen throughout our review, Testmasters focuses heavily on test-taking strategies. This section of their course provides detailed descriptions of specific traps that test creators use to trap students into choosing the incorrect answer. They show you how to identify these traps and disarm them.

Furthermore, this database is updated every time a new version of the LSAT is released.

Testmaster Live Classes

Testmaster’s live classes are the feature that makes this prep course a competitor in the industry. Simply put, these courses are amazing, informative, and super engaging. The only downside is that you have to live close to a metropolis in order to access them.

All of Robin Singh’s groundbreaking strategies are wrapped up into 16 sessions with top-notch instructors. In fact, the instructors are the selling point. They are vetted through an intensive training process and hired based on strict criteria. As a result, live classroom lessons are engaging, fun, and informative.

In-person training programs are designed by Robin Singh and his genius LSAT strategies. All instructors are trained in these strategies so they are able to create detail-oriented, fast-paced lessons to teach them effectively.

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Score: 62

  • Why Choose TestMasters LSAT

  • Experience of Robin Singh
  • High number of video hours

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Is TestMasters worth it?

TestMasters can get the job done when preparing for the LSAT. With that being said, there are definitely some better options available to students.

How long is the TestMasters course?

Each section of this LSAT prep course is approximately three hours long and live classes meet three times every week. The online video library contains over 100 hours of lessons. It takes about a month at minimum to get through all of the content, assuming you study on a full-time schedule.