The Army ASVAB And What You Should Know

There are many who find that they can find a stable career with the United States Army. Part of becoming a part of that Army though is that you have to pass a number of tests. One such test is the Army ASVAB. Here is what you need to know about this test if you are thinking about joining this branch of the military.

Many of you don't understand why they use the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. Well, we will help you to understand. The reason that they have you take this test is so that they can see where you would qualify to work. As one knows, there are many jobs a person can do. However, one might think they are suited for a job, but really they might not be. This helps them to decide which areas you can apply to.

When you do this, you will find that there are ten different categories. They call these line scores. If you are going to work in a particular job, you have to have a select score in these areas before you can apply. This is how they determine where you will be. Each one is a different section that you have to get a certain level. With each MOS you might have to have a line score in a few different areas.

Some think that this is an IQ test. This doesn't measure how smart you are. Rather, it measures how well you will do in such areas. It's more of an aptitude test than it is a comprehensive exam and one needs to remember this as they go about to take it. This will be done when you first go to sign up with the recruiter.

Now, there are different ways that one can take this. There are some high schools which offer this job. Other times, you will find that they will have you take this when you go to sign up. Either way, you are going to take this before you can move along in the recruiting process. Just remember this when you go to become a soldier.

There are resources online that can give you samples of some of the questions that you might be answering. We encourage you to look at these when you are worried about how well you will do. To be enlisted into the Army you at least need a 31. On the day of the test, the test will be proctored and you will have so much time to do this.

It's rather simple even though some people make it out to be more than what it really is. Just remember this and you will do fine. So, here is to having a great job. So, how do they determine which job you qualify for? They have a chart that they use to see just where you stand with this. Get familiar with this, but over all, you will do fine.