Things To Know About Your Navy ASVAB Scores

If you ever taken the Navy ASVAB you will know that it is really quite hard to understand the scoring system that is present. The questions and answers are not always as straightforward as you might think. So you should really know some basics about the scores to best understand them.

One thing that a lot of people tend to forget is that the ASVAB is not just one test but rather nine small tests that are all scored and recorded together. This type of testing is called battery testing because there is more than one area being tested at a time. A composite score and individual scores are also shown.

There are two different types of test that are often confused as the same one. One of them is the actual test that you take to be able to qualify for joining the armed services. The other is just a basic test that you can take to be able to find out if you would be a good candidate for the services.

There are four main areas that are tested on. These include Mathematical Knowledge, Arithmetic Reasoning, Paragraph Comprehension, and Word Knowledge. Keep in mind that the score that you get overall will serve as the basis for where you go when you are placed in the military.

The larger test offers a number of other subject areas as well. However it is these four areas that are really going to be the determining factor in getting an enlistment bonus, college repayment plan or college plan. So you should really work hard to do the best job that you possibly can.

Once you have taken the test then you are going to be receiving your ASVAB score. You will find that there are four different score areas that you have to concern yourself with. These include the line score, standard score, raw score, and percentile score.

Basically each of the nine subtests will get scored in each of these four areas. You have to remember when looking at percentiles that they are not scored in the typical way meaning that this is the percentage or right answers that you had. Instead it is the percentage of other students you had scored better than.

If you are interested in joining the navy then you are going to have to take the Navy ASVAB. Other things that you have to remember are that you should be well rested and eat healthy before your testing. You are not going to be able to leave during testing so it is important to be prepared before you start.