• CNA Salary: How Much Does a CNA Make

    CNA Salary: How Much Does a CNA Make

    A Certified Nursing Assistant, or a CNA, is a healthcare professional that assists patients in a variety of medical settings. CNAs work under the direct supervision of a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), a Registered Nurse (RN), or other authoritative medical professionals. 

    From a broad perspective, a CNA collects relevant patient data by taking vital signs and compassionately interacting with each patient. A CNA typically assists elderly or disabled patients at long-term-care facilities and is responsible for tending to a patient’s hygiene needs. A Certified Nursing Assistant is tasked with the responsibility of helping with the feeding and grooming of the patients in their care. 

    Entering the medical personnel workforce as a Certified Nursing Assistant is a great way to get paid to fully grasp if the nursing profession (or the medical field) is the right fit for your interests, skills and career objectives. One’s professional experiences working as a Certified Nursing Assistant are easily applied to a career as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), a Registered Nurse (RN), or even a Nurse Practitioner (NP).

  • Free Personality Tests (Updated for 2020)

    Free Personality Tests

    Being self-aware about who you are and how you behave is a critical life skill that can be utilized in a number of different aspects whether it be in your work-life, relationships, or just day-to-day interactions you may encounter.

    Some would argue that one of life’s biggest challenge is finding yourself. In other words, discovering who we are as an individual, what makes us us, and how we act or react to certain situations throughout life.  One way of gaining a better understanding of yourself is through personality tests.

    While you shouldn’t fully define yourself based on one type of personality or believe you are a certain way because of a personality test you completed online --- it is certainly important to note that these tests can and will be fairly accurate. A starting point, if you will, into your journey of self-discovery.

    Before we delve into the early and modern history of personality testing as well as the various forms of tests you can take, let's talk about what you can gain from understanding your personality and the accuracy of these tests.

  • What is a Good ACT Score?

    What is a Good ACT Score

    To answer "What is a good ACT score?" you have to remember your main objective... to get into your top choice  school.  This article will review how ACT scores are calculated, how your scores compare to others (percentiles), and what average scores are for some top public and private universities.

    In today’s increasingly competitive environment, the ACT is arguably one of the most, if not the most, important part of the application process for colleges and universities across the nation.

    In simple terms, the ACT is a standardized test that challenges a student’s knowledge on four key subjects: English, Math, Reading, and Science. There is a fifth component that is optional: Writing. 

    So, let’s say you accomplish the challenging task of completing the ACT in the nearly three hours allotted. How do you access this score and more importantly, what does your score actually mean? Throughout this article we will provide you a snapshot of what a good ACT score can mean and how that score will be relevant to the specific universities you are applying to.

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