• Best CPA Review Courses [2021 Updated]

    Best CPA Review Courses

    In the field of accounting, a CPA license is one of the highest designations someone can earn. The only way to earn the CPA designation is by passing the CPA exam. 

    Candidates will need to earn a minimum score of 75 on each part of the CPA exam and will need to pass all four sections within 18 months of each other.

    Use our reviews of the top 6 CPA review courses to make your choice based on budget, learning style, guarantees and more. 

  • Civil Service Exams [2021 Updated]

    Civil Service Exam

    Civil servants are employed by local, state, and federal governments. The Civil Service exam, based on the location of the position, may only be available either one or two times per year. The Civil Service exam becomes a requirement when job applicants apply for specific government jobs within a government agency or department.

    Note, the modern version of the Civil Service test is only required for only certain government civil service positions; this is discussed further on in this article. 

  • What is a Good MCAT Score?

    What is a good MCAT score?

    The MCAT, or Medical College Admission Test®, is the standard measure of applicants for medical school admissions. It is a high stakes test designed to evaluate whether a candidate can critically analyze a medical situation quickly and develop a reasonable medical approach to solve the problem. Most pre-med students want to get accepted to the top medical schools in the country, but only those students who score in the top percentiles of the MCAT will likely be considered. You can develop a study plan to get your best score on the MCAT if you understand the test and how it is scored.

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