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Wize MCAT Review

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Want to learn more about Wize? We completed a Wize MCAT review to help you figure out if this provider is a good fit for you.

We compare their different options and features below. Use the screenshots to help you get a better feel for the course before making a purchase.

Summary: Learn more about the Wize MCAT course. If you want to consider other options, check out the other best MCAT prep options.

  Wize MCAT Monthly Wize MCAT 6-Month Wize MCAT 12-Month
Price $299/month $150/month ($899) $112/month ($1,349)
Subscription Length 1 month (automatic renewal) 6 months 12 months
Practice Questions 900+ 900+ 900+
Practice Exams No No No
Video Lessons 150+ hours 150+ hours 150+ hours
1:1 Strategy Calls Yes Yes Yes
Books Included No No No
Guarantee No Yes Yes
Free Trial Yes Yes Yes
Study Plan Yes Yes Yes
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Wize MCAT uses 3 different options. The biggest difference between the 3 options is the amount of time you have to use the course. The longer your subscription, the cheaper each option becomes.

We take a deeper dive into each option below. After doing so, we review the common Wize MCAT features. You can find some screenshots to help you get a better understanding of the course.

If you want to practice before making a big purchase, consider using our MCAT practice tests.

Wize logo

Score: 77

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  • Best For

  • Someone looking for high quality videos
  • User interface of course
  • Short-term studying
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Wize MCAT Monthly

The monthly Wize MCAT subscription boasts all of the benefits of their expert MCAT instructors and practice questions. However, it is lacking in a few key features.

The monthly Wize package includes:

  • 900+ practice questions
  • 150+ hours of video lessons
  • 160+ “Cheat Sheets”
  • 405+ passage-based questions
  • 800+ topics
  • Flexible study schedule
  • Unlimited calls with an MCAT expert

However, the monthly subscription does NOT include a:

  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Free retake policy

Bottom Line – The one-month option is best if you only require brief access to course materials, and aren’t worried about getting a refund.

Wize MCAT 6-Month

The 6-month package includes all the same features as the monthly subscription. It still does not include a free retake policy. However, there is a satisfaction guarantee if you opt for the 6-month review.

Bottom Line – If you think you’ll use Wize’s MCAT review for at least three months ($897), it’s worth it to opt for the 6-month package ($899) and start studying earlier, taking advantage of the satisfaction guarantee.

Wize MCAT 12-Month

A full year of Wize MCAT review includes all of the above features, plus a free retake policy (unlike the 1- and 6- month options). Wize will extend your access to the course, no questions asked.

If you’re still not sure whether to opt for the 6- or 12- month package, keep in mind that two 6-month subscriptions are far more expensive ($1798) than one 12-month purchase ($1349). Planning out your goals and study schedule ahead of time is imperative for success — and may save you hundreds in the long run!

Bottom Line – If you’re planning ahead and aren’t taking the MCAT until next year, the 12-month package may be worth exploring (especially with the free retake policy).

Below, we’ve explored the ins and outs of Wize MCAT prep, so you don’t have to. Take a look at the user interface and coursework style to see if Wize is a good fit for you.

User Interface

Wize’s user interface is clean, simple, and easy to use. Upon entering the site, users are greeted by a dashboard where you can access your next lesson, view your progress at a glance, and see the community discussion board.

There are three main tabs on your dashboard:

  1. Dashboard (home)
  2. Office hours
  3. Classes

WizePrep MCAT Course Review Dashboard

Under the “Office Hours” tab, users can view upcoming webinars and events, where you’ll learn from experts about how to prepare for the exam, study tips, AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions, and more. Office hours are free to anyone subscribed to the course.

Finally, there is a “Classes” tab. This is where you can see the syllabus at a glance, search through subjects and topics, and view the lesson length. It is easily searchable, so you can opt to focus on the topics you want.

WizePrep MCAT Course Review Classes Tab

For example, if you wanted to just view the lessons on the CARS (Critical Analysis and Reasoning Section), simply inputting the search term CARS yields all the classes and activities regarding that topic.

Video Lessons

The bulk of the MCAT review on Wize happens through expert-led video lessons. The videos function like a real classroom dynamic, as the instructors explain each concept in depth using text and visuals. The instructors keep up a reasonable pace, but you can always rewind or fast-forward each lesson.

WizePrep MCAT Course Review Video Lesson Example

Along the way, Wize provides you with comprehensive notes about the current topic, and an easily searchable curriculum. This makes it a great resource for both audio and visual learners.

WizePrep MCAT Course Review Video Lesson Notes

Cheat Sheets

A unique feature of the MCAT Wize is the addition of “cheat sheets.” And no, these aren’t test answers! Wize’s cheat sheets are summarized documents filled with illustrations, charts, and graphics to help you easily review material at-a-glance.

Cheat sheets are great for reviewing complex materials in a simple, easily digestible way, such as this biology review sheet:

Wize MCAT Cheat Sheet

Source: Wize


Unlike most test prep providers, Wize does not offer full-length MCAT practice exams. Instead, it includes “passage-based questions,” which are written to emulate the actual MCAT. Passage-based questions are essentially hand-picked MCAT test prep questions for you to test your knowledge. Wize includes a video solution to each one to ensure you fully understand the answers.

These questions cover a range of MCAT topics, including data analysis, inferences, and problem solving.

Wize MCAT Practice Exams Example

Source: Wize


User analytics is one area where Wize is lacking. Since there are no official practice exams offered, there are no comprehensive analytics. While you can view your overall progress in the course and progression of specific topics, there is currently no option to view your strengths, problem areas, and trends.

WizePrep MCAT Course Review Progress Example

Wize logo

Score: 77

  • Why Choose Wize MCAT

  • High quality videos
  • Friendly user interface

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Is Wize good for the MCAT?

Wize is a trusted prep service for the MCAT. Whether it will work for you largely depends on your learning style and needs.

Wize was our choice for best for short-term learning on our list of MCAT prep options.

How do you learn when taking a Wize MCAT course?

When taking the course, students learn largely from video lessons, as if you’re in a real classroom. There’s also a lot of practice questions to familiarize you with what you’ll encounter on the real MCAT.