Other English Language Exams

Other English Language Exams

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IELTS Practice Tests
Dave Evangelisti Authored By: Dave Evangelisti

If you want to migrate to most English-speaking countries, you’ll need to demonstrate a knowledge of the English language. There’s a standardized test for this, called the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

Not only is the IELTS exam needed for immigration and work, it’s also required for many college programs. IELTS practice tests are a great way to prepare for the exam.

Just as you’d need to take the ACT for undergraduate admissions, or the GMAT for business school, most colleges and universities require you to take the IELTS.

Babbel vs. Duolingo
Dave Evangelisti Authored By: Dave Evangelisti

As the trend of learning languages through online learning apps hits an all-time high, the argument of Babbel vs. Duolingo has emerged. Which of these popular language learning apps are better?

Both are quite affordable and offer a lot of information to users, how do we decide which is the better choice? Should you pay for Babbel or choose the free option in Duolingo?

The biggest difference between the two apps is their approach to teaching. Babbel uses a more traditional approach while Duolingo modernizes their teaching method through gamification.

Best Language Learning Apps
Dave Evangelisti Authored By: Dave Evangelisti

Updated: May 3, 2022

There’s never been a better time to learn another language. Technology has made it as convenient as ever. There’s no need to spend hours in a night class. You can just download an app to your smartphone and learn at your convenience. What are the best language learning apps?

There are so many language apps now that it’s difficult to navigate but what’s important is that you find the one that works for you. We all have a different learning style. Some prefer the traditional approach while others expect learning to be fun.

We’re going to review the 5 best language apps to help you make this decision.


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