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AP classes are an excellent head start for college. We ranked the hardest AP classes using our own system and all available data. We scoured

AP Chemistry Practice Test

If you are a student who wants to challenge yourself by taking advanced placement (AP) courses, you may not know you can get a college

AP Human Geography Practice Test

As high school kids for years have been challenging themselves with the difficulty of advanced placement courses, you may find yourself seeking college credits by

AP Gov Practice Test

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are a great way for students to not only challenge themselves but also prepare for college. If you are someone who

AP Psychology Practice Test

Any student in a school that offers advanced placement courses may seek to challenge themselves by taking an AP course. If you are in an

AP Biology Practice Test

One of the main goals in taking an advanced placement (AP) course in high school is to gain college credits for the course. Perhaps you

AP World History Practice Test

If you are someone who is looking to get general education courses out of the way in college or want to get some prerequisites done

AP Calculus AB Practice Exam

If you are someone who hopes to enter an engineering, science, or mathematics field when attending college, you may be looking to take an advanced

AP Lang Practice Test

If you are looking to get a language or composition credit out of the way before heading to college, you may want to consider taking