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All Postal Exam Practice Tests

Use our free postal exam practice tests along with our other recommended resources. Please note that the USPS has discontinued the postal exam 473. We have provided resources for postal exams 474, 475, 476, 477, and 955.

Many of the different postal exams share similar types of questions (found below).

The USPS practice tests above test common sections found on the different exams you will take. You can view the specifics of each postal exam below.

USPS Test Prep

If you are looking for more assistance with your postal exam, check out our recommended prep resources below.

Postal Exam 474Mail Carrier PositionsJobTestPrep
Postal Exam 475Mail Handler and Mail Handler Assistant PositionsJobTestPrep
Postal Exam 476Mail Processor PositionsJobTestPrep
Postal Exam 477Customer Service Clerk PositionsJobTestPrep
Postal Exam 955Mechanic and Technician PositionsJobTestPrep

USPS Jobs That Require Postal Exams

Many jobs at the USPS require candidates to take and pass postal exams. The type of postal exam you take will depend on the type of job you are applying for. Below are some common jobs that require a postal exam.

Applicants will not know if they need to take a postal exam until they apply for a position – if they are selected to take a postal exam, they will be notified via email.

Applicants will be sent an email with a link to complete the postal exam and will have 72 hours to complete the exam, with the exception for postal exam 955.

USPS JobPostal Exam
City and Rural Mail Carrier PositionsPostal Exam 474
Mail Handler and Mail Handler Assistant PositionsPostal Exam 475
Mail Processor PositionsPostal Exam 476
Customer Service Clerk PositionsPostal Exam 477
Mechanic and Technician PositionsPostal Exam 955

USPS Job Descriptions

City Carrier: This is what the public thinks of when they say “mail man”. The city carrier delivers (and collects) mail by foot or vehicle. The city carrier is given an assigned area and must deliver in all types of weather. The city carrier may be required to carry a 35 pound mailbag on their shoulder. Additionally, carriers are expected to handle mail containers weighing up to 70 pounds. Carriers spend extended periods of time standing, walking and reaching. Applicants are required to have a valid driver’s license, including a safe driving record and two or more years of driving experience.

Mail Processing Clerk: Mail processing involves operating automated mail process equipment or manually sorting mail. Mail processing clerks organize and move processed mail from one area to another. These clearks are required to lift and transport heavy containers.

Mail Handler: Mail handlers move mail containers and equipment throughout postal facilities. Mail handlers also open and empty containers of mail. Mail handlers are required to handle containers weighing up to 70 pounds.

Sales, Services, and Distribution Associate: These retail associates work at local post offices and provide customer service to USPS customers.

What is on the Postal Exams?

There are 5 main postal exams offered by the USPS:

  • Postal Exam 474
  • Postal Exam 475
  • Postal Exam 476
  • Postal Exam 477
  • Postal Exam 955

Each postal exam is taken by candidates who are applying for different positions within the USPS.

The content on the postal exam varies, but postal exam 474, 475, 476, and 477 all contain the same 3 sections:

  • Work Scenarios: These questions will give you different scenarios and will see how you react to each different scenario.
  • Tell Us Your Story: These questions will go into your background and work experience.
  • Describe Your Approach: These questions will find out how you approach everyday tasks.

Information on the Different Sections Tested on the Postal Exams

Some of these exams contain additional testing sections and the postal exam 955 is completely different from these other 4 exams.

While there is no time limit, they do encourage you to work quickly, which may or may not improve your test scores. Read below for a breakdown of each postal exam.

Postal Exam 474

Please note that this exam is also referred to as the Virtual Entry Assessment MC 474.

Work Scenarios18
Checking for Errors20
Move the Mail18
What Drives You25
Tell Us Your Story37
Describe Your Approach139

Postal Exam 475

Please note that this exam is also referred to as the Virtual Entry Assessment MH 475.

Work Scenarios9
Tell Us Your Story22
Describe Your Approach79
Check for Errors12

Postal Exam 476

Please note that this exam is also referred to as the Virtual Entry Assessment MP 476.

Work Scenarios9
Tell Us Your Story22
Describe Your Approach79
Check for Errors12

Postal Exam 477

Please note that this exam is also referred to as the Virtual Entry Assessment CS 477.

Work Scenarios10
Tell Us Your Story21
Describe Your Approach56
Work Your Register3

Postal Exam 955

Please note that this exam has replaced postal exams 931, 932, and 933.

Personal Characteristics & Experience Inventory120
Spatial Reasoning

The personal characteristics and experience inventory portion of the exam is self-administered and is taken before the multi-craft and spatial reasoning portions of postal exam 955.

Multi-craft and spatial reasoning are online electronic tests but must be taken at a testing site. The spatial reasoning portion of the exam has various questions on visualization problems.

Postal Exam 473

Note: Postal exam 473 has been discontinued by the USPS and has been replaced by postal exams 474, 475, 476, and 477.

Test TopicNumber of Questions
Part A: Address Checking60
Part B: Forms Completion30
Part C: Coding36
Part C: Memory36
Part D: Personal Characteristics and Experience Inventory236

Postal Exam Scores

The passing score for all postal exams is 70. Candidates who score below a 70 will be ineligible for the position at the USPS. Candidates will not be allowed to take the test for 12 months, so it is important to pass the exam the first time.

The postal exams are unique because candidates are ranked based on their exam scores. Someone who scored an 80 will be higher up on the list versus someone who scored a 70.

The candidate who scored an 80 might get an interview right away while the candidate who scored a 70 might have to wait a little longer.

Postal Exam Test Dates

The postal exams are not scheduled on specific test dates. Applicants schedule their own exams.

After you submit an application for a job with the post office, you will receive an assessment invitation e-mail. Some jobs have a pre-determined maximum number of applicants. If the job’s limit has been reached, you will not be invited to take the USPS exam.

During the online application process, you will be given an onscreen notification whether you will receive an invitation to take the postal exam. You will have 72 hours to complete the exam.

For mechanic and technician positions that require the postal exam 955, applicants will have to take and pass two exams. The first USPS exam is an online assessment that will take a maximum of 75 minutes.

If you pass the online postal exam, you will then need to take an exam at an approved location. This on-site exam will be proctored (i.e., monitored) by trained personnel.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the best ways to prepare for the postal exam is by taking practice tests. Practice tests will help you get a gauge of where you are at and a feel for the material that will be on the test.

Postal exam prep courses are also a great option to help you prepare.

The main postal exams are:

1. Postal Exam 474
2. Postal Exam 475
3. Postal Exam 476
4. Postal Exam 477
5. Postal Exam 955

The type of postal exam you take depends on which position you are applying for at the USPS.

1. Postal 474 – Mail Carrier Positions
2. Postal 475 – Mail Handler and Mail Handler Assistant Positions
3. Postal 476 – Mail Processor Positions
4. Postal 477 – Customer Service Clerk Positions
5. Postal 955 – Mechanic and Technician Positions

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