Free Postal Exam Questions

Our directory of Free Postal Exam Questions is listed below.  Practicing with sample Postal Exam questions is an effective way to study for the various Postal Exams in order to get a local post office job.  Our free Postal sample tests provide you with an opportunity to assess how well you are prepared for the actual Postal Test, and then to concentrate on the areas you need work on.

Post Office Jobs - Go here to Find and Apply for Post Office Jobs provides free postal exam questions to help you prepare for and pass your postal exam.  To get started with our free postal exam questions, just select one of the postal exams below:

Free Postal Exam Questions

Part A Practice Tests

Postal Exam 473 Part A - Free exam questions

Postal Exam 473 Part A - Practice Test 2

Part B Practice Tests

Postal Exam 473 Part B - Domestic Claim Form Questions

Postal 473 Part B - Application For Post Office Box

Postal 473 Part B - Application To Mail Non Profit

Postal 473 Part B - Authorization Form

Postal 473 Part B - Certificate of Bulk Mailing

Postal 473 Part B - Certified Mail Receipt

Postal 473 Part B - COD

Postal 473 Part B - Customs Declaration

Postal 473 Part B - Mailing Permit Application

Postal 473 Part B - Insured Mail Receipt

Part C Practice Tests

Postal Exam 473 Part C - Coding

Postal Exam preparation requires you to study smart – not hard!  To study smart, you need to:

* Study when you are the most alert
* Understand what’s on the Postal Exam
* Focus on the material that you don’t know
* Develop a flexible study schedule

Professional postal exam prep products are the best way to prepare for your postal exam. Taking postal practice exams help you get used to what will be on the actual exam. 

To obtain a local post office job, you first need to apply for a job with the US Post Office.