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Overview of the SAT

The SAT is an entrance exam used by colleges and universities to help make decisions about admissions.

The SAT is administered by the CollegeBoard and is given 7 times per year. The exam is a timed, mainly multiple-choice exam, taken by students in high school.

Beginning in the spring of 2024, the SAT will be going fully digital. The digital SAT (DSAT) will have some formatting and content changes to it, along with some other changes. You can review those changes below.

New SAT (Digital SAT)

This exam will be given to students starting in spring of 2024.

SectionNumber of QuestionsTime Limit (Mins)
Reading & Writing5464 (Two 32-Minute Modules)
Math4470 (Two 35-Minute Modules)

Old SAT (Written Exam)

This exam will be given to students up until spring of 2024.

SectionNumber of QuestionsTime Limit (Mins)
Writing & Language4435
Math (With calculator)3855
Math (Without calculator)2025

The biggest difference between the old SAT and the digital SAT is that the digital SAT is taken completely online and has combined some sections to streamline the exam.

An overview of the digital SAT exam and what is included on the exam.
You can learn more about the exam by reading our guide on what is the SAT.

Scoring of the SAT

You will receive a score for math and a score for reading/writing. Each of those scores will be between 200 and 800.

Your total score will be the sum of those two scores. You can receive a total score between 400 and 1600 on the SAT.

The average SAT score is 1060. Learn more about good SAT scores.

Registering for the SAT and Test Dates

You can register for the SAT online via the CollegeBoard site.

You will need to do the following when registering for the SAT:

  1. Have a Valid Photo ID
  2. Upload a Photo of Yourself When Registering Online
  3. Pay Registration Fees
  4. Print Your Admission Ticket

It will cost your $60 to take the SAT. There may be some additional fees like canceling, changing test center, etc..

The SAT is typically given 7 times per year. The exam is given on Saturdays. You can expect the exam to be given in these months:

  • Early March
  • Early May
  • Early June
  • Late August
  • Early October
  • Early November
  • Early December

You can find exact dates on the official website.

Steps for Using SAT Practice

When using our free SAT practice tests, we recommend the following steps to get the most out of your time:

  1. Take 1 practice exam from each subject.
  2. Determine which subject you struggled the most with.
  3. Focus on that 1 subject moving forward. Take additional practice exams in that subject, study important concepts, and invest in a course if need be.
  4. Take a practice exam on that subject again and see where you stand. Continue to focus on that subject if you need more help or move on to another subject if you did well on this practice exam.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for other subjects.

Benefits of Using SAT Practice Questions

There are many benefits to using SAT questions during your prep process. Some of those benefits include:

Help With Timing

The SAT exam is a timed test. Keeping a steady pace is critical to achieving a high score.

You can improve your decision making and your time by taking practice exams.

Test Familiarity

All standardized tests, including the SAT, have their own unique way of presenting questions and answer choices.

You will gain more familiarity and comfort with the SAT question style as you take more practice quizzes. On the real exam day, there will be no surprises.

Efficient Studying

When you take many practice exams, you will get a sense of your test strengths and weaknesses.

Many students mistakenly spend time working on their strengths while ignoring their weaknesses.

Knowing which subjects you struggle with will help you focus your study time.

Work On Problem Solving

Tests like the SAT measure your ability to solve problems, not just memorize information. It is critical to have strong problem-solving abilities.

The answer explanations provided in our score reports can help you understand how to solve problems that you may be struggling with.

Frequently Asked Questions

The SAT will be switching to the digital format in the spring of 2024.

There are 154 questions on the old SAT (written version).

There are 98 questions on the new SAT (digital version).

You will have 3 hours and 15 minutes to take the old SAT (written version).

You will have 2 hours and 14 minutes to take the new SAT (digital version).

There will be 1 math section in which you can use a calculator and 1 math section in which you cannot use a calculator on the old SAT (written version).

You will be permitted to use a calculator on all math modules on the new SAT (digital version).

We recommend taking 1 practice exam for each subject. You can then determine which subject gave you the most trouble and focus your studies on that subject.

Adam Groden
Adam is our ACT and SAT expert. He has 30+ years of experience and runs his own test prep company.