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GRE Math Practice Test

Answer Some Sample Questions with Our GRE Math Practice Test
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Full-Length GRE Math Practice Test

Choose between our full-length GRE quantitative reasoning practice test or our specific practice sets.

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GRE Quantitative Reasoning Overview

The quantitative reasoning section of the GRE contains 2 sections:

  • Section 1: 12 Questions, 21 Minutes
  • Section 2: 15 Questions, 26 Minutes

You will be asked to answer 3 different types of questions:

  • Quantitative Comparison: ~10 Questions
  • Problem-Solving: ~13 Questions
  • Data Interpretations: ~4 Questions

An image showing an overview of the GRE quantitative reasoning section

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Calculator Use On GRE Quantitative Section

You will be given an on-screen calculator that you can use on the GRE quantitative reasoning section.

You should keep the following in mind regarding the use of a calculator:

  1. Most questions can be solved without a calculator
  2. It can be quicker to use mental math for some questions
  3. Estimation can be a helpful method instead of using a calculator

Frequently Asked Questions

There are 2 GRE quantitative sections:

  • Section 1: 12 Questions, 21 Minutes
  • Section 2: 15 Questions, 26 Minutes

For additional information on the GRE, read our guide on what is the GRE.

You will be asked 3 different types of questions:

  1. Quantitative Comparison
  2. Problem-Solving
  3. Data Interpretations

You will be tested on a variety of topics including arithmetic topics, algebra topics, geometry topics, and data analysis topics.

Your scores from both GRE quantitative reasoning sections will be scaled and combined into a final score between 130 and 170.

Trevor Klee
Trevor is our GMAT and GRE expert. Trevor runs his own tutoring company and scored in the 99th percentile of the GRE and GMAT.