Postal Exam Check for Errors 1
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Are the addresses identical or are there errors?

 Correct Address:  Correct ZIP: Address to be checked:   ZIP to be checked:
11050 W State Road 48
Exeland, WI
 54835-4120 11050 W State Road 48
Exeland, WI

Postal Exam Information

There are a couple of different postal exams that candidates can take. The exam you take will depend on what position you are applying for within the post office. 

  • Postal Exam 474 - Mail Carrier Positions
  • Postal Exam 475 - Mail Handler and Mail Handler Assistant Positions
  • Postal Exam 476 - Mail Processor Positions
  • Postal Exam 477 - Customer Service Clerk Positions
  • Postal Exam 955 - Mechanic and Technician Positions 

These questions deal with the checking for errors section that is found on some of the postal exams.