Postal Exam Check for Errors 2
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Are the addresses identical or are there errors?

 Correct Address:  Correct ZIP: Address to be checked:   ZIP to be checked:
145 Calle Del Presidente
Bernalillo, NM
 87004 154 Calle Del Presidente
Bernalillo, NM

Postal Exam Information

There are a couple of different postal exams that candidates can take. The exam you take will depend on what position you are applying for within the post office. 

  • Postal Exam 474 - Mail Carrier Positions
  • Postal Exam 475 - Mail Handler and Mail Handler Assistant Positions
  • Postal Exam 476 - Mail Processor Positions
  • Postal Exam 477 - Customer Service Clerk Positions
  • Postal Exam 955 - Mechanic and Technician Positions 

These questions deal with the checking for errors section that is found on some of the postal exams. You can review our postal exam practice tests for more help.


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