CBEST Reading Practice Test 1
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Use the excerpt below from an index to answer the question

Dogs, 101-189

aging, 178-184

exercise, 183-184

food/feeding, 181-183

grooming, 180-181

preventative health, 178-180 

American Kennel Club, 185-189

dog shows, 189

obedience classes, 188-189

recognized breeds, 185-188

attention, 124-137

aggression, 130-131

barking, 132-133

biting, 130

children and, 125-126

discipline, 126-129, 188-189

dogs’ need for, 124

other pets, 124-125

overeating, 134

On which pages would one look to find information about appropriate veterinary care for older dogs?


CBEST Information

The California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) was developed to assist in the credentialing and employment of teachers in California. The CBEST is intended to assess basic math, reading and writing skills that are vital to the job of an educator.  The CBEST, however, is not intended to measure the ability of an educator to teach those skills.

The CBEST exam has three subtests covering the subjects of math, reading and writing. The CBEST math test has 50 multiple choice questions covering the areas of: numerical and graphic relationships; estimation, measurement and statistical principles; and computation and problem solving. The CBEST reading test consists of 50 multiple choice questions and focuses on two key areas: comprehension and research skills, and critical analysis and evaluation.

In California, you are required to take the CBEST if you are applying for your first teaching or services credential.  In addition, you are required to take the CBEST if you are applying for an Emergency Permit (e.e.,g substitute teaching permit), or you are applying for admission to a CTC-accredited teacher prep or services credential program.



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