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SAT Math Practice Test

Use our SAT math practice test below to study for your exam. Our exam is full-length and 100% free.

We have updated our exam for the newest version of the SAT (digital). For help with other subjects, visit our free SAT test home.

SAT Math Practice Test

Start with our first SAT Math practice exam.

This exam is a replica of the actual exam to help you best prepare.

More SAT Math Questions

If you want to practice for the math portion of the exam in an untimed environment, use our practice sets below.

SAT Math Overview

Beginning in the spring of 2024, the SAT is switching to a fully digital format. This new format helps streamline the exam for students.

The SAT math section includes 2 sections:

  1. Module 1: 22 questions, 35 minutes
  2. Module 2: 22 questions, 35 minutes

An infographic breaking down how the SAT math portion of the exam is structured.

75% of the questions on the SAT math section will be multiple-choice. The other 25% will be student produced response questions.

There will be 4 main topics covered on the SAT math section:

  1. Algebra (13 -15 Questions)
  2. Advanced Math (13-15 Questions)
  3. Problem-Solving & Data Analysis (5-7 Questions)
  4. Geometry & Trigonometry (5-7 Questions)

Algebra questions include the following subtopics:

  • Linear equations in 1 variable
  • Linear equations in 2 variables
  • Linear functions
  • Systems of 2 linear equations in 2 variables
  • Linear inequalities in 1 or 2 variables

Advanced math questions include the following subtopics:

  • Equivalent expressions
  • Nonlinear equations in 1 variable
  • Systems of equations in 2 variables
  • Nonlinear functions

Problem-solving and data analysis questions include the following subtopics:

  • Ratios, rates, proportional relationships, and units
  • Percentages
  • One-variable data: distributions and measures of center and spread
  • Two-variable data: models and scatterplots
  • Probability and conditional probability
  • Inference from sample statistics and margin of error
  • Evaluating statistical claims: observational studies and experiments

Geometry and trigonometry questions include the following subtopics:

  • Area and volume formulas
  • Lines, angles, and triangles
  • Right triangles and trigonometry
  • Circles

You can learn more about SAT math by visiting the official CollegeBoard website.

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SAT Math Test FAQs

On the new version of the SAT (digital SAT), you will be able to use a calculator for all questions.

On the old version of the SAT (written SAT), there is 1 section in which you will be able to use a calculator and 1 section in which you will not be able to use one.

The math section covers 4 main topics:

  1. Algebra
  2. Advanced Math
  3. Problem-Solving and Data Analysis
  4. Geometry and Trigonometry 

No, not all the questions are multiple-choice format. There will be questions that are student produced (student produced responses).

These questions will require you to write in your own answers. About 25% of the questions will be SPR’s.

Adam Groden
Adam is our ACT and SAT expert. He has 30+ years of experience and runs his own test prep company.