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SAT Reading Practice Test

A SAT reading practice test is a great way to prepare for the actual exam. Reading passages and answering questions will help you become more comfortable with the format of the exam.

Our SAT reading questions were constructed to mimic the passages you will be tested on when taking the SAT.

SAT Reading Practice Test

Start with our first SAT reading practice exam.

You will find questions and a format that mimics the actual exam.

More SAT Reading Questions

If you prefer to practice in an untimed environment, use our SAT reading practice questions below.

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SAT Reading Overview

Starting in the spring of 2024, the SAT is transitioning to a digital format. The new digital format will streamline the exam for students.

The reading and writing sections are combined into the following:

  1. Reading & Writing Module 1: 27 questions, 32 minutes
  2. Reading & Writing Module 2: 27 questions, 32 minutes

An infographic showing how the SAT reading and writing section is broken down.

The questions on the reading and writing portion of the SAT can be broken into 3 different categories:

  1. Information and Ideas
  2. Craft and Structure
  3. Expression of Ideas
  4. Standard English Conventions

You can learn more about the reading section of the SAT by visiting the CollegeBoard website.

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SAT Reading Test FAQs

On the old SAT (written SAT) there are 5 reading passages.

On the new SAT (digital SAT) there are no long reading passages. All passages are between 25 and 150 words.

On the old SAT (written SAT) there are 52 total questions.

On the new SAT (digital SAT) there are 54 total questions:

  1. Reading and Writing Module 1: 27 questions
  2. Reading and Writing Module 2: 27 questions

On the old SAT (written SAT) you will have 65 minutes.

On the new SAT (digital SAT) you will have 64 minutes.

Adam Groden
Adam is our ACT and SAT expert. He has 30+ years of experience and runs his own test prep company.