USPS Salary: How Much Do Postal Workers Make?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is an independent government organization linked to the United States Executive branch. Learn more about the USPS salary below.

USPS employees (also known as postal workers) are considered federal employees. The USPS currently generates its own revenue through its mail carrier and retail services.

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How Much Do Postal Workers Make?

The USPS employs temporary, permanent, part-time and full-time postal workers. A postal worker salary depends upon their exact position, their experience, and their educational backgrounds.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are more than 500,000 postal workers employed. The BLS also reports the following salary statistics for USPS workers:

Average Annual Postal Worker Salary – $51,730, which translates to $24.87 per hour.

Average Annual Mail Carrier Salary – $52,440, which translates to $25.21 per hour

Average Annual Clerk Salary – $52,290, which translates to $26.15 per hour

Average Annual Mail Sorter, Processor, and Machine Operator Salary – $48,550, which translates to $23.34 per hour

USPS Salary Percentiles

As with any job, there will be different percentiles of pay. These percentiles can be based on how long you have worked at the post office or how well you perform your job.

10th Percentile = $37,000

50th Percentile = $51,730

90th Percentile = $64,000

USPS Pay Scale

Many USPS workers are members of a union, which provides a pay scale that the USPS follows. The APWU represents over 200,000 current and retired USPS workers in the Clerk, Maintenance, Motor Vehicle Services, or Support Services divisions.

According to the APWU, their members receive pay according to the following pay scale.

Pay GradeStarting Pay StepEnding Pay Step

USPS Starting Pay

According to the APWU, the starting pay for a postal worker is:

Annual Postal Worker Starting Salary – $40,335, which translates to $19.39 per hour.

USPS Salary Summary

There are many factors that affect how much postal workers make, including:

  • Experience
  • Job Type
  • Location
  • Union Membership

In general, the following observations about USPS salaries can be made:

USPS Starting Salary – about $40,335 per year

Postal Worker’s Average Pay – about $51,730 per year

Highest Post Office Salary – about $86,000 per year

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