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Alabama CPA Requirements

The CPA designation is the gold standard in the accounting industry. Earning your CPA can accelerate your career, lead to promotions, and an increase in salary. The CPA is one of the hardest designations for professionals to earn because of the content on the exam and the number of CPA requirements in Alabama that need to be met to take the exam. For help preparing for the CPA exam, check out our best CPA review courses.

The CPA exam has a different set of requirements for candidates in every state. With each state requiring different things from candidates, this may lead to some confusion. Candidates in the state of Alabama should read the CPA requirements below to see if they are eligible to earn their CPA designation.

Alabama CPA Contact Information

Earning your CPA designation is a very long and stressful process – but can be very rewarding at the end. Candidates who wish to take the CPA exam in Alabama should make sure they meet all the criteria and should double check with the Alabama State Board of Public Accountancy for any fee, rules, or requirement changes.

Alabama Board of Accountancy

  • 770 Washington Ave, Ste 226, Montgomery, AL 36104-3907
  • 334-242-5700

Visit Alabama Board of Accountancy

CPA Requirements AL

Degree and Education Requirements in Alabama

The state of Alabama requires all CPA candidates to have their baccalaureate degrees. As well as earning their baccalaureate degree, candidates must complete 120 credit hours. 

Along with candidates needing to achieve a total number of credit hours, candidates in Alabama are also required to have 24 credit hours in accounting classes and 24 credit hours in business or other related courses. Candidates that chose to be accounting majors should have no problem meeting these requirements.

Degree and Education Requirements in Alabama

  • Bacclaureate Degree Required
  • 120 Total Credit Hours
  • 24 Credit Hours in Accounting Classes
  • 24 Credit Hours in Business Related Classes

Residency and Age Requirements in Alabama

Candidates who wish to take the CPA in the state of Alabama have to be United States citizens. While candidates have to be a U.S. citizen, candidates do not have to be an Alabama resident. The state of Alabama has a minimum age requirement of 19. If you meet all these requirements, you will be eligible to sit for the CPA. 

Residency and Age Requirements in Alabama

  • U.S. Citizenshp Required
  • Residency in the State of Alabama Not Required
  • Minimum Age 19

CPA Fees in Alabama

The CPA is a relatively expensive exam to take, so it is important to prepare and be ready the first time. The state of Alabama charges an application fee of $120. Each test section on the CPA costs $208.40 in Alabama.

Most candidates will take the whole CPA exam. Candidates in Alabama will be expected to pay a total of $953.60. If you only need to take a portion of the CPA exam again, you will have your fees adjusted accordingly.

CPA FEES in Alabama

  • Application Fee- $120
  • Audit - $208.40
  • Financial - $208.40
  • Regulation - $208.40
  • Business - $208.40
  • Total - $953.60

CPA License Requirements in Alabama

Once a candidate earns their CPA, they must also meet some requirements to maintain their CPA designation. Alabama requires CPA holders to pass the AICPA Ethics Exam, have a social security number, and complete continuing education hours. On top of those requirements, CPA holders also need to have work experience.

CPE in Alabama - Continuing Education

CPE, also known as continuing professional education, is needed for candidates to continue holding their CPA designation. Alabama requires their CPA holders to complete 40 CPE hours. CPE hours are required so that individuals can continue to improve their skills and learn new skills. CPA holders need to renew their CPE hours every 1 year in Alabama.

With the accounting world always changing, CPE hours have become all the more important. New rules and regulations are constantly being added. Candidates can complete their CPE requirements in various ways and are usually required to complete the hours based on various subjects. For more information, click here.

Alabama CPA Experience Requirements

Alabama requires candidates to have experience before they can issue the license. Usually this experience includes providing any type of service that uses accounting, compilation, advisory, tax, or consulting.

Note – work experience is not required to sit for the CPA exam, only to have the state issue your CPA license.

Other Requirements in Alabama

Another box that must be checked when earning your CPA in the state of Alabama includes passing the AICPA Ethics exam. The AICPA Ethics exam is designed by the AICPA and is used to prepare CPA candidates for ethical problems they may encounter in their professional accounting careers. Alabama also requires candidates to have a social security number.

  • CPE Hours

  • 40 Total CPE Hours Required
  • Renewal Every 1 Year
  • Work Experience

  • Work Experience Required
  • Accounting, Compilation, Advisory, Tax, or Consulting
  • Other Requirements

  • Social Security Number Required
  • Passing of the AICPA Ethics Exam

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For more information on the CPA exam and requirements check out the following links. With the CPA exam being so expensive to take, make sure you pass it the first time – see our reviews for the top CPA review courses.


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