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An ALEKS practice test is designed to help students prepare for this important math placement test. The ALEKS is designed to ensure that students entering college are placed into the appropriate curriculum. 

ALEKS math practice is an essential step to ensure that you don’t score lower than your skill level, thus having to take extra courses. It saves you time and money. 

Take a free ALEKS practice test below and then review all feedback to ensure that you’re at the top of your game when taking the real ALEKS.

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What is the ALEKS Test?

The ALEKS is a placement test designed to measure a student’s understanding of advanced mathematics. Colleges and universities use it to ensure that a student is capable of carrying out the curriculum of designated advanced math courses. ALEKS exam practice ensures that you’ll get placed into the right classes.

Unlike most other tests you’ve encountered in your academics, the ALEKS is not multiple-choice. This test is also adaptive, meaning that questions will scale in difficulty based on previous answers. Students are given 20-30 questions that are chosen depending on whether the previous answer was correct or incorrect. More difficult questions always follow a correct answer while the difficulty lessens after an incorrect answer. However, this also means that answers cannot be changed once submitted.

The test is designed using a state-of-the-art interface that simulates manual writing, which is explained in the beginning. There’s even a tutorial to help you get a feel for it.

Here are some key features of the ALEKS assessment test:

  • Questions adapt to a student’s knowledge based on the way they answer each question.
  • No grade or raw score is given. Instead, the ALEKS is designed to identify areas where you might need some extra studies.
  • Students must solve problems using the interactive writing interface. There are no multiple choice questions.
  • There isn’t a time limit for taking the ALEKS.

About ALEKS Math Placement Test Practice

When searching for the right ALEKS practice test, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available. However, not all practice tests are created equal. It’s important that you find ones that cover the necessary topics.

Here are some of the topics that you should expect to find on an ALEKS math practice test.

Integers and Real Numbers

Real numbers are what we all use every day. However, you’ll also encounter integers on the practice test. Integers include both real numbers and negative numbers.


This is the most basic math concept and it is guaranteed to show up in a practice test. In this type of equation, only basic math concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and real number based exponents are used.

Order of Operations

The order in which a math problem must be solved. Needless to say, this will be used to solve every question. The way most people remember this is PEDMAS:

  1. Parenthesis
  2. Exponents
  3. Division
  4. Multiplication
  5. Addition
  6. Subtraction

Fractions, Percent, and Proportions

You can expect to find the majority of questions on the ALEKS to be based on fractions. It’s just that some equations will be more difficult than others. Fractions, percentages, and proportions can be converted into each other. Expect to have everything on the test presented using one of these three conversions.

Algebraic Expressions

Algebra will be a standard type of question found on the practice exam. Students are expected to have the ability to solve basic algebraic expressions so be sure you brush up on these beforehand.


This is another basic mathematical component that will show up in just about every test. An exponent tells you that a number must be multiplied by itself a specific number of times.


These are the opposite of exponents because they undo them, much like subtraction is the opposite of addition. Logarithms are found in more advanced questions on the ALEKS.

Equations and Inequalities

Expect to find several questions using inequalities. These are just statements that use a symbol other than an equal sign. Compound inequalities might also show up, which are multiple inequalities in a single statement. Keep in mind that these questions might be presented in word form.

Linear Functions

Linear functions are always graphed in a straight line and contain both an independent variable, as well as a dependent variable. Expect these questions to show up as you get into more advanced areas.

Quadratic Functions

Intermediate algebra questions are found when you answer several questions correctly in a row. So be prepared to see quadratic functions on the ALEKS practice test.

Radical Expressions

Problems containing a radical expression will show up during ALEKS placement test practice. Be sure that you’re ready to tackle these tricky questions.


Geometry is another core mathematical concept that is going to be found in a lot of problems on the ALEKS. Any questions that involve shapes fall under this category.

Probability and Statistics

Statistics is used to measure past events while probability uses that information to predict the likelihood of a specific future event. Both are mathematical concepts that will be found on the ALEKS practice test.

Complex Numbers

Complex numbers are created when real numbers are combined with imaginary ones. You’ll find these with more advanced problems on the ALEKS.


This advanced mathematical concept is designed to simplify certain equations and plays an essential role in a lot of career paths such as electronics and engineering. You’ll probably be presented with trigonometry at some point during the ALEKS.

How Do You Pass the ALEKS Test?

The ALEKS is infamous for the anxiety it creates. Fortunately, this anxiety can be held at bay with proper ALEKS math placement test practice. But remember that this test is supposed to be difficult since its sole purpose is to determine what level program you start in college math.

In the end, your goal should be to view this test for exactly what it is – a tool used to optimize your placement in college. This saves you time and money in the long-term.

With that said, you should study efficiently so that you are placed at the highest level possible. Here are some tips that you should follow:

#1: Choose the Right Study Resources

Taking an ALEKS practice test on a regular basis will ensure that you’re prepared for the real test but it’s not the only preparation you should make. You’ll need to find the appropriate study resources as well. I recommend that you start with the resources given to you by the college providing the placement test. They will point you in the right direction.

#2: Get a Handle on Basic Math

Having a solid foundation is an absolute must when taking the ALEKS test so be sure you dedicate some study time into brushing up on all of your basic math skills. Without this knowledge, you’ll have a tougher time tackling more advanced math concepts. Regular ALEKS placement test practice will help ensure you’re ready!

#3: Solve a Few Practice Problems Every Day

Make sure you solve some problems related to the specific area you studied for the day. This helps you memorize what you learned by putting it into practice. The absolute best way to learn math is through practice.

#4: Take an ALEKS Practice Test Every Week

Don’t skip this important step. Weighing your study progress will reveal your strengths and weaknesses. This ensures that you’re able to focus your future studies in the right areas. Additionally as stated earlier, putting your math skills into practice is the best way to learn essential skills.


The ALEKS test is considered by most test-takers to be difficult due to its adaptive nature. It will push you to the limits so there will be a point in the test where you simply don’t have the knowledge to correctly answer the question. That’s a cause for stress for most people.

Just keep in mind that the ALEKS is designed to place you into the correct college curriculum. It’s supposed to push all of your limits.

It’s impossible to fail a placement test. This test is not about passing and failing. The goal of the ALEKS is to place you in a college program that aligns with your current skill level.

So your goal is to do the best you can so that you’re placed at the appropriate starting level. This will save you time and money in the long-term. Now this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t study and prepare for the ALEKS. It just means that you need to change your mindset so that you don’t let questions that seem impossible stress you.

The test will provide an on-screen calculator for you to use during the test. You are not allowed to use your own calculator. Also keep in mind that there’s no point is trying to cheat a placement exam. If you score higher than your skill level by cheating, you will get placed into a program that’s too difficult for you. You’ll only hurt your wallet and your sanity.

So only use the calculator that’s provided on screen.

Final Thoughts

Always keep in mind that the goal of the ALEKS is not centered on the concept of passing or failing, but to ensure that you are placed into the correct college math program. So don’t stress too much.

Efficient studies while using a weekly ALEKS practice test to guide those studies ensures that you’ll get placed into the proper class.

Dave Evangelisti
Dave is our founder and CEO. He has 20+ years of experience in the testing and test prep industry.