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Which of the following approaches to work would NOT work for a nursing assistant?

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Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Test Information

A Certified Nursing Assistant, commonly referred to as a CNA, provides basic care services to patients in hospitals of nursing homes.  Many healthcare tasks are performed by CNAs including the following:

  • Taking the vital signs of patients
  • Helping feed the patients
  • Care and cleaning of patients
  • Moving patients and transferring patients between beds and wheelchairs
  • Helping patients dress and toilet

Each individual state regulates the education and certification of CNAs.  CNAs are required to take mandatory education as well as complete a CNA certification exam.  The best way to pass the exam is by studying with CNA practice tests.  The education consists of training on the basic principles of nursing and care of the elderly.  CNAs also typically take clinicals (under supervision) to acquire specific skills that are necessary to do their job.  Community colleges, trade schools, hospitals, and nursing homes may offer CNA classes.

A CNA applicant must successfully pass an exam after they complete their education.  There are two separate tests on the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam: Clinical Skills Test and the Written (Knowledge) Test.


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