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Overview of the CNA Exam

The CNA exam is an exam given to individuals who wish to become a certified nursing assistant. The CNA test is comprised of 2 parts:

  • Written Test: Includes 60-70 multiple-choice questions (depending on your provider).
  • Skills Test: Includes performing different skills in front of an evaluator.

An image showing an overview of the CNA exam

There are 3 different providers of the exam:

  1. National Nurse Aid Assessment Program (NNAAP)
  2. Prometric
  3. Headmaster

The NNAAP is the most common provider as it is used by 25+ states and territories.

To find the provider in your state, or for a full breakdown of the exam, read our CNA overview article.

Scoring of the CNA Exam

There is not a single “set” passing score. Your passing score will depend on your specific state. With that being said, you should aim for a score of 80% or higher. Most states have a minimum passing score of 75%.

For the skills exam, it is pass / fail. You will need to pass 5 of the skills on that exam to pass. To be added to the state nurse aide registry in your state, you will need to pass both the written and skills exams.

You will typically get your scores back within a couple of hours of finishing the exam. You will typically receive them via email.

Benefits of Using a CNA Practice Test

Using CNA test questions is a proven method to prepare for your upcoming exam.

Some of the main benefits of using a CNA practice test include:

  • Becoming Comfortable with the Test Format:  The CNA exam, like most standardized tests, has its own unique format and structure. As you answer more CNA questions, you will begin to see a pattern in the way the questions are written.
  • Focusing Your Study Time: Using CNA test prep will help you determine what you are good at and what you are weak at. You can then concentrate your study time on your weakest areas.
  • Helping You Retain Information: When you take a practice exam, you will be reinforcing topics and concepts you may have already known. This will help ensure you remember them when taking the actual exam.

Studying for the CNA Exam

As with any exam, studying will help improve your chances of success. The CNA exam is no exception.

This exam includes two portions – a written exam and a skills exam. You will need to study for each portion a little differently.

Written Exam

When studying for the written exam, use the following strategies:

  1. Use of Practice Exams: Will help with getting familiar with the content of the exam and finding what you struggle with. Practice exams will help you study more efficiently.
  2. Review Each Practice Exam You Took: Make sure to set aside time to review each practice exam after you complete it. You can learn a ton from the answer explanations.
  3. Targeted Study: Narrow down topics or concepts that you struggle with. You can narrow down these topics by taking a practice exam and reviewing your results. Once you have these narrowed down, spend time studying.
  4. Final Preparation: Once you feel comfortable with your studies, take a final (timed) exam. Use this exam to simulate the actual exam and see how you do.

Skills Exam

When preparing for the skills exam, you will want to take a slightly different approach since this portion of the exam is not like a typical exam.

When studying for the skills exam, use the following strategies:

  1. Familiarize Yourself with the Skills: Make sure you know the exact skills that will be tested.
  2. Familiarize Yourself with How You Will be Assessed: Make sure you know exactly what your evaluator will be looking for. You can ensure you check all the boxes when taking the actual exam if you know this. We review this in our CNA prep course.
  3. Review Each Skill: Make notes of the skills you are not comfortable with. Spend extra time reviewing these skills.
  4. Practice Each Skill: Reviewing and practicing are 2 different things. Make sure you can actually perform the skill. Ask a friend or family member to help you out.

Review our guide on how to pass the CNA skills test to help.


It will depend on who your provider is. If the NNAAP is your provider, you will have 70 questions on the written test (only 60 are scored).

If Prometric is your provider, you will have 60 questions on your written test.

If Headmaster is your provider, you will have 60 questions on your written test.

You will be asked a variety of questions on the written portion of your exam. Those questions will cover topics like:

  • Physical Care Skills
  • Psychosocial Care Skills
  • Role of the Nurse Aid

You will need to complete a state approved training program before you can take your CNA exam.

The passing score varies by state. It typically is around 75%.

Jan Olson
Dr. Jan Olson has her Bachelor's degree in nursing, Master's degree in nursing, and Doctorate in nursing.