PSAT Math Practice Test 1 (Module 1)

Use of a calculator is permitted for all questions.


  • Area of a Circle: πr²
  • Circumference of a Circle: 2πr
  • Area of a Rectangle: l * w
  • Area of a Triangle: (1/2)bh
  • Pythagorean Theorem: c² = a² + b²
  • Volume of a Rectangle = l * w  * h
  • Volume of a Cylinder = πr²h
  • Volume of a Sphere = (4/3)πr³
  • Volume of a Cone = (1/3)πr²h
  • Volume of a Triangular Prism = (1/3)lwh

Other Notes:

  • The number of degrees of a circle is 360.
  • The number of radians in a circle is 2π.
  • The sum of degrees of the angles of a triangle is 180.

Student Produced Responses:

  • Up to 5 characters allowed for positive answers.
  • Up to 6 characters allowed for negative answers.
  • Fractions that are too long should be converted to the decimal equivalent.
  • Decimals that are too long should be truncated or rounded to the fourth digit.
  • Mixed numbers should be converted to improper fractions or the decimal equivalent.
  • DON'T include symbols like percent signs, commas, measurements, or dollar signs.