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How to Become a Nurse

How long does it take to become a nurse?

So you want to be a nurse? It’s a rewarding career, and also offers excellent job prospects; as our population ages, demand for nurses is only expected to grow in the years ahead. But like many careers, nursing requires education and licensing. Before you go into nursing, you need to know how long it will take, and how much education you’re going to need.

So, how long does it take to become a nurse? The short answer is “it depends”. You might be able to take out loans and attend school full time. Or you might have other demands that require you to attend school part time. Let’s take a closer look, and break down your options.

Nurse Salary: How Much Do Nurses Make

There are more than 3 million nursing professionals working in the United States, treating a rapidly aging countrywide population. As Baby Boomers age (as they are doing now), the demand for nursing professionals will grow stronger than ever. This is great news for those who are interested in pursuing a nursing career. The laws of economics state that stronger demand for a position/job, the higher the wages rise for that job in high demand.

NLN Practice Tests

The National League for Nursing Pre-Admission Examination (NLN PAX) is a requirement for some registered nursing programs. “PAX-RN” is a 2-hour standardized entrance exam for potential nursing students seeking admission into nursing schools nationwide.

The PAX exam consists of three tests – Verbal Ability, Mathematics, and Science at a high school level. One hour is allowed for each test. Knowing what to expect will help you prepare. Take advantage of NLN practice tests to help you ace your PAX Exam on your first try!

How to Become a Nurse

So you want to learn how to become a nurse? Nurses are in demand because of an aging population and the retirement of current nurses.  A career in nursing is also rewarding both financially and emotionally. Whatever your reason for wanting to become a nurse - this guide is for you!


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