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The Praxis I Tests (PPST Reading, PPST Mathematics and PPST Writing) are scored on a scale of 150 to 190.  For each of the content categories of the specific tests, your Praxis score report will show you how many raw points you earned.  For the multiple choice tests, the raw points is simply the number of correct answers.  Your scaled score for the multiple choice tests is calculated from the total number or raw points and then adjusted to account for the difficulty of the questions.

For the essay portion of the Praxis I/PPST test (Praxis I Writing), your essays will be reviewed by at least two trained scorers.  The scorers will assess your responses against a rating scale that was specifically developed for each test.

Every state has its own passing score requirements for the Praxis test.  For detailed information, please check out your state’s specific Praxis requirements.  The table below summarizes the Praxis Scores for the Praxis I tests.

Possible Score Range
Score Interval
Number of Examinees
Median (1) Average Performance Range (2)
Praxis I Math 150-190 1 98,997  179  174-183
Praxis I Reading 150-190 1 102,649  178  174-181
Praxis I Writing 150-190 1 100,511  175  173-178

(1) The Median Score is the score at which half of the test takers scored above (and half scored below)
(2) Average Performance Range is the range of scores for the middle 50 percent of the scores on the test

Source: ETS, for exams taken between September 1, 2005 and June 30, 2008.

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